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  1. No idea. Good to see both of you. Don't come here often but do drop by occasionally.
  2. Cast Away. Tom Hanks actor. Robert Zemeckis director.
  3. The is correct. It is not a beaver, but an _____. A combination of Bolero and Lynn Girl is correct. Betcha can guess it now.
  4. The Breakfast Club Molly Ringwald Sixteen Candles
  5. Good guess, but incorrect. Don't know who all may have recorded this. I'm familiar with it from a female country singer.
  6. . . . I had a hard day Pour me a cold one and oh, by the way Rub my feet, gimme something to eat
  7. Legal Eagles Robert Redford Indecent Proposal
  8. 5 pictures. #3 and #4 go together. 1 2 3 Solve! Have fun.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome, George, and a puzzle I could solve, Dooj! Here goes - one of my son's favorites. Have fun!
  10. William Katt Lingerie, model, ah Cat Woman
  11. Something like "Give me give me good loving?" No idea who the artist is, though.
  12. Suda


    Happiest of birthdays! One special day... ...one special you. Happy Birthday!
  13. Suda

    snowed in!

    Tennessee didn't get a blizzard, but we did get SNOW! My son and I were visiting Rascal and the Rascalettes and got to enjoy the beauty with them. They had a bonfire and cookout planned per our request, so we didn't let lots of snow and a bit of sleet and rain stop us from the fun. Even topped it off with loads of fireworks. What a great time! We left out early today, as road conditions were "snowy with patches of ice" from her home to ours. Had been told I could expect some 30 mph conditions, so set out expecting about a 6 hour drive. Turned out the roads were clear, and we made it home in 4 hours. Driving through middle Tennessee with all the beautiful snow covered slopes was delightful. Got so excited about viewing the scenery, was just following the car ahead of me, and not paying attention to our speed. A local Highway Patrolman got our attention, however, and gave us each a "present" to remember our drive home. It was cruise control the rest of the way home, but still lovely to view. Still have my "Please Let It Snow!" flag outside our front door and would love to get more before spring. I like the kind we got yesterday. The air full of white, swirling fluff, falling to cover and blanket the ground. Wake up to next day to covered ground, but clear roads. Perfect, I'd have to say.
  14. Ah, if it's new, you can bet I've never heard of it. On an average week, I watch tv about 1 hour, as I'm folding laundry. And I usually watch the news, something on the Discovery Channel or catch part of an old movie depending upon what time I'm in folding mode. I'll have to leave the solving of this one to the rest of you, as usual. But thanks for the hint.
  15. Suda

    Psalms Birthday

    Wishing you the grandest of birthdays!
  16. Money/thousands/bills Mir space station gun/barrel/aim
  17. Great idea, Sushi! Dot, there's got to be a computer nearby you can log into. Will miss you lots. And will continue praying for you daily (at least!). Much love, hugs, and kisses.
  18. Ca Dreamin, Hope your day was grand! 50's are a great decade. Enjoy every minute of them! May the spirit of childlike wonder dance through all your days. Happy Birthday!
  19. Suda


    Hey Lady! Next week my son and I will be steaming around Tennessee looking at colleges and will end up at the Chattanoogna Choo Choo. I'll keep my eyes open at the Depot in case you or the T&T Express make a pit stop there. Always good to see ya here ( or there, or anywhere!)
  20. Serve, Tennis Oliver . . . . thinking
  21. Dearest Dot, Wishing lovable, wonderful you... ...a smile in your heart that lasts the whole year through! Happy Birthday!
  22. Are you going for America? Still having to think on this one . . . My mind's been saturated in taxes, so it's not good for much of anything else right now (not that I'm ever a real "sharp tack" in here :) )
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