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  1. You’re never going to figure out much on the compiling of the NT docs or the development of the NT canon from internal evidence. Because there is NO internal running log of “updates” . I don’t understand what your concern is - and why you don’t feel confident to consult outside resources. Maybe have a little more faith in God’s guidance and start developing better cognitive skills. They can work hand in hand. Trust is earned. And if you would like others to trust your research you’ll have to show some trust of others . Solid institutions of learning and legitimate scholars are a great resource. Nobody has all the answers. You have the freedom to pick and choose what makes sense to you. Standards in education and peer review is a good thing. Otherwise some people will try to pull a fast one on you. You really should reflect on how much of an authoritarian wierwille was and how that may have impacted your life , cognitive skills and even might have fostered a little paranoia and distrust of anyone or group or resource outside his sphere of influence….ultimately that is counterproductive to anyone truly interested in learning and research. Reflect on what is meant by holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. Even in PFAL wierwille says it doesn’t mean they were shoved about - they used their vocabulary …their style…and if you think about even their worldview. If you look at the Bible as a coauthored book (divine/human) you might get a bead on how God works…intervenes…interferes…orchestrates in the real world. It gets messy - because people are the sloppy ones in this “odd couple”. Maybe put a little faith in the way God works with people. Do you think God was in the middle of things when leaders got together to develop the NT canon? If you review some of those links I gave you’ll find they believed in the Godly inspiration of the documents . They set high standards for doctrinal coherency. You’ll have to trust people to some degree.
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