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    Been there and done that. It took me working at HQ and seeing the hypocrisy and everyday meanness for me to even consider looking online. And then a couple years after that before I realized God wasn't going to "life his protection" from my life if I did. The first time I read a thread from Greasespot was when I saw a print out of it on Rosalie's desk while I was cleaning. I wasn't prying, just dusting around things. But I do remember that moment very well. At that point I was already questioning the things I saw at HQ, and it struck me as odd that the woman in charge of the ministry was having someone print these things from a website that was so "devilish."
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    As a former lawyer, and occasionally I did a bit of work in matrimonial matters, I never really "got" abusive couple relationships and why one would keep returning to the abusive partner time after time. I knew the "theory" (if you like); but I didn't understand the gradual erosion of boundaries. "If he keeps hitting you like that - just leave!" Later, processing my experiences post-Way, ah! then I "got" it. Emotionally. Whole different picture then.
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    She used to have L@hn L!nder print them out for her because for years she refused to have a computer in her office or use one at all. I started posting here to expose the things twi wants to hide. However, i always took satisfaction knowing she was reading along.
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    That's why it's good to hear alternate points of view- sometimes what you don't see is more important than what you DO. In regards to the GSC: A) the regulars who post here spend a few minutes a week here. (Any spending more are socializing and that's not twi-related.) B) The vast majority of people who've posted here have moved on with their lives and don't even check in here any more. Some places consider that bad for the place. However, since the GSC is partly about helping people move on and prosper after surviving twi, we consider them SUCCESS STORIES. They moved on and spend zero minutes a week on twi. C) We STILL get new posters, so it's good to answer their questions and point to previous discussions on some of their questions. This helps them get to where they can move on.
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    Yo - sign me up ! Here's my payment for the class.
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    Oh yeah. "Spiritual probation." Forgot about that. (Chapter and verse, please?? )
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    Hey, am trying to post this in a relevant recovery thread... So! Review- What is it that attracts some ppl to the claims of a cult leader especially in uncertain times? And what are some better paths? My thoughts for starters: 1) Do NOT Look for safety in an uncertain world without tools to discern con artist leaders with their abusive practices. Recommended: GET TOOLS! Look Only to God, or do what grounds You if you need that. 2) Do NOT Latch on to the idealistic idea that ONE human leader or system (theology, culture, political group, denomination, etc) can have THE corner on Truth or Best Practices, etc. DO- Enjoy exploring, debating, allowing for nuances, differences in experiences, cultural backgrounds, etc. Look to the Bible if so inclined, for a look at how the early church enjoyed diversity yet stayed faithful to Jesus teachings and sound doctrine. 3) Do NOT Buy into the idea that sacrificing to/for these idealistic, black-and-white-Truth-carriers is logical and good. Let yourself get burned out, stay in co-dependence. DO find your own balance re: giving and healthy self-care, etcc. Thank you again for providing a good place to process these things!
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    Wow, JJ, well done! I so ID with the highlighted sections above!! Pretty amazing what we can endure sometimes... So glad you have reconnected well with families, and thank you for processing/telling your amazing Life Story here!
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    I think being in TWI is like being in a toxic relationship. It proved to be a one-sided relationship - something very bad and draining to my intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and financial health. It’s been some 34 years since I left the cult and have come to realize that TWI is like a parasite.... It needs the life, money and energy of followers – this is a one-sided relationship and by far outweighs whatever the cult supposedly provides its followers. A cult needs people – it depends on them for its very survival…I think cult leaders want to have a lot of power over followers to properly manage their “resources” and ensure that no talent, energy, money…whatever is wasted on anything outside the cult. Annio, that Terror, Love and Brainwashing book by Alexandra Stein sounds interesting – I’ve put it on my wish list to check out sometime – thanks for mentioning it.
