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  1. I walked out halfway through, thinking "this isn't going anywhere." Im disappointed I missed the Kathy Bates nude scene though
  2. Thank you Ex, for the rare refreshing sympathy and understanding in your last post. All I ask for is a little bit of sympathy. Is that asking for too much?
  3. Sigh. The acid responses to my heartfelt and sympathetic post dramatically expose the false promises of the penile enlargement ads. As a member of the despised, ridiculed and feared minority of males whose only crime was being born with a massive, obscenely huge "love tackle," I am painfully aware of the contempt of lesser-endowed men. In candid discussions such as these, the derision, heckling and spite - long suppressed - rises to the surface. Would you people feel free to express your vehement prejudices if I had similarly announced that I was black? Do you know how traumatic it was for me as a teenager, being referred to as "the horse," and having high school girls heckle me about my surmised equine ancestry? And women are even worse, not even caring to suppress their bigotry at the most inopportune times. Imagine nearing the goal of a fine amorous evening, only to have the previously-receptive lass painfully recoil and involuntarily shudder with shock and awe at the first glimpse of that colossal purple monster. [This message was edited by Larry P2 on May 22, 2003 at 10:03.]
  4. As a man who is "hung like a mule," I have been watching this debate with bemused detachment. It does seem like the ads are aimed to nakedly exploit the deepest fears of the male psyche. Not every man has a monstrous 18 inch member like I do, so why can't you guys be happy with what little you have? Just don't read the ads that accuse you of being a tiny "pencil d!ck." Why put yourself through that kind of punishment?
  5. What a smarmy, con artist, lowlife stupendous claim to have made. What a gratuitous slur against brave folks in the NATO military and dissidents in the former Soviet Union who literally stuck their necks into the chopping block for the cause of human freedom! Solzhenitsyn, Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa, Andrei Sakharov ....none, it turns out as important to the fall of communism as a certain Mr. Weirwille who lazily and oh so conveniently spewed forth from the safety and comfort of an isolated farm in Ohio. And omygawd, the contributions of the Roman Pontiff himself in Poland.....could that be a major factor that Mr. Weirwille accidently overlooked as well? But my personal favorite was only a "believer" would be the first to climb Mt. Everest w/out oxygen, a strange "prediction" that continued to be made some five years after Rheinhold Messner first bravely accomplished the impossible. But Mr. Weirwille? He gets the credit for having predicted the idea, even though his prediction came after the fact, doesn't he? [This message was edited by Larry P2 on April 18, 2003 at 23:41.]
  6. I agree with this for the most part, except for the part about "flaunting his grotesque presuppositions about Weirwille." Mike sparks a lot of outrage precisely because he really has the brass balls to publicly state what in fact is the historically-correct summation of the essence of Weirwillism. Mike is exactly what Weirwille intended his followers to become. Mike is exactly the end-product that PFAL was designed to produce. THerefore, his presuppositions about Weirwille are not "grotesque," he has captured the true original intent of Weirwille. I don't feel outraged by Mike's writings. I feel vindicated. From the earliest days of Waydale, I argued that Weirwille was a colossal fraud, an egomaniacal and monomaniacal grifter. That he set up his nasty little cult to heap worship and adulation upon himself. There is not one stitch of historical or scriptural proof for the overwhelming majority of Weirwille's arguments. Mike conveniently proves that argument over and over again.
  7. What an infatuated, treacly, star-struck peaon! Mike you sound like prepubescent girls waxing euphoric and swooning at the sight of the Back Street Boys. The only good thing Mr. Weirwille ever did, besides blessedly dying at a relatively young age of devil spirit infestations, was to refrain from getting chemical weapons. And to think, in the early days of Waydale, I was continually reprimanded for insisting that this sort of bizarre cultish drivel was common in TWI!
  8. No, it's not because he is a more convenient target (although he was a very large and inviting target who bled profusely when struck). It's because he first invented and then ruled with unquestioned authority a nasty cult that is the central subject of this site. He demanded and recieved nothing less than complete, unquestioned devotion from his glassy-eyed followers. And who said Mr. Weirwille was "trained?" When I read about the reluctant actions his desparing overseers in the church where he was briefly employed were forced to take, I see nothing that indicated Mr. Weirwille was "trainable." The man was obviously an meglomaniac, ambitious, scheming, ruthless tyrant from the get go.
