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  1. MY LIVING WILL Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. Jeanie C. Riley sang Harper Valley PTA btw.
  2. I'm still trying to understand why my posting and PM privileges were suspended.
  3. Should I assume that you believe the idea that John has been posting using my name and password. If so, you have believed a lie. I am fully capable of expressing my own opinions, and am considerably more than a figment of John's imagination.

  4. Jeaniam

    My posting and PM privileges have been suspended. May I ask why?

  5. Jeaniam

    My posting and PM privileges were suspended. May I ask why?

  6. Did you bother to actually read my post?
  7. I think you owe John an apology just as much as he may owe you one. Your questions have already been answered many times and now are not in the category of confrontation but only of unnecessary insults. Jesus never went out of his way to 'bait' the Pharisees, they baited HIM, and he dealt with them appropriately, even once using a whip. 'Devil" is not the noun he uses when he mentions you. The one he usually uses begins with I and is five letters long.
  8. I wasn't addressing John's comments, I was addressing Danny's. He's the one who said "You never, never, never, hit a woman. NEVER". So I am entitled to set his comment in a context of physical danger. He didn't qualify his statement, just said, "never, never, never,...NEVER".
  9. Under no circunstances, not even if your life is in danger? I think you're the one who is blind and needs to change.
  10. OK, let's compare that with... QUOTE(Sunesis @ Dec 4 2007, 12:03 PM) It was John who proudly said a woman needs a clocking. Danny was merely repeating what he said. Sometimes words come back to haunt us. No matter though, who was right or wrong, the response was way overboard. I think, from Jeans post, its pretty obvious that John will come back with righteous indignation, reflect any blame away from him, it wasn't his fault and Danny shouldn't have started it, he started it first, nyah, nyah... It will be interesting to see, will John man-up and acknowledge what he said was wrong, and take some personal responsibility - or not. Or will it be someone else's fault? I wonder if DANNY will, as you say, man-up and take some personal responsibility. I personally doubt it. Looks like Sunesis is the liar.
  11. I wonder if DANNY will, as you say, man-up and take some personal responsibility. I personally doubt it.
  12. Crude, maybe, but IMO there is no excuse for behaving the way Danny does.
  13. To whom it may concern: John has been suspended from posting until Dec. 10. He definitely wishes to answer the shower of responses to his last post, but you'll just have to wait. Thanx.
  14. Thank you all for your good wishes. I had a great day, and am looking forward to the next half century. God bless you all. Jeaniam
  15. Happy Birthday. I hope you had a good one.
  16. Jeaniam

    Liverpool Legends

    Went to Branson, MO with the family for the weekend. Branson is like a cross between Las vegas and Nashville. Lot of entertainment of all kinds. We went there to get out of STL for a couple days more than anything else so we didn't have much aspirations of going to the strip and checking out any shows, but we saw billboards for the Liverpool Legends as far as 100 miles away and I never saw a Beatles tribute band, so I went and saw them. Two things happened that i didn't expect. I'd heard that back in the day the average Beatles concert was 30-40 minutes tops. The screaming just was too intense to stand for any longer than that. Well, this show was 2 1/2 hours, punctuated by various speakers, including a guy who looked like Ed Sullivan, but they played 4 mini sets, each with costumes; the suits they wore when they first toured the US, the brown outfits they wore at Shea stadium, the Sgt. Pepper outfits, and the Abbey Road cover outfits. The other thing I didn't expect was that the main MC for the whole show, who put the band together, was none other than Louise Harrison, George's sister. More later, gotta go.
  17. I know them quite well. We still talk once or twice a year, and do the Christmas card thing. Great couple. Still love God and his people.
  18. The best way to understand any sport is to watch it regularly with someone who is familiar with it. I never could understand hockey. Never learned to skate despite growing up in MI. Watching hockey in person or on TV always looked like watching a group of amoebas in a microscope. Then I went to a Blues game with a die hard hockey fan and this guy explained stuff to me as it was happening. Big help. Football is like a chess game; for every offensive play there's a defensive counter move, but it all happens so quick. There's a lot more women who dig pro sports now than there were a generation ago. Whoops. This is john.
  19. I have a copy of the tape in question, but I can't guarantee the condition.
  20. Danny, your rants make you look foolish in front of the greasespot community. For approxiamately the fiftieth time; John has never hit me, nor do I think he dreams about it. BTW, what is a divorce layer. I have heard of divorce lawyers, which could be synonymous with liars; but never a divorce layer.
  21. My husband and I are affiliated with a splinter group that we're pretty pleased with right now. However, there is a poster named Out There who attends a church called 'The Church of God of Abrahamic Faith' that he says he is happy with (no JC is God, etc.). He mentions it on the open forum and gives details of how to reach them. John and I have also attended a fellowship that has potential called 'Have Bible, Will Travel' but I think that is pretty much a Missouri fellowship. God Bless Jeaniam
  22. To the best of my recollection, all those promises were fulfilled by the PFAL class. As I have said before, I came from a very strict and condemnatory version of Christianity wherein God was presented to me as an cranky old man armed with thunderbolts, and you should hope He hadn't gotten up on the wrong side of bed on any given day lest He should smite you with cancer, etc. to keep you humble. There was no such thing as the Word of God is the Will of God; God's will was presented as anything this capricious being should happen to desire to do on any given day and was dependent on whether He woke up that morning with a twinge of arthritis. It was a great revelation to find out that God loved me more than any parent would (although it was hard for me to picture God as an all-loving Father, since I had trouble believing that my parents loved me at all). I was certainly taught how to pray effectively since I now knew that the written Word of God was the Will of God, and no longer needed to beg for every little thing, and end every prayer with 'If it be Thy will'. I now knew that the Bible clearly stated what God's will was in almost every situation, and now I could ask in the confidence that God would honor His promises to me. Also, I was never subjected to any high-pressure sales technique. I came to Twig for well over a year, and finally someone came up to me and asked if I was ever going to take the class; to which I replied 'What class?' I took it shortly thereafter, and have never regretted it. Men may have let me down, God never has.
  23. Hello, Newlife. I second what my husband said, but I want to mention a church that a poster named Out There attends and speaks well of. He says that they don't believe that Jesus Christ is God or some of the other sticky doctrinal issues for us ex-TWI folks. The name of the church is 'The Church of God of Abrahamic Faith', and he says it can be reached through the Atlanta Bible College website. I personally have no experience of the church, but it might be worth a try. God bless
  24. I recently became aware of a teaching by Wayne Clapp on the subject that can be reached through the CFF webpage. I have not read the whole thing myself as it seems to be along the lines of a small booklet, nor do I know if you have any interest in reading a teaching by him. I would post a direct link to it, but unfortunately I haven't attained that degree of computer literacy yet. If you want you can read it and let me know your reactions.
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