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    THIS. THIS. This is why I could not leave the group for so long. 1. My family went into the FC when I was just over the age limit. So, my entire family left me behind. - RELATIONSHIP WEAKENED 2. Abandoned, I had nowhere else to go, so I obeyed my parents and went WOW so that I could have some kind of support around me. WOW became my family. FAMILY RELATIONSHIP REPLACED BY TWI 3. I stayed in Las Vegas with some of the WOWs on my team afterwards - where else would I go? My family was still in FC for another 2 or 3 years. FAMILY EVEN MORE WEAKENED 4. Family was made Mark and Avoid. Mosqueda called my Limb coordinator so that he could get to me before my family was able to call. FAMILY RELATIONSHIP DESTROYED, DEPEND ON TWI ONLY 5. I tried to keep connection with my family but was told by my Limb coordinator that I needed to "put God first" and that my family was "operating devil spirits, especially your mom." 6. I Marked and Avoided my family. For YEARS I had no contact with them. The only people I had around for support were from twi. 7. I decided (at the pushing of the Limb Coordinators) to go WD. 7a. Coincidentally, I finally accepted calls and a visit from my brothers, and then my parents at this time. Started rebuilding those relationships again. 8. I was treated as "special" when John Rupp called me and asked me to go on Staff as a WD - what an HONOR! (puke) 9. I went WD, met this guy who wasn't raised in the Word, who stood up against leadership when they were wrong. 10. HQ people (WC) tried to separate us. Told us "NO DATING ON THE WAY DISCIPLE FIELD." OH NO, STOP RELATIONSHIP BUILDING! 11. The night WD ended, we started dating. 12. Engaged in 3 months and stayed at HQ - both of us were afraid the other would break up if we left HQ (didn't figure this out until years later.) 13. We both finally had someone we could really talk to and trust. Started figuring out just HOW HORRIBLE HQ was - and that it wasn't just in our heads, and it wasn't us who was "out of fellowship." 14. Married at HQ the next year - probably too early in our relationship. My family came. REBUILDING FAMILY. STARTING A NEW ONE. 15. Left HQ, moved out on the field. But our eyes were opened, and we could see that it was just as messed up on the field as it was at HQ. 16. When my husband realized that he wasn't treating me well AS HIS WIFE, he turned to his leadership for help - they told him he was right to treat me that way because a man is the head of the house. TRYING TO ERODE AND ERASE THE RELATIONSHIP 17. Married for 3 years, and got pregnant. Husband had stopped attending fellowship at that point, and I was wavering. My fellowship coordinator shows up AT MY JOB and asks how I am doing. I tell him I am pregnant, and he responds "oh, is that a good thing?" FAMILY ISN'T GOOD TO THE WAY BECAUSE IT GETS IN THE WAY OF CONTROL. 18. We finally ghosted TWI and moved out of town, leaving no forwarding address. We were able to do this BECAUSE of my husband's family, who we are very close with. 19. Happily married now for 15 years. Our daughter turns 12 tomorrow. I have a better relationship with my family than I ever have. We talk weekly. TWI can suck it. IT WAS THE RELATIONSHIPS THEY KEPT TRYING TO DESTROY. IT WAS THE RELATIONSHIPS THAT GOT ME OUT. MORE HARMONY IN THE HOME?? That was a LIE from hell.
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    Ghosted - I would have been on staff from 2003-2005. WD on staff in 2003, married in 2005. I probably knew your folks. I was also raised in The Word (TM) and got out. It is PTSD. Don't downplay it, that place causes serious trauma, and when you are raised in it it makes it worse. Know that there are people who understand, and if you need anything feel free to reach out. I come and go as needed on this site to help manage my own PTSD, and to help others when I can. Sending love - it gets better the longer you are gone.
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    That’s a great point on how wierwille and company would flip flop values. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!...Isaiah 5:20 ESV I’ve mentioned a few time before how wierwille showed the dog-porno flick to our Family corps - as he had done with many other corps in special "teaching sessions", saying he had the “spiritual maturity” to handle it and even suggesting that “spiritual maturity” is something we should aspire to…I don’t imagine they’ll ever have a corps night where they all get online with Grease Spot to learn how to handle such “devilish” things…Bless Patrol might have to be put on high-alert for folks attempting to escape.
