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  1. I remember one time, while in the Corps, when I operated mystical, magical powers that worked. It was a Sunday morning. (Remember Sundays?! Worst work-day of the week!) I woke up, not sick, but just plain tired. Exhausted. Bone weary. I prayed, "Heavenly Father, I'm tired. I need rest. I'm rolling over and sleeping as long as I need to. Please keep those who would F@#*s with me away." I woke up late afternoon. I got dressed for the Sunday service (already in session) and quietly walked in. Nobody ever said a word to me - like they hadn't even noticed. It was truly a Sabbath miracle ;)
  2. Well said. The whole franchise was built upon the notion of "mathematical exactness and scientific precision" and "fits like a hand in a glove". This brand of "inerrancy" does great damage to the narrative, reducing it to propositions and bullet points and charts and footnotes that MUST agree with the modern mind, no matter how much of its life is lost in its dissection. In my opinion this is why Bullinger's oeuvre, no matter how sincere, was a fool's errand. Sincerity is no guarantee for truth.
  3. How can people of seemingly above average intelligence and rational thought come to such a conclusion? Does not this ancient, pre-scientific record ooze of mythic explanations for what is? I wonder what Ken Hamm has to say about this one?
  4. http://redemptionpictures.com/2014/02/28/bill-gothard-homeschool-cult/ These guys all have the same playbook.
  5. I noticed that as well. Here's another story, this one from an investigating group (the same one that was just fired yesterday from conducting an internal investigation at Bob Jones University) http://www.recoveringgrace.org/2014/02/the-gothard-files-a-case-for-disqualification-x2/
  6. This just published regarding Bill Gothard, another kindly spiritual leader http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2014/02/bill-gothard-sexual-predator.html
  7. Raf: If you haven't already I would suggest checking out a few of Bart Ehrman's books.
  8. Perhaps a bit off topic but perhaps not. Interesting nonetheless.
  9. WTF? Well, it was in the preview. Let me do my homework. It was Eliane Elias and she looked and played spectacular.
  10. This one's pretty good too.
  11. "I have no friends when it comes to the word!" This bromide made a virtue out of being a brittle, reactionary geek with no relationhip skills, compassion or cultural maneuverability. It was a battle cry meant to snuff out dialogue, tension, paradox and mystery - all scary things to a hyper-Teutonic mindset.
  12. And to think, I was planning on reading that pesky 600 page The Philosophy of History by Georg Hegel. Thank God I discovered a one minute synopsis. Thank you Dr. Dale!!!! I'll be waiting for the one minute synopsis of A Critique of Pure Reason by JERRY Kant, and Leviathan by CALVIN Hobbes.
  13. Okay, since the discussion is about "mainstream" whether that is right or wrong is not the issue. Lets' call it "synthetic mainstream." The point is that, in my opinion, it is argot because it is not a language of accomodation. It is not a language that invites engagement and dialogue. It is rather a language designed to exclude and is "deliberately hermetic." Also, I would ask you to condider "gnostic" in this discussion as gnostic with a lower case "g," as in placing a premium value on "true" knowlege attained by belonging to a group with ritual and culture designed to enlighten its initiates along a path of wisdom towards divinity.
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