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  1. Littleton, CO to be exact. 2 daughters. We were in the same branch when I left TWI. They are still in.
  2. If you live a righteous life, you don’t need revelation about the internet or anything else in the future because the future would judge you righteously. However, a narcissist cannot receive revelation; his narcissistic ways get in the way or should I say “The Way”.
  3. It is a breath of fresh air to be able to freely speak your mind. I have benefited from what other people say and hope other have benefited from things I have said. It is very healing. So…speak away. :)
  4. I did not fear any of this but did think about it. My greatest concern was rebuilding my life and learning to live in the real world not the fantasy world of TWI. I have been out for 7 years now and it just gets easier and better each year. I am so glad I got out when I did and wish I would have left sooner. God continues to bless my life, It is not based on being in the Way or any other organization or even if I ABS or not. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been easy but I have learned a lot in the process and am better off for it.
  5. It is interesting how that many people would leave at once and probably under some leader. Is the Way still a cult or what. Especially when there are so many people that have already left. Scary…
  6. Just my 2 cents… The concept of the Way Home is another concept stolen from somewhere else. I doubt that VPW got any revelation in starting the Way Home program. In my opinion, VPW stole this idea from the House of Acts in San Francisco area. The House of Acts had its own questionable moral issues as well. Mostly the same issued discussed here. You would think a mature man of God like VPW would have gleaned from the better aspects of it and purged the bad. Or at least warned people of problems that can arise. But apparently VPW benefited from the bad so why purge it. I guess he was not the man of God he claimed to be.
  7. Joined at 25 in 1982 Left at 45 in 2002
  8. TWI is a parallel universe that doesn't exist. It was created by VPW and accepted by a young, rebellious, idealistic generation. But rejected by the next generation a more pragmatic but still rebellious generation called GenX. All that remains are aging, fearful, baby-boomers that are going to have a big surprise in their 60s and 70s with nothing to support them. The TWI parallel universe is a universe where God lives and the devil has no influence; where you can control the outcome of events by following TWI leadership. The other world outside of TWI is a universe without God and controlled by the adversary, directly or indirectly whether people realize it or not. A world where you are a puppet on a string controlled by the systems of the world. Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone couldn't have written it better. What helped me is when I saw all the devilishness living inside of TWI, I took an objective look at TWI's world and the outside world and saw that God is alive and well and functioning in this outer world. I realized God lives in both worlds and the advisory influences both worlds. At this point TWI became just another denomination that had to be evaluated with all the other denominations. So I began to compare the pros and cons of TWI's world. In the end I realized the cons outweighed the pros and left. The longer I am out the more I see all the lies promoted by TWI. Lies designed to keep you trapped in the TWI world and under submission of TWI leadership.
  9. The insanity of those times. VPW and others would sharply reproof you for saying the word “Christmas” but wouldn’t bat an eye concerning adultery. How incredibly insane.
  10. It is so wonderful to hear an insiders view on what was going on. I was so confused at that time because of all the misinformation. With the help of GSCafe I had already gathered lots of information and had already concluded what RD stated. I did not know how wide spread the adultery was. I am also glad to hear that not all were involved or even aware of it. RD helped me to additional information and put some things together. I hope he will provide more interviews and other high level people as well. This is very healing. On a side note: TWI was destined to fail from its conception. It was built around one man…VPW. When VPW faded away, so did TWI. No one could have replaced VPW not even VPW because VPW, the man of God that he lead us to believe he was, never existed. How could VPW have confronted those guys when he created them in his own image. He would have had to confront him self and that would have never happened. All VPW could do is criticize what he had created not the root of the cause…the creator, himself. Thank you RD and Paw.
  11. Unproductive evil – you didn’t do the stubid things they wanted you to do. Harassing evil – you questioned them about the stubid things they wanted you to do. Destructive evil – you expressed your uncertainty about the stubid things they wanted you to do to someone else. The idea was to kick you out before you get to Destructive evil.
  12. Hi MT. I noticed you left in 2002, I left in 2000...


  13. Major difference: Calvin was remembered far beyond the generation he influenced and influenced many generation beyond his life time…VPW did not and will not. In fact VPW had very little influence out side of the Way. Very few people even know who he is. In addition, you will never see VPW mentioned in any history books on Christianity. The Jesus-Freak movement will have more notoriety then VPW. That would be the only place you might see his name mentioned and then only as a side note.
  14. Fast food started on 1912 in NY a restaurant called Automat. Then White Castle started the first chain in 1921. Colonel Sanders mastered his quick cooking technique and road side fast food service in the 1940s spearheading his fast food chain. McDs founded in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald (hence the letter M) didn’t get big until Ray Kroc bought it in 1961 and mastered the fast food industry that was already going. So I am not sure what kind of heavy-revy VPW was getting.
  15. The Way Corps was put in place as a layer of insulation for VPW to protect his power base. The power of VPW was in the accuracy and integrity of the word God gave him by revelation… "You teach it to others and I (God) will teach it to you like hasn't been heard since the 1st century". This has been proven many times to be a farce. As long as that word was protected VPW was the MOG. The corps provided that layer of protection. They were the enforcers. Don't dare question VPW's word or the Corps will take care of you… haste la vista baby. The same goes for TWI because VPW and TWI are one in the same. That is why TWI will never work with out VPW. Part of the word the Corps enforced was that "the women belong to the king" doctrine and we know the purpose of that doctrine. VPW and other leaders benefited from it. VPW was the king and corps his army. I would agree that the top leaders were well aware of this arrangement and tried to use it to their benefit as well.
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