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    Rubina........thanks for your reply. These past 19 years, here at GSC.......I have always found it fascinating to read all the different perspectives that people express in their posts. The accumulation of all these experiences, combined together......is like putting a puzzle together, piece by piece. Even though, I faithfully attended twig and sat thru 6 or 7 pfal classes before going WOW twice.......I didn't have a clue of twi's deceptive tactics and history. I focused all my attention on helping others and outreach. But when I needed to sit thru wierwille's Christian Family and Sex class to complete my requirements for Apprentice Corps ......several aspects of that class were unsettling. The more I delved into twi's advanced studies classes, then the advanced class......THEN, the corps program......the more red flags I saw. Plus, I started seeing corps grads who were disgruntled and dissenting from this "lifetime of Christian....cult service." In July 1978......Rev. John Cl-ay, 4th Corps and Georgia Limb Coordinator was exiting twi. His mom was on staff at hq. While in-rez in 9th corps......several segments of corps nights were spent castigating region/limb guys (cop-outs). In Nov 1979......Rev. Steve Sa-nn 4th Corps was not happy to be recalled back to hq for wierwille's "Re-Education Corps Camp." In Oct 1981.......Rev. Mike Smith 1st Corps was planning to head to Alaska after 1982 Rock of Ages. No more corps assignments. Why were corps grads ready to split by 1978? 1979? What were they seeing that others were not? Here at GSC......posters have relayed the background information of Heefner and Doop. These young ministers, in 1969-1972, were on fire with genuine ministries....... the hippies, youth and their giving was pouring in. According to Jim Doop.....wierwille agreed that 85% of abundant sharing should stay in The Way West and then, 15% of it would be sent to hq each week. But by March 1972.....wierwille blindsided these guys in open meetings in a power-grab. Heefner and Doop.........how many people know the dark details of wirwille's abuse and deceit in this? John Summ3rville.........TFI 1975,76 (Total Fitness Institute in California) the only man (as far as I know) who stood up to wierwille. So, wierwille sets up his LEAD program and runs it out of Tinnie, New Mexico. Martindale failed in his evaluation at TFI.....yet, he became the Corps Director over 5 corps locations. YIKES. Geer drove wierwille's bus and guarded the door at vp's night romps with corps women. He snaked his way into wierwille's inner-circle. If wierwille had had any depth of spiritual perception (cough, cough), he would have seen it for what it was. There was a misogynistic undercurrent in wierwille's teachings and geer amplified it. Of course, the more time I spent reading Mrs. Wierwille's book, I couldn't help but see that plagiarism and narcissism were vpw's pillars..... wierwille's climb to power. Mrs. Wierwille's book, Born Again to Serve, undermines the MOG-Doctrine in twi and exposes the myths and mystique of Victor Paul Wierwille. You read about the fictional 1942 birth of twi......and find its EXACT DATE OF BIRTH as December 19, 1957. Unmistakably, these pages show that wierwille stole the foundational class from B. G. Leonard and deceptively ran with it. You read that the India itinerary was somewhat successful because honor and respect was given to Dr. I. S. Williams who opened many doors of churches, political offices and the Jain Covention for wierwille. You read about the first exodus in 1960.....because Troy/Piqua believers did not trust wierwille to keep the abundant sharing money separate from the operation of his family farm. When you think that it was bad in the 1990s......go back to the 1980s. When you think that it was bad in the 1980s......go back to the 1970s. When you think that it was bad in the 1970s......go back to the 1960s. Every decade has a different layer of deception in it. .
