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  1. Never did like the group really. Some guy by the name of Allan Canter was preaching TWI stuff in 1976 that is how I ran into them. He had left TWI, and was out preaching the stuff on his own, I was in high school. He divorced his wife and it was all wrong. I moved to Minneapolis in late 76 went to college. The old pecker himself (Victor Paul Weirwille) showed up in Minneapolis at a big convention, I think he had a patch over his eye, had cancer. I met a Pastor at the college i attended his name was Pastor Lodigs he taught biblical Greek. Lodigs fought TWI with me, they were a cult. It wa
  2. My little TWI Story: Here is what happened: I took PFAL from splinter group of people who were in TWI and started there own fellowship. I had deep misgivings about TWI. I went to Golden Valley Lutheran College in Minnesota, they are no longer in existence. During my education there, one beautiful woman who was a store clerk married a guy from TWI Campus Ministry at the University of Minnesota. I didnt even know she knew him until she was gone. Another beautiful girl (she was georgeous) was heavily recruited by TWI. During that time I went to one Twig meeting and saw VPW at a Min
  3. Hi Rocky its been a while almost 10 years i think if you see bramble say hi to her from me, her account doesnt take messages.
  4. Thank you really very much it would be nice to talk to Garth 2000 again also Really appreciated
  5. hi I havent been around for 7 or 8 years and I know this is not the spot for it but I was looking for Bramble wondering if she ever stops buy I miss her. me
  6. Thank you for the welcoming response Roy. Your always polite, that is a real nice attribute. Keep up the good work, I am sure someday God will kindly reward you.
  7. Pardon my turkey Kimberly, I read you on that one. That was a nice swan dive. Mosquitoes are not here yet. Have you ever turned off the lights with one mosquito in your room who will not quit? It sounds like a little tiny wennie 747 going off in your ear. And then repeat. After you hit yourself 10 times then you can go to sleep. I think that is probably why I don't mind getting hit once in a while. Nobody beat me up , as much as I have myself. because of those squitoes. Again Kimberly very nice swan dive. That is kind of how those squitoes come in, like swan divers. Sometimes when your on a
  8. You might find it interesting, that I ran into a preacher years ago who was very much like Dr. Weirdo. This particular guy, has never been involved in TWI at all. They are similar is this one respect: Neither VPW or this guy ever met a bible verse that was complete unless they inserted themselves into the bible verse. But that is where there similarities (as far as biblical interpetation end) VPW method was to infer nobody could “rightly divide” or understand the bible without his guiding hand and that of his “biblical research team.” This other guys methods are far different. One time he w
  9. Thanks for the compliment waysider, appreciated, and too you also erkjohn.
  10. It has been pretty well documented by some people in here, that VPW cobbled together teachings from other writers,preachers and so forth. VPW simply repackaged what these people said, into his own workable format. The important thing was, they provided material which was acceptable to many religious organizations, many things which were pretty acceptable stuff. But when VPW added his private touch to these things, he did it to massacre certain bible versus, to cleverly manipulate and control. Its also interesting that Wierwille took scholor EW Bullingers work along. Some of Bullingers work
  11. Geisha: Don’t go leaving now, people need you here I read your posts Geisha and I know you mean well. You have so much to offer Geisha and you know so much. Like when you told Garth that he was acting like a Christian, that was priceless, only you Geisha could have said it just like that. Besides that Geisha I am a big time Geisha fan, and I am not a fan of too many people. WG has been really hurt by the Calvinator, and she despises that they make her feel like she has to be a Calvinator or she is all wrong. She’s is right to be upset. WG isnt upset at you she upset at the Calvinator, beca
  12. One of the most beautiful hymns ever wrote and sung, by Rebecca StJames, pretty much sums up what I believe.
  13. I tried telling you this on at least one other occassion Garth, but I think you werent reading what I wrote and you were more content to read what I wrote to poke holes in it. I will try it one more time, to see if you can see it more clearly: Uhh Stop sin no, cant be done because man has a free will to do whatever he wants, otherwise that would be slavery and God is about freedom. BTW, Garth, the Calvinists try to place Gods will (predestination) sanctimoniously in place of their will, in order to circumvent their own will and there sinful ways. But the Bible teaches man is responsible f
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