  9. I am sure there must be some Iraqis who long to have Saddam restored to power..... Mike reminds me of such deluded souls. Here's a new interepretation of TWI history: When the nasty Nazi bible thug who terrorized everyone into submission FINALLY mercifully assumed room temperature, everyone was free to leave. And so they did. And the Nasty Mini-Me Dance Boy thug who tooks his place only succeeded in madly accelerating the exodus. Doesn't this make more sense than arguing that nobody parsed PFAL and understood it the way that MR. Weirwille wished for it to be understood as the reason for TWI's downfall? Just cuz we didn't kick over the gravestones and desecrate the Fountain of Dead A$$HOLES doesn't mean that people weren't extremely relieved at the death of Mr. Weirwille. According to a lot of accounts I've read, the TWI leadership actually exhibited a lot of relief at FINALLY having the foot of a cruel, despotic tyrant lifted off their necks. Only Mike thinks such a horrible thug is a wonderful idea!
  10. And Rafael, you ungrateful pipsqueak, you will never be the Man of Gawd Herr Doktor was until you can cultivate some credibility by appearing on TV.
  11. Don't you know Rafael, that this was Mr. Weirwille's godbreathed methods for refuting honest critisism? Avoiding debate and the charges of massive literary theft, pathological lying and sexual perversion were Godbreathed ways of avoiding "having the Ministry being blamed."
  12. Oh Garth, don't tell Mikey to leave. He is needed around here. Maybe some of us heathens will eventually be saved through his masochistic forbearance. Like someone said, it is like a car wreck, you just HAVE to stop and look!
  13. Some freindly advice to Mike: I suggest you not embellish this 1998 Revelation with a snowstorm legend, since everybody knows that you live in San Diego.
  14. But then again, maybe Mr. Weirwille was just lying? That seems to be the simplest and most accurate answer to this imagined connundrum. Mr. Weirwille in his old age, simply forgot where and when and how he had lied previously and due to lapses in memory manufactured new lies that glaringly contradicted the old ones.
  15. In other words, Mike's first impression was that Mr. Weirwille was a preening, mind-numbingly tedious, shockingly-superficial, blowhard wind-bag of sh!t. Mike, how many times do you need to be told that your first impression was obviously correct?
  16. Mike, This has nothing to do with "English literature and etymology." Mr. Weirwille made a huge deal about the distinct differences in meaning "between" the "two" words. On January 9, you wrote: Sounds like to me you were saying that there actually is a difference between the two words. You musta missed that. [This message was edited by Larry P2 on March 29, 2003 at 9:25.]
  17. Which is precisely why Mr. Weirwille was so laughably dishonest when he triumphantly pounced on the alleged "difference" between "throughly" (the Old English version of thoroughly) and "thoroughly." I noticed you ignorantly repeated this bald-faced lie recently, Mike. But apparently it is not at all "ludicrous" when your beloved Mr. Weirwille does it, eh?
  18. Seaspray, I hate to inform you of this, but that is an incorrect statement in that "Baloney" was a phrase frequently used by Martindale, not the man you so avidly worship. Since you have completely submerged your personality in "Weirwille and Worshipping Nothing But the Weirwille," might I suggest you learn to twist and morph your face into the same VPW lookalike grimaces the legendary CG is reported to have expertly achieved? And there should be several pertinent phrases that you should copy that are much more appropriately associated with Herr Doktor. And how hard could it be to manifest the one-handed Bible Thump so effortlessly used by Herr Doktor in several of his best films. Remember: You worship Weirwille, not Martindale. Baloney is out.
  19. Zixar and Rafael, I still maintain Mike and Seaspray have the original and correct intent of Mr. Weirwille's spewings. THey are meant to be uncritically absorbed, without question, dissent or delay; so that the glassy-eyed followers will slavishly prostrate themselves in unconditional worship of his majesty. I was surprised in the last week to see how much of that I still had in me. Lately, on Mike's advice, I had been studying the first chapter of JCING. I had always pretty much uncritially accepted Weirwille's rendition of the occurrances of the Council of Nicea and the possible pagan influences on the developing Trinitarian doctrine. However, this time I also read three well-regarded and well-researched histories of Nicea in conjunction with my study of JCING, and have pl0wed through many scholarly articles readily available on the internet. Two of the books were written by Jewish professors and one by a Unitarian academician. In addition, several of the original first hand recollections and original documents of Nicea are now available on academic databases. There is one positive thing about the first chapter of JCING: It was clearly not plagiarized. It's definitely "original," in the sense that its contentions have no basis in history or fact, are on the approximate intellectual level of what a 5th grader might dream up, and its conclusions are utterly laughable in light of the contents of the original documents. The fact that so many so-called "researchers" formerly employed by TWI have never revisited Mr. Weirwille's "researCh" in JCING shows the endearing power of Mike's contention that Weirwille's writings should simply be uncritically absorbed. Even reviewing Mr. Wierwille's supporting footnotes demonstrates conclusively that the first chapter is a tissue of fraudulent innuendo. His footnotes in no way say what Weirwille claimed they said. It is self-evidently a colossal, deliberate fraud, designed with the intent to hoodwink the gullible prepubescent Weirwille ambitiously targeted for wholesale exploitation and slave labor. Again, Mike is totally correct on the only way to approach MR. Weirwille's writings. He certainly has the authors original intent down pat.