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    wierwille and others were/are masters at cultivating self-doubt in followers – and the young and naïve are especially susceptible since they lack much in the way of life-lesson experiences and usually have undeveloped critical thinking skills. We were taught the first step in the road downhill is to doubt or question “The Word”. This was the start of the great subterfuge to attack any sense of self-confidence or autonomy we may have had – subliminally what is communicated is that you do not question or doubt authority…We were led to believe TWI’s classes were all we needed to correctly understand or “rightly-divide” the Bible and unleash the power of God in our lives. “Take the class and all your questions will be answered”…Thus the self-doubt problem – that they themselves fostered – was supposedly resolved by a follower’s false-confidence in their “product” and services. We were never encouraged to think for ourselves - just ask your leadership. If you go in the way corps what is expected of you is blind – and I might add mindless - obedience to your leadership. When I began thinking about leaving TWI in ’86 – after the convergence of personal experiences and a major ministry meltdown, I had to look deeper into the layers of intellectual-hobbling (self-doubt) that are part of the TWI-mindset. Some of it went along similar lines of what Rubina mentioned - confronting the fear of forsaking God and the Word or being influenced by devil spirits.. In my mind it was almost like a call-and-response format – brave first attempts to "dialog" with myself – self-examination or something…do I love God and His Word? Yes – but now I was beginning to wonder if wierwille and/or Craig handled The Word of God deceitfully.... Am I possessed or being influenced by devil spirits? No – I recalled several bad acid trips before I was in TWI and I still remember what it was like to be under the influence of something that was not a part of me (I figured being affected by one of the most powerful mind-altering hallucinogens might be a similar experience to being possessed or influenced by devil spirits ). And by the way, some of those doubts and questions - were not about myself or about my thinking process, they were challenges to the authority of wierwille and Craig...They were coming to the surface – some of which were buried very deep for a very long time – deep within myself – buried…suppressed…held at bay by the intellectual-hobbling…mind control…brainwashing of The Way International. To any TWI-followers who feel confused, trapped or frustrated - what I’m about to say may seem discouraging at first, but it’s intended to point you in the right direction. There’s really nothing here at Grease Spot - or anywhere else for that matter - that will force your eyes open and make you see the light…but I won’t leave you without hope – I intend to point you in the right direction – look within yourself. Can you identify the self-doubt promoted by TWI that keeps you in line? Do you know what intellectual-hobbling is? Hobbling is to tie or strap together (the legs of a horse or other animal) to prevent it from straying. The ONLY person who can cut you loose from that is YOU – since you’re the only one inside your own head, only YOU can do it. The decision is YOURS.
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    Welcome!! Keep browsing here. That’s how I got my family out. He was brought up from birth in TWI so old habits die hard. Just realize that you escaped the cult and now you can find what you like / love/ want without the pressure of having to put “the Ministry first”! Oh I know they say Gawd First but the ministry = God =ministry and all that. take it one day at a time. You’re in the right place - keep searching for peace!
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    Ok, it seems like I have a few questions to answer. First of all, no we rarely hear the names of anyone who was big in the Weirwille era and left, and if we do its generally from someone telling a story and mentioning them in passing. Second, we generally hear about the "Fog Years" sooner or later. Not from the official ministry account of its history, of course, but from people and parents, so I can only speak for my personal experiance. Most of the stories I heard were told with a spin that the Way is successful and righteous and its enemies are unsuccessful and evil. I had heard of Geer, but all I knew about him was that he went off and did his own thing and something about his board of directors shutting down and selling his property at Gartmore because of how much of a failure it was (I don't think that's what actually happened). I also heard stories about entire states breaking away from Headquarters, but HQ was always strong and survived. I was generally told that most people who left weren't interested in the Word or were tricked by the devil. I knew that people left, but one of the biggest shocks for me was learning the massive scale of it. Also, Martindale was characterized as someone who "just made a mistake" or never fully got out of his jock lifestyle and any mention of his misdeeds was followed with a "the ministry can't be judged by the actions of one man." I can't speak for others, but one of the biggest fears for me about Googling the Way was that I would be tricked off the Word by the devil, or maybe even become possessed myself. I figured that there were a lot of devil spirits at work to cause people to post hateful things about the Way to stop us from being able to teach the truth of God's Word.
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    Beguiled, I don't give much time to TWI. I do visit here from time to time, mainly to see if there are any new people or visitors who can be helped. I learned stuff there (including "what it is not"), and I've learned stuff in the very good church that I attend now. You may find that most of the continuing Christians who continue to post here from time to time think much the same. Can't speak for others, but I find TWI increasingly diminutive in my rear view mirror. Too much to deal with in the here and now. I know the scars and long-lasting outcomes in terms of my life, both now and into the future, are still there. And will never go. But I choose to live my life now as richly and fully (and as warily and wisely) as I can. That's where my "mental time and energy go. My God, and the Lord Jesus, are far bigger and better than a miserly cornfield cult.
