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  1. I also had a cousin who was suffering from improper treatment of her depression. She was also bi-polar. Her medicine didn't work for her prior to committing suicide. I also agree that people suffering from depression can get to a place where they don't think they have a way out of their dilemna. Things can become hopeless for them to the point they lose focus, are unable to process their thoughts clearly, and proceed into a downward spiral. Her sister talked to her that weekend right before she ended her life. She thought something was wrong. She was right. These people need our understanding. I sincerely believe a little love and empathy goes a long way. I believe it can deter someone from doing the "deed" if we act at the right time.
  2. Lori

    jonny lingo

    Rottie, spring hasn't sprung up there yet. It's starting to get a little bit warmer, and things are starting to thaw. At least that's how it was when I lived up there. Juneau is quite a bit southeast of the mainland Alaska. It might be different for them. Johnny can fill you in
  3. Lori

    jonny lingo

    Hey Johnny! We'll get a head start on getting things started for ya! I'll bet you're not even up yet! C'mon, wake up sleepy head! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! So how many years young are you?
  4. You might want to try a people search on-line. It will pull up information you might not find otherwise.
  5. Lori

    Alter Egos

    Mine were a few. A realtor, executive officer, attorney, photography on-line photo manager, author, and a quilt-maker. Boy do I feel divided!
  6. Lori

    Happy Birthday, Lori

    Thanks, you guys! Was wonderful! I'm looking forward to being a part of your lives for years to come!
  7. Happy Birthday, Excie!
  8. You know your church is redneck if: Your church offers you beer instead of wine for communion!!!!
  9. Honestly, I haven't thought much about death. My son just married last year, I have an 11 year old daughter. I want to be around for a long time to come. I have had some health issues, and fortunately, none that I can't handle. I think everyone understands it will happen at some point unless like JLingo said, Christ does return. That would be so awesome. Just imagine! There will be some people who won't ever die! I would have to say, this is also my yearning, but no one knows when that will happen. When you look at what the Apostles of old and believers in our times have said, they hung on to that possibility. I think that's why God never did say when! It's always something we can look forward to. The other passages also offer comfort, such as sleep, a twinkling of an eye... So, if it does happen, it would be like I fall asleep, and the next thing I know, I'm alive again. But, I agree with the others. My concern would be for those I leave behind. My goal is to leave behind children who are at least, well established, and able to carry on without me.
  10. Lori

    2007 Weenie Roast

    I can already hear grilling and sizzling! Yay!
  11. I knew them well. They were my fellowship coordinators here in Cincinnati before they decided to buy a house. Because of their decision, their clergy and corps status was dropped. That was back in 2002. They are great people. Haven't seen or talked with them recently, but as far as I know, they live close by.
  12. Anothen, I really think you should have been talking to a therapist instead of bringing it up here. This is a heavy issue and people have strong feelings, especially mothers with children, when it comes to protecting their young. It's not something people take lightly. I do wish you well if you really want to come clean...
  13. Quite the study!!! They saved lots of bucks!!!!
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