  20. I agree that "cult" is not a particularly descriptive or accurate word, as applied to TWI. Some cults actually do some good (The cuisine at Hare Krishna-owned restaurants is some of the most excellent Indian food I've ever eaten). TWI was Organized psychosis. A corporation with degeneracy as its primary goal and product. Biblically-ordained Racketeer and Corrupt organization. Vee Pee Wee Willy's - God's Hottest Thief and Sex pervert - Altar Ego.
  22. ANAL SQUEEZE? YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING, NO? My Lab can kick your Rott's A$$
  23. Well, I have two problems that i need to discuss with my swelling group of followers who wish to violently thrust themselves rhetorically into the lukewarm ex-TWI community over and over and over and over again......until FINALLY.....in a massive frenzied spontaneous outburst of unanimity, I will be explosively coronated the 2003 version of Joshua. Whew! Does anybody have an extra cigarette I could borrow? The problems I percieve are twofold: 1). My Brand-X competitor on a Brand-X thread ("News Flash: you know the drill...) has recently demonstrated a change of heart wherein instead of constantly complaining about lacking time to provide substantive answers, has actually started including facts, scriptural support and historical analysis with his previous content-free material! Regarding the lack of time dodge/lame excuse, I had discovered that if used sparingly, is an excellent way to dodge the stickier questions. For instance, have you noticed how many posters on this thread haven't noticed that I have supplied absolutely no factual background for the alleged missing 100 hour PFAL? It worked, didn't it? Well now I am faced with a stunning, but fixable problem. I have no historical, factual or scriptural backing for my contentions. (This never seemed to bother Doctor too much). Is it asking too much of my followers to supply some? Quickly? As in Already? and 2). I don't know how to discribe this problem in mixed company, so can the women please stop reading at this point? WOMEN (WHO DOCTOR TAUGHT OBEY ABOUT AS WELL AS A HOUSE ON FIRE) PLEASE AVERT YOUR EYES FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS POST I'm past my sexual prime. Even during what little sexual prime I actually had, I was a "one woman dog." In fact, during several years, I was a "zero woman dog." In fact, I will be blunt: I am shockingly shy around women. I have lived most of my life like a cloistered monk. How can I start a cult around the missing 100 hours of PFAL if I can't even carry out DOctor's most rudimentary Godly command of "Find em', Feel em', F..K em', and Forget em.'" You see, I have noticed that the Bible actually prohibits Adultery. Doctor's most important teaching, i.e. "The BIble takes no stance on Adultery, other than nuanced spiritual forms thereof," I have been diligently working, but so far I always leave the task in despair. And furthermore, he told LCM that if he didn't participate in serial staple gunning, he would 'Never be a great leader of God's people." It would be easier for me to hop into a shopping car and repeatedly ran through an automatic carwash, eat pee snowcones, taking a bath in a tub full of icewater, or voluntarily give myself papercuts than to treat women that way. This seems to be an intractable dilemna. I can't get beyond it. Somebody should get me some persuasive scriptural support for Adultery and fornication, otherwise my dreams of becoming the sequinned-spandex-tights-Sammy-Hagar of Weirwille wannabes might be stillborn.
  24. Well now! My hugely inflated swelled head is nearly bursting with cloying self pride and childish flights of grandeur.......just think of the wild frenetic reception once I release the other 69 plus hours of the missing PFAL! I shall be the veritable glitter-spandex-clad-Sammy-Hagar of Weirwille worshipers! I wonder if I could get away with suddenly unleashing a shocking-over-the-top childish temper tantrum on some unsuspecting follower and still retain this new hallowed standing? After all, Marlon Brando managed to do some pretty horrific things in Apocalypse Now! and kept his glassy-eyed entourage intact. And then if I can deflect any shocked and hurt response and compare it to the persecutions of Inquisition and get away with nobody actually guffawing? The potential is virtually unlimited to express the maw of my deepest and most twisted messy emotions: extravagent self-pity; preening officiousness, overbearing threats of leaving, persecution complex with no actual persecution anywhere in sight, ugly dank fixation on mindless minutae and pointless trivia. In any case, I am finding I have PLENTY of time to engage with the newer heartening responses to my messages.
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