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    Perhaps, Vern is not aware of The Way International's history of when Victor Paul Wierwille left (fired?) St. Peter's Evangelical and Reformed Church in Van Wert. Mrs. Wierwille's book, Born Again To Serve, gives us plenty of details leading up to them starting a new faction: Victor Paul Wierwille sought spiritual counsel and guidance from Rev. B.G. Leonard's class (February 1953). p. 90 In June 1953, wierwille takes TWO CARLOADS of Van Wert Church people to B.G. Leonard's class. p.91 In October 1953, wierwille taught Leonard's class in the basement of St. Peter's Church in Van Wert. p.99 Victor Paul Wierwille was starting a new faction!! He was canvassing and recruiting others from his church. Four Years....1953-1957.....wierwille spent time building his own group while on Van Wert Church payroll. Wierwille admitted: "Now if I had to do it again, I would do what Paul did -- take all my people with me across the street..." p.216 Wierwille began this new "independent undertaking" on Washington Street in Van Wert December 19, 1957. In using Leonard's class wholesale for years......it would be fair to say that twi was an OFFSHOOT. Much to wierwille's chagrin......his name was stricken from St. Peter's Church registry after his departure. One could say that victor paul wierwille was "considered mark and avoid." See, Vern.........churches, sects, and cults all have common elements. They section off their interests from others who might claim a stake in those holdings. Then, they tether "their" people to their sanctioned doctrine......even though, that doctrine is fluid and changing thru the years. Church leaders erect more structure that helps them to evade accountability. The Van Wert Church Board was certainly glad to be rid of wierwille. And, unanimously signed in consent to have his name stricken from their church's registry and history! Stricken from record. Erased. Good Riddance. Forgotten. Vern.....your little Facebook page to "Household Fellowship Coordinators" is a faction unto itself. You are sectioning off your group from others. No matter how many verses you cherry-pick to bolster your position, I could find scores of others to counter them. And, I do find it laughable that you chose to quote "Dr. Wierwille" from his TNDC book and its chapter entitled, "Why Division?" The same man who stole B.G. Leonard's class and then, ran it in a Van Wert church basement.....while he was pastor and on payroll.....and, finally after the church board had had enough, wierwille was unanimously stricken from the clergy registry where he'd served at this church for 13 years. You quoted wierwille.....to make your point on "Why Division?" .
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    They not only saw it coming, their plans depended on it. A year before they sent their letter to the BOD, they were heard recruiting, and they'd reserved the domain name for "revival and restoration". This whole "maybe we can all fix this and stay together" thing was mere posturing, a formality that didn't reflect ANYONE'S thinking.
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    Being contentious, difficult and especially maligning other Christian groups is exactly what wierwille did to distinguish and separate The Way International from all other Christian groups. I’ve been in meetings where wierwille would get into his anti-Trinity rant and say stuff along the lines of wrong-seed are promoting the Trinity and to really believe in the Trinity you have to be possessed…As Skyrider said, TWI is a cult - not because of its beliefs, but because of its methods…There was no debating the Trinity – strict obedience to wierwille’s leadership was expected and enforced by sowing the fear of following wrong seed or risking devil-possession. Thinking about that now, I don’t think it was ever really a concern over “right doctrine” but was just another method of closing the ranks – to keep TWI followers united against other Christian groups…wierwille’s “Why Division?” in The New Dynamic Church book seems like some great rah-rah-let’s-go-team rhetoric – but I tend to think many of us who were caught up in the spiritual elitism of TWI, assumed we were the only “team” that really counted – we were the true Church with more of the rightly-divided-Word than anyone else…teachings on “the household” had a similar agenda – to immerse us more deeply in commitment to the organization but also to further isolate us – set us further apart from other Christians and even other grads of PFAL who didn’t get that involved with TWI…I began to realize how pervasive this “spiritual hierarchy” was shortly after I left TWI when I heard of Chris G’s comment about those who left, saying “now is the fat being trimmed from the body of Christ.”
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    Well at least they’re not wrong seed...but give them time - I bet some of them will be raisin Cain.
