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    1 Corinthians 12 - manifestation of the spirit.

    While I do appreciate the insight I glean from your posts. just didn't realize we had to check our love at the door in this place. guess i have to learn to ignore more stuff
  2. sastian

    anyone ever hear or a follower of Todd White?

    Who said anything about intents? I did point out in my notes that I see something about who's "Will" is at play. The sure will To do all these healing and great things. but who's WILL?? again at WHO's Hands? and you seem to imply THEY have any power. I can only come from 1 of 2 sources or its completely fake. SO... It just depends on who's behind the healings I guess. Messiah said we would know them by their fruits. vs 18 though is rarely REALLY pondered Here's a question for you. How many "half healings" or "lost" healings was our messiah involved in?
  3. sastian

    anyone ever hear or a follower of Todd White?

    Late to this party but many many thoughts on this. I'm sorting through the influences of this New Apostolic Reformation in my local sphere of influence. and to get to the point. I'm not thrilled from what is starting to "emerge." I encourage you to read 2 Peter, THOROUGHLY, and in the KJV or something faithful to the original texts. and in case you miss the point. Peter is pleading with the church to remember at least this ONE THING, His actual experiences were nothing in compared to the Written Word of God.
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    1 Corinthians 12 - manifestation of the spirit.

    looking forward to your loving replies to my posts in the future.
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    New Member MRAP

    MRAP. I hear ya man. this is the wild west. there a bound to be a few outlaws.
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    30 years is MORE than enough...

    I've poised for a similar meeting myself. but appreciate the maturity in this statement. At some point, till take the time to tell my story as well.. it's still being written though.
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    The Way kid - now an adult

    so glad i wasn't the only one who doesn't know. :)
  8. just wanted to assure you i didn't just post and run. glad to see the sites back up. Ill post more about what I'm up to and my history soon...
  9. sastian

    "God has no hands but our hands"

  10. wow, probably not the best thread to read first. there's a lot of venom here.
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    Raised in a fellowship In Quincy Illinois, Still working the word in the Chicagoland area