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  1. Horrible! Disgusting! I have no words! I'd like to have the link. Not that I'm curious to know but I'm currently talking to two persons about what happened because they are not sure things happened.
  2. That's why I said above : I wonder how God is going to deal with him because so many got born again and yet, he was a big deceiver. Also the other ones who never said anything.
  3. I am wondering how God is going to deal with him because so many got born again and yet, he was a big deceiver
  4. Oh I believe you! Just saying I'm discovering things...
  5. Since I wasn't living in the US, never heard of that
  6. Yes I realize reading all the things that happened :(
  7. Oh yes!!! For sure! I also was proposed sex by two way corps but not in the US so there was really a sex mind at that time! Both were corps and country coordinators. One manipulated me by asking me to open my bathroom door to show him my naked body. I said no. He said something like I was prude but what he said was to make me feel bad. I didn't budge. The other one proposed me to sleep at his house since I needed to go to Paris so of course, I said yes. Naive I was. We slept in the same bed since there was no space (Paris has very small apartments) and he wanted to have sex with me... Of course I said no. But I know he had sex with a girl I witnessed to but she was a nymphomaniac since she also slept with my husband who himself had a blow job from a WOW man.... What sick men...
  8. By writing a blog about them, I meant the perverse narcissistic manipulators... Yes that says a lot! She was forced to shut up anyway.
  9. Yes and since I haven't read those books neither taken the class in such a long time, I don't really remember them. You haven't tried Chris Geer's class... ewww what a boring class! Not only that, it's a cold class.
  10. Rocky I also can tell you I'm very frustrated because I have to unlearn the things I learned and I'm very bad at studying God's Word. So when I have a question I ask God to show me and He leads me to the people who have answers then tells me if it's correct :) One thing though is I never bought into some teachings... I thought they were weird.
  11. I had to put up with one for 6 years after I divorced. I understand how Mrs W became another woman after he died! I wrote a blog about them while I was in this relationship and I learned so much doing this research.
  12. Quote Teach. Apt to teach, he must be able to teach. Apt to teaching. I so believe that I’m apt to teach that when I finish tonight, I don’t expect any questions left over the subject I’ve taught. And I expect everybody here to understand it. Because I believe I got the ability to teach. Because first of all, the enablements came from God with the manifestations, and then I have studied to show myself approved by rightly dividing the Word. So, when I teach, I expect people to understand what I teach, ‘cause I try to make it so simple that nobody is stupid enough to miss it. You just can’t miss it when I teach. ‘Cause nobody would be that stupid. ************* That's called double constraint in psychology description of a perverse narcissistic manipulator. They say one thing, turn it around to say another that is opposite like he says to be gentle, patient and calm while saying you are stupid if you ask a question. If you ask a question, you question MY perfect ability to teach and you question my ego, therefore it's best to put you down IN ADVANCE to protect my image and if you dare ask it means you are stupid. So the crowd understands the message : "If I ask a question, it means I'm stupid"! In the end, the person is frustrated and instead of being lifted, feels like he's/she's not worth it. They are masters at manipulating words and seduction!
  13. Sorry English not my mother tongue... The teachings, some things were off but we didn't see them really, we just believed what was said such as : needs and wants parallels... or If you don't tithe God won't bless you... Wrong... so wrong... This ABS teaching lie is just to make money! I wasn't directly impacted by TWI since I wasn't living in the US but I went to the Summer Camp in 84, invited by VP as other believers from different countries. I had to put up with a guy who saw I was looking to go to a building to listen to a teaching so he said he was going to take me. He opened a door, dark inside, turned around to me suddenly and jumped on me to kiss me!!! Oh boy he hard a tough time : I was a rebellious and he heard me!!! Then I had to put up with another guy, a Canadian who was our coordinator at the camp and wanted me to dress a certain way for the pictures and I said no. He told me he will have me kicked out! I said : try! I was so mad! Such abuse. But I could see his balls from his shorts during a teaching so what a hypocrit! Then I had to put up with another idiot who was our country coordinator who tried to have sex with me. I heard later he was abusive with his wife. Then the previous country coordinator that asked me to show him my naked body while I was in the bathroom. I said no. He said oh you are so religious. I said nope. He was going to get married... They had spirit of sex. But none of them touched me.
  14. I've read a lot about the subject. I find it amazing how God is so precise and how all that got over our heads because it was "for the Jews", "Revelation is not for us"... and blah blah blah... sigh
  15. Ewww I already knew a few things about Geer but the rest makes me puke! He was cold as ice for sure! I remember he had a dog who was just outside the dining room in Gartmore. I was going to pet him but God said no and Geer was outside the door and watched me... I felt he would not even warn me and watch! grrr
  16. I really enjoyed reading from you Thor and TLC. I wish there were more as of today.
  17. I'm am shocked :( about all the things I'm reading. My "guts" kept telling me some things were wrong... I never went to the Corps but I heard about things that were tough. Then heard about the sexual abuse. Then a few things about Geer that one day pushed me violently because someone did something he didn't like and I was in his way... He was about money someone told me. What happened to Gartmore? Where's the money? Who collected it? Houses in Maine are expensive... I understand why our country co wanted to protect us. We were so young...
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