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    I call this brain washing. See if you are trained to think in a certain way and dwell on it long enough- your mind can be guided by a pig especially if you have got to the stage where you trust him enough to do his bidding. When Hitler got up the podium to "preach" hatred of the jews to the nation of Germany, A lot of people didnt take him seriously but day by day he hammered the same old theme of why the jews were scoundrels and rats that must be exterminated. As this went on day after day, there came a time when the people of Germany convinced themselves that the jews must be eradicated from society. Middle classs and honest christians were volunteering to take turns to take a gun with them and finish off their given assignments - killing a jew Ordinarily these honest middle class working people would never even dream of doing such a thing Why did they do it? They were "protecting" the nation from the "merciless" jews who were going to "enslave" them. Hitler himself was a devout catholic and was considered a family man In the case of VPW- it was a case of systematic brainwashing- it's over a series of classes People are committed to it because they have paid for it- VPW says he is charging because people wont take the class and quit if he doesnt put a price for the class- That's right so he can properly brain wash them to accept him as a creditable, trustworthy and Godly man with the utmost integrity. He talks about it a lot so it will be etched in people's mind- Satan's servant must have definitely done his homework The pfal class is the starting point where he builds such an incredible amount of trust and credibility- a "man of God" honest, truthful and he talks a lot of the heroics of Paul and Jesus Christ was a man's man- That was true but VPW was helping himself to credibility by associating himself with others with an undeniable proven track record VPW was a shameless pig who rode on the reputation and bravery of people like Paul and Jesus Christ and people make the mistake of ascribing trust and integrity to VPW - wow what a man, we think. Pfal class- Build trust, credibility and integrity- He talks about it so much that we associate trust, credibility and integrity to VPW Intermediate Class -Demonstration of the "power of God" We see in action a "mighty man of God" like we have never seen before Finally someome teaching us to "intrepret" toungues and "prophesy"- He hides behind "forth telling" because everyone is entitled to it Fore telling- Only true prophets called by God can do it but forth telling- VPW can teach you- it doesnt matter if he is liar- you dont know about it (world's best kept secret) . Mrs VPW bag is a kid's lunchbox when compared to what's VPW's character like Christian Family & Sex Class- Priming & Loosening up of Sex Boundaries I reckon this is the whole aim of VPW in this class. It's priming women for his private sexual rights to any women -especially the young ones who go through his "brainwashing and trust building classes" . I dont know if he charged for this class but I never got to take it The ones targetted by VPW as we know are told that they are a very special calibre of women who can handle the task of relieving "overburned and stressed " "man of God" by satisfying his sexual need and people succumb to these lies because they have been trained to trust and obey along the lines of a top notch soldier It remind me of the movie called "true lies" These type of brain washing and extending the boundaries doesnt happen overnight- it's over a period of time and people dont even realise what's happening to them and how they are extending the boundaries to let the bear in. TWI distances itself from other cults by saying and it's so common (again gain credibility by associating with Godly people in the bible by saying - "Oh The pharisees and general public also called the band of people following Jesus Christ -a cult" So we are thinking to ourelves, Hmmm! That means TWI must be in the same boat as the disciples of Jesus Christ This is a trap- where people dont even check TWI because they think that if they check TWI- they are going to get the same reaction from the church groups or general poulation. Well VPW is a "greeaaat" minister of the Lord- how dare they? Why should we let other people call us a cult when TWI is such a wonderful organization "teaching" people the word Not realising that VPW is the most shameless wild pig there is - as someone once said an active resident of sodom and gomorrah would blush if he saw what goes on at TWI This is why parents have a duty to love their children and nurture them with the word of God so there is a protection around their children constantly. Even older people have been conned and this is why whenever someone gives "religious class". The first thing to do is to check the "teacher" out and check the "organization out" thoroughly before serious harm is done if only I had gone to the internet to do a bit of reearch on TWi and I might have found GSC and it would have saved e years of heartache VPW used to say people should pray and just trust God and dont worry (meaning dont check) what the children have gotten to- dont worry God will take care of it Yeah right (A godly responsible parent will both pray, trust God and check on their children whereabouts and what they are doing) Just because someone is teaching the bible doesnt necessarily mean they are good people I cannot stress this enough- they need to be checked out thoroughly before one takes any type class especially a religious class. I wonder how many people quit after taking the pfal class or midway through the class and never turned up. Smart move -I must congratulate them. It would be interesting to get their feedback. My advice to those who have been seriouly hurt by VPW is- God loves you very much he reached out to me when I cried out to Him for truth in an amazing way Spend time with God in prayer and communing with God and let God heal your heart GSC is a great place also online for other people who have been similarly hurt to share how they have overcome the hurt inflicted by TWI in the past and found closure I have been hurt tremendously and it's going away and I can forget it becaues God has something so beautiful for all of eternity for me- and I tell myself my TWI is a spit in bucket It's gone forever
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    I have forgiven myself; I hear it too many times not to listen, from my counselor, male survivor support group, my faith resources, and a few pertinent online pages. I don;t worry about closure with the ex-Way community, or anyone acknowledging this male being sexually assaulted. But I am very active in the general community; my non Way related friend who helped me break my silence also having co founded a national abuse prevention group, and helping me to laugh and smile (That's her job with everybody). But being loosened up (I heard those words specifically used about me) was not a loosening up, or playing around. And of course that loosening up term was one of VPW's.
