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    Fare thee Well

    Thank you Paw, for giving us all a place to learn, to share, to heal. I first walked into the Cafe 10 years ago, and the hot coffee, warm cinnimon buns and friendly smiles all helped me in the process of beginning to heal as I walked away after 20 years "in the way." Over the years, as the pain faded, I visited less and less, like growing up and moving on, but still wanting to come home every once in a while - but slowly, the hometown changes, the stores close, the friends you had move away, and you come to the inevitable realization that the best you can do is forgive and forget the bad times, cling to the happy memories, and just move on making tomorrow a better day than yesterday. Thank you Paw, and all the rest of you, for being one of those hapy memories for which I will always be grateful. Wishing you all a long, happy life with whatever you do - and maybe we can all sit down around a big ole pot of joe after the Bema. Ken
  2. I was inthe College program in Emporia in 84-85. Looking for old friends - any info on Sandy from Australia, in the WC that year in Emporia, who be appreciated
  3. Hell, one time a few years back, money was so tight I had to get a load of groceries from a shelter - no one in the Wayless ever offered to help. It was one of those moments in life I thought about when I told my coordinator to go stick it up his horn of plenty.
  4. We're discussing other issues on the Open Forum, but I'm thinking here while watching trucks of relief supplies rolling through the base here that if I was still in the Way, I wouldn't be here. Their corporate philosophy on disasters was always to blame the victims for their sin, and refuse to allow anyone to donate anything that coould cut into the time or money devoted to the Way. Theres a 10 year void in my life when I didn't help anyone outside of the ministry. I've very blessed by the love and response of everyone hanging out at the Cafe, offering up their time, money, homes etc for the victims of this event. You'all are wonderful, showing your love of God in Christ to the world now!!!
  5. Digger

