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  1. I think Sudo brings up a valid point; I have noticed it too. I do think it is brought up in the wrong place, though. A seperate thread dealing with the topic would have been better. I am sure Sudo's intentions are not personal, yet mentioning this like this on ex's thread makes it SEEM that way. We do not really know what her thoughts and situation are right now.
  2. Seth, you are open and honest. That can be hard to do sometimes. A Question for Dot...how do you answer a question like...sure, I've done some good things, I have done some things right, and there are people who care, but if these people really knew (this, that, and the other thing) about me, they would know how screwed up I was.....?
  3. For now I'll try to slip this one in quietly. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be so quiet about this...praying for Seth. Here is someone who seems to be not fooling himself at all, but is a real fighter, and deserves support. I have some questions on the subject that I do not want to discuss on a public forum at this time. So many people would be willing to listen. But that has not always worked out. It is probably too much to expect to try find someone not just willing but wanting to listen. If you think about it, that's asking a lot. I'll leave it at that. smile092850@hotmail.com No takers, I guess. [This message was edited by Lifted Up on August 28, 2002 at 20:25.]
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    Thanks; I am afraid I am just not a good conversationalist these days.
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    Just to get things started...anyone around?
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