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  1. My experience in Massachusetts - most churches are places where folks come to feel good, feel they have done their "Sunday obligation." There's a lot of crappy teachers, swindlers, fakers, and boneheads. And I'm talking about the church leaders. I'm sure there are some decent groups, but they truly are not the norm. So I am happy with my small fellowships of family, men, and various connections with other Christian groups. To me, a lot of Christian churches are seriously spiritually sick, and I choose to stay away from their illness. Am I arrogant ? Maybe, but to me, I am just trying to protect myself and my family. John Lynn is not someone that I look to as a good spiritual leader.
  2. Well STFI ain't perfect, but they are doing a lot of good. IMHO.
  3. The artificial smile is disconcerting. Hope God is able to help JAL connect with reality. Seems like a long shot, but...who knows...
  4. Yes. CES has been through some pain and some changes, but they seem to be on the right track. John Lynn has separated from them and this is a good thing. JAL was given many chances and ultimately refused tolet go of stubborn sin.
  5. Your premise is interesting but wrong I believe. Anyone could bring up similar arguments about any biblical author. The canon of scripture and the canon of the books refute your argument. Do some prayer and study aboutthose things and God will likely shed light on the matter.
  6. I definitely believe in the direct experience of God. I have experienced it a bunch of times.I don't believe in overly liberal theology where anything and everything is ok.
  7. That all sounds so nice, so liberating. But it is kind of anarchist and rebellious, and leads nowhere. Sounds so "Cheech and Chong." Whoa dude, pass that bong and let's see what God has to say...
  8. While most people agree on the basics of what is right and wrong - God put that in our DNA - we need more than the basics to thrive and have hope. At least I do. Those questions about life and death and eternity keep bugging me. Though people disagree on interpretation of the Bible, it seems that there is a right way to interpret. And it seems that the Bible answers well allthe big life questions. The Way, CES, Baptists, and Pentecostalists all bring some truth to the table. I try to trust God and sort the error from truth. One thing I love to reject is the jaded and decadent and dumb ideas promoted by most mass media and academics in the US.
  9. This got me thinking about the double edge sword that a small fellowship can present. There is the possibility of spiritual intimacy, connection, and growth. There's also a good possibility of serious friction and trouble, even if all claim to be Bible believing types who worship and reverence and love God. Unfortunately, we are all flawed humans. I've found it good to be connected with multiple fellowships, big and small, staying connected to God through holy spirit, and trying hard to listen to the still small voice for direction. There can be some downside to this approach, but it works well for me.
  10. My point is that some who left the Way have been part of new groups, or were involved in developing new groups, which are good and fruitful. I'm not talking about any new group in particular, I'm just talking in general terms. The definition of a cult is another thing. From my experience, neither the Way nor CES had any of the controlling characteristics of cults. There were some incidents with specific people and situations where there may have been cultish controlling beahvior, but that was not the norm, at least in my experience. Not believing in the doctrine of the trinity doesn't make them cults, it makes them heretical groups in many folks' minds. Cheers, CS
  11. Heard he was in Franklin, MA a few years back. Not sure if he's still there.
  12. What you are saying does not make sense. If what you're saying is true, then anyone who was in the Way, left, and sometime later decided to organize some sort of fellowship/church/ministry, would by default be creating another cult. And that makes no sense. "all of the splinters are cults" is in effect saying that anyone who was in the Way has no spiritual future, and that is obviously false. There were some who were in the Way who filtered out the good among the bad, grew from the experience, and continue to prosper.
  13. Yo worryfree.... Wow, interesting stuff. Having been a somewhat close partner of the Way back in the 80's, and an arms length affiliate of CES/STFI at times, it really gets kme to think about what I believe and why I believe what I do believe. I was a teenager when I hooked into the Way in 1978, and it helped bring a real troubled young man (me) out of serious pain (though it took many years to get to some semblance of wholeness...about 16 years...). I have learned a lot from various folks in those two organizations, and I have developed some pretty strong spiritual instincts and a pretty intense prayer life. Now, the American Christian landscape seems a wreck. Most of the "Christian ministers" on TV seem to be frauds. Local churches are stuck in their religious mentality, far from anything like truth setting us really free. Funny thing is, I feel really free in a Christian sense, have found connection with God, and am able to help people. So I guess I'm doing ok, healthy family and family life. Like you, I just have no reason to worry, despite all of the crap flying around...cheers ! Will ponder things more today as I watch some football and sip some Sam Adam's Octoberfest beer. -CS
  14. Yes, excellent interview. It was great hearing Ralph again. Sounds like he's doing fine. I do miss seeing and hearing from that laid back fun to be with man who's not afraid to say it like it is. Not that I knew Ralph well, but I did meet him once at his home in Lincoln, MA where he gave some straight counsel to a young man who was really down in the dumps. And living in Mass. I really enjoyed his teachings and mostly his ability to connect with people and enjoy life. God bless you, Ralph dude, maybe I';; bump into you here in Mass again if you are still here. Cheers. Not having formal clergy training does not bother me so much. There are lots of valid ministers without degrees. Some ministers shoudn't be ministers without a degree or training. Some should. Sometimes "clergy training" can destroy a true ministry. -Right Reverend JJ
  15. Yup, it looks like john schoenheit and dan gallagher are in charge.
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