    Katrina the Tsunami

    Although I often get on here to post a bit of levity, this time I'd like to post a serious message. At this moment, Im pulling 12 hr night duty on Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, running a communications van as hundreds of semis are rolling onto an airfield full of ice, water, meals, tarps, and other emergency supplies, getting ready to roll into the damage zones as they become accessible. The media has portrayed this event as a monumental screwup on the part of the President, or even racially motivated, but in my eyes, I see hundreds of federal employees working 24 hours a day, getting things ready. We began to mobilize before the hurricane even hit, but the general public doesn't understand the time it takes to fully mobilize supplies and personnel for this emormous mission. I take offense with anyone saying that the efforts were affected by matters of race or class. I didn't ask the skin color of the victims before departing for this location. The sheer fact that the people of New Orleans didn't or couldn't evacuate is a shame, but any community in the country would have had the same ratio of the poor, elderly and homeless which would have been effected by a major disaster. America IS responding, millions of dollars are being donated, and millions of supplies are now arriving. I am proud of the response of our country in this terrible time of need!
  6. Sorry bout the wife comment - it does seem cold from a distance, but the fact of the matter was that the Ministry NEVER helped us, in fact drove a wedge between us ending in divorce, blaming her for her "unbelief" - maybe if they knew anything about the power of God, she might have been healed - whatcha think???
  7. Duh, hit the wrong button In the Way Out of the Way 1980-2000 2002-2005 Sickness often Perfect health 50,000 salary 90,000 salary Sick 40 y.o. old wife 28 y.o. model g.f. No revelation Seeing visions No love of self Helping others All routine service Exciting bible Drunk & lost Clean & Happy Crappy house Beautiful new home BEING OUT OF THE WAY -- PRICELESS!!!!!!
  8. Well, "Beautiful Ohio" DID wake us all up screaming every day at the Rock!
  9. I conducted years of indepth research (actually about 5 minutes, but I'm bored at work)into this term, and found that Loyboytoy misquoted a commonly used phrase (what else is new) - the common varient, and no doubt the ancestor is a GREASE SPOT ON THE HIGHWAY OF LIFE - once again, the boys from Brazil couldn't even plagerize them correctly!!!!
  10. Yesterday, on a rerun if Seinfeld, Jery said that the best revenge is to live a successful life. Eat this, Way Ministry: 2000 (in the Ministry) $45,000 in consumer debt Sick wife in and out of hospitals Unappreciative kids Driving 50 miles each way to fellowship Out of touch with God, no communication Crappy fallin' down farmhouse Drunk & miserable all the time Feel lost, alone and ready to live in a cardboard box on the street 2005 (out of Ministry 5 years) Out of debt New $170,000 house Young, ex-beauty pagent winner girlfriend Great Christian fellowship I go to Signs, miracles and wonders abound Feel loved, needed, wanted The Abundant Life, yeah, after I got "out of the Way"
  11. Oh, the happy memories of spending a holiday in Emporia!!!!! Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Way, Not a creature was happy, it all seemed so gay; The stockings were all folded and deep in their drawers, in fear that the Way Corps soon would be there; The children were crying, alone in their beds, While thoughts of wood spoons danced in their hands. The bunkbeds were full, to us just a "day", Cuz we'd celebrated September, now so far away. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, We all sprung from our bunks to see what was the matter. Away down the hall we all ran in a flash, then out the wood doors and the swing we did pass. The stench of the cow farm hit us just like bricks, 5 feet of deep snow, Kansas winters so stinks When, what to our bleery eyes should appear, But a large power cushman, and eight nasty Corps men With a fat little blind guy, so drunk to the quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Vic. More ugly than old hags the Corps guys they came, They yelled, and they shouted, and called us by name(tag) Now First Corps,Now Second, Now Third and the Fourth, Now RegTags, Now Staff, Now Juniors and more. And then, in a twinkling, I saw in the lawn, The prancing and pawing of each little pawn. The stump of his see-gar he held tight in his teeth, And the smoke filled the air with the stench so you reek. A wink of his eye, and a twist of his head, Soon let us know we had something to dread. He spoke not a word, but just pointed toward class, And let us all know to march there, and get there quite fast. He sprang to the podium, and taught for 6 hours, Because we weren't bound by days, seasons, or hours, And when we were weary, and famished and ....ed, He said "Happy Ho Ho, see what you have missed!" MERRY CHRISTMAS, MY FRIENDS!!! I LOVE YOU ALL, AND GLAD TO ENJOY THE FREEDOM GOD INTENDED!!!!!
  12. I learned how to REALLY believe outside of the way - my retirement IRA went from 29,000 to 37,000 in the last three months - eat that, Rosie!!!!
  13. They should hold their meetings in Orlando - they're all f%^ing goofy in that mickeymouse organization anyway
  14. The guy who took this picture had a whip in the other hand - it looks like a f-ing chain gang to me - God, I have a bigger smile on my face when I poop
  15. Wayfer - sure that wasn't during the excell session in CFS??
  16. Two days after the now famous "I messed up" Martindale video, I showed up at fellowship and asked my coordinator "Why was I marked and avoided for sleeping the my wife before we were married, is Martindale going to be M&Aed and what is he going to do to heal our hearts" - The coodinator refused to answer the question, and the next day I was called by the Limb Coordinator yelling at me for asking such a question about the Grand Poobah!!! A hour later I faxed a letter of resignation to my coordinator and told her to stick the Ministry up her fat butt. I never looked back, and never regretted the decision.