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    Think the best way to do this is to examine your own boundaries. Why do you say to yourself, "This is okay but this other is not"? What are you comfortable with? Why? Where did you learn that it was (or was not) okay? And, most important, if you still adhere to Christian principles, "How does this line up with [mainstream] Biblical teaching?" I add "mainstream" as a starting point - you can't believe everything that is supposedly Christian doctrine, but there is a general consensus and it will stop you picking up some other out-there cultic idea of right and wrong. A consideration of Proverbs early chapters might help with clarity. You're learning from your mistakes and the tricks that have been played on you. Forgive yourself for being fooled. Use your experiences to be watchful for others, and to teach them how to be watchful - revenge!
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    I posted the below on the Old Way Tapes thread but this is better where it belongs: I have a distinct recollection of some early "grooming" material ie PFAL, that talks about moving boundaries Maybe it was in "renewed mind" class. Cursed are those who remove their neighbours' boundaries. According to VPW, this is not just the field boundaries (the obvious as referred to in Deut 27 and Prov 22 and Prov 23 (among other places) but the boundaries of other people's minds. And yet - that's exactly what VPW was doing with us - moving the boundaries of our minds. For some, who had poor boundaries, that could possibly have been a good thing (note: could. But the actuality was that boundaries were probably pushed further out in an unhealthy way; vulnerable people were very easy prey). For most of us, that would be moving the boundaries of good commonsense rules instilled by our parents or society. But actually, for all of us, what he was doing with his teaching was precisely removing boundaries: he was replacing those societally decent sexual and other behavioural boundaries by his own perverted boundaries of what was decent behaviour and then instilling a new boundary of "lockbox." Deut 27: 'The one who moves his neighbor's boundary marker is cursed.' And all the people will say, 'Amen!' Job 24: Some remove the landmarks; they violently take away flocks, and feed thereof. Prov 23: Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless:
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    Great post Annio !!! Closure: a sense of resolution or conclusion at the end of a work or project; a feeling that an emotional or traumatic experience has been resolved; an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality…I don’t know if typical closure is possible on some things that happen to us…but I think there may be some sense of bittersweet triumph when we repurpose our “scar tissue” to warn others or help others recover from a similar experience…and I am sure the courageous way you (and others) have shared of your experiences continues to frustrate the hell out of the modus operandi of sexual predators.
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    That is a wonderful post. I think you will find listening ears here.
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    Hello and welcome. PTSD is not uncommon among twi survivors, especially people who grew up in twi who now have to learn how to live all over again. As you no doubt know, differences of opinion are ENCOURAGED here, not simply allowed. So, you'll find posters on opposite sides of most discussions (at least when it's busy here.) That having been said, it's (obviously?) true that religious beliefs here run the gamut, ranging occasionally between "shut down all churches worldwide and arrest all the clergy" (a slight exaggeration, but it's sounded like that here at times) to "Yes, wierwille the plagiarizing rapist did indeed speak directly for God, since God Almighty appointed him out of all the possible spokespeople for 2000 years, and he where he walked, the earth shook." (That was NOT an exaggeration.) So, if you want to hear why atheism is your only sensible course from here on, we've people who can explain that one to you. And, if you want to hear that God Almighty still Loves and answers prayers in spite of evil people, we've people who can explain that one to you as well. No doubt they'll all introduce themselves shortly. Enjoy your stay here. :)


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