  17. I, for one, have found a lasting peace in the form of what could be termed an ex-Way group. Patterned after the Way's structure, but keeping only the good and wholesome and throwing away all the controlling, dominating bs and opening their humility up to experience the whole Christian experience, whether it comes from ex-Wayer's or from more traditional modern Christianity, it has shown me that there is life after the Way. They use the Net, search out for power-filled Christians wherever they can find them, and love life without having to follow people around, yell at them or expect them to attend everything. Its the way the Way was 20 years ago, when people still loved and cared for each other, and signs, miracles and wonders followed. You can read more on their website, at http://www.outreachofgodsword.com/about_us.htm
  18. Oh, not to fear - I've started a new life, new home, new friends, and fellowshipping with great believers of God. I think I had to vent last night to finally get a blister that had been sitting under my skin for almost 10 years now. I do appreciate all the encouragement and kind words, and hope if nothing else my words just serve as a warning to any curious minds of the depth of evil that group had gotten to. I love you all too!!!
  19. I have no idea why this came to me so urgently in the middle of the night, to get me out of bed to express myself, and maybe Paw will remove this thread as soon as he sees it, but its been building up inside me for years and it needs to be expressed. Ten yeas ago, I fell in love - head over heels, bounce off the ceiling in love - it was wonderful, the best I'd felt in years - when I told my coorinators about it, DM & DM (you know who you are - in the middle of PA - for shame!!!) , a few days later I was called to a "counseling" meeting by my branch coordinaors LL and DL - they told us that to be successful in our upcoming marriage we (1) could not have sex until our marriage, (2) we could not attend any fellowhips till we were married, and (3) nobody at the Way cound attend. Aftr 20 years in the Way, it was evastating! Those who I'd felt closest too have not only shunned me, but told me in no uncertain terms that I ddn't deserve to feel love, that sex was wrong, and that I was an idiot for doing anything without their consent. Because of their "godly reproof" - their lives fell apart, and I never crossed their threshold again. Eventually, the marriage DID fall apart, largely because of the seeds planted that horrible night. After 3 years of being alone, yss, I've grown bitter. Shame on you, DM, DM, LL and DL - your "revelation" was straight from the pit of HELL, a by product of the evil teachings of LCM in the 1990s. Curse you all, and woe unto all who follow after the path of unrighteousness. I will never, never, never let another man tell me that what is right in my heart is wrong before God! Rise up, oh men of God, proclaim your seat of righteousness - godliness is NOT found in following the wisdom of a man, but the wisdom of the Wod of God and the pure hearted walk with the Father. To hell with the Way - may the walls of New Knoxville fall and be forgotten as the men of Amalek - may the great men of the Way be regarded as the great men of Sodom - may the teaching of the Way fall only on the ears of the deaf and the blind of spirit - Yeah, verily, righteousness is in the Word of the Lord only -all men have fallen short of His wisdom - and the God and Creator of the universe shall surely root up every bad root and burn the chaff in the fire - Selah And so, I hope and pray that you all heal from the wicked injuries caused to you by the evil teaching that you have heard, and that you find a merciful and loving God, a God who truely knows your heart and counts the very hairs on your head as precious, and that God himself will redeem the righteous and destroy the wicked - Love you all!!!
  20. I heard it was calld "Tales from the Locker Room: or How to Look Good in Tights". The Chapters are 1. How to use a diamond bit to cut a peep hole into the ladies shower 2. Interesting pickup lines for the sauna 3. Dancing in tights 101 4. 20 Steps to Running a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation into the Ground 5. So, your wife is gay? 6. How to yell effectively 7. How to use friends and .... off people 8. Distorting the Bible for fun and profit 9. Getting away with rape (Advice for basketball players and rock stars) 10. A Home in the Mountains - Singing John Denver music all the way to the bank
  21. All in all, the music frm the late 70s and early 80s, includng Claudette, etc. were spiritually moving and godly - to bad they screwed it all up with the crappy Way Singers - By the late 90's, it was so much religious poopoo I couldnt stand any of it myself
  22. Digger

    Class Action?

    Garth, Your points are well taken. It is just a bug in my but that they're all sitting around living on the interest of our millions. Of course, they'll have to answer for it also. He who forgets his past is doomed to relive itive it.
  23. A few years ago, there was discussion regading fiig a Class Action Lawsuit against the Way International by former mebers here and elsewhere. Was this ever followed up on by anyone? Seems to me that we have a iable caseon a number of points: 1. BREACH OF CONTRACT. We were given promises of the back of the Green Card that were never honored. 2. MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS. We were solicted donations fo a number of years, with the stated purpose that they would be used to forward the movemet of the Word, NOT for building an emperors palace or defending him from sexual allegations. 3. RICO Law Violations. We were coerced to pay money to the group across state lines under the threat of bodily harm and numerous intimidations 4. FRAUD. We were told repeatedly that the research of the Bible was being conduced as (1) new light on the Bible (Not!) and (2) were being conducted by people with legal, professional credential (not not) I'm sure there's more, but I for one would like to see the treasure chest in Ohio liquidated and divided up between ALL the past "follwers of the Way"
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