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Stressed out

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Oh my God, I am so stressed out. Having awful things happen, followed by good things that remind me I am in God's hands followed by more bad. :asdf:

Have you been stressed? :confused: Who does it to you? How do you stop it? Prayer, meds, friends? :blink:



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Chocolate does it for me every time!

Seriously, I'm sorry you're having such a rough go....

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Hubs is having health problems -seizures- and more

Let me see, medicine is $685.00 a month for an American born citizen. Even when the income clearly cannot support that.

The alternative go off the meds. Then, the person has back-to-back life threatening seizures.

We have gone to DOCTORS for about 18 years re: these things and everyone treated the symptoms, nobody ever checked to see if they are LIVER seizures or other causes. Yet, they charge $175.00 per office vist (5 minutes) to give us meds we cannot afford.

So, I have to do all the driving and my vacation days are used to go to different Doctors which charge me per hour more than a weeks net earnings.

We have a Doctor to see next week who is $250.00 per visit and meds etc will be extra.

There are test we would like run, other causes of seizures, but the insurance will not cover them.

YET, my friend at a Doctor's office just told me of the medicare fraud they are having in their office will illegals who are being treated with phoney cards etc.

Then, did $10,000 worth of servive for this guy who was using false ID and not even a citizen -- when they searched for him? Gone -- false ID.

We are citizens and cannot get help.

Yes, we tried all avenues.

I am sick and tired and angry.

I probably would have included this on vent, vent vetn but I missed it.

Coping skills -- I dunno.

I take some herbal things called calm.... Some help me sleep.

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Have you seen this? Don't let the age thing get to you! It sounds like there is a disability there....everything listed there is available to disabled people as well.

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i would think going for disability would be the answer for but in the mean time try this :beer::beer::beer::beer:

but really i feel bad for your situation

i will pray

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they say meds are so expensive because they need the money to research cures.

it doesnt make sense to me to look for a cure or pill for say alhezmers when many are sick today with meds we already have but unable to afford.

research is everyone game because think about it if someone can sell (not that it has to work or never mind the dire side effects) for alhelmizers (sp) then the billions they would make!!

and that is the money roll in medicine now how to find the cure for aging while many are really suffering and another one is the aids hiv.. everyone wants to find the magic cure for THAT!!!

think of the money .

So we spend all of our money on research and so many suffering today unable to get help for meds.

to me it doesnt make sense .

for me to work i had to have this surgery... to have the surgery I have to have insurance... to have insurance I have to work.. to work .. but im not disabled and wouldnt try to go that route, i want the surgery to go to work.

hah wanna talk?

it is horrible . so i live on 95 dollars a month.. and some loving family memebers giving.no gifts for anyone my niece is getting married I can not get her anything.. no travel and i now like hot dogs and pasta and cheesefrom a box. and my credit card company is loving my sorry butt.

al to be able to work to make enough money to be poor and TIRED. it will take me at least ten years to pay off this debt... for one small foot surgery.

to be able to work, and pay half my salary in taxes till I die.

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I was reminded today by my children's therapist (as she worked with them) that life is a roller coaster That's nothing we all don't already know.

The point of the session was that when you're at the bottom, keep the focus that you'll be going back up.

I think it's difficult to see that focus when, sometimes, every way you turn seems to pull you down more and you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. It does want to make you scream. Sometimes I do... but it's more in prayer.... I think God always understands when I need to scream.

I know many people who cope with medication, and it does help some of them. For others, it seems like finding the right meds has been a roller coster ride in itself.

Some people cope with meditation. They all tell me it works for them.

I'm under extreme stress most of the day on any given day. I run. I hate it, but it works for me. I also pray and give lots of praise to my creator, even when I'm completely down about something.... no matter how awful I feel, I continue to give praise and somehow it gets me through.

My faith sees me through all the low points in my life. Life may be a roller coaster, but I see God as consistent, as a power that has a plan for my life that He's not yet revealed to me, and that the suffering and trials and tribulations I now face will make me stronger. For what? I don't know.

I guess I've brainwashed myself into thinking "things are going to get so much better... the best is yet to come." It is with THAT attitude, I can smile at the world, pass along random acts of kindness, and be the kind of person I desire to be....while having a ton of turmoil inside (sadness because my kid was beat up in school, illness from undergoing testing for cancer, not getting something I've worked my butt off for....)

I'll keep both you and Pond in my prayers.

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Do either one of you have insurance and if so what kind.?

Dot you have some major expenses..

I will keep you both in my prayers.

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We've had alot of health situations, and the finances that come along with them. And like you, there isn't really an end to it, since the illness is chronic and life threatening.

I try to spend some time doing something with the family that is fun but low key, like a movie rental. I like to read. Meditation and journaling are helpful...

But I also have found medication very helpful a couple of times, when things were really bad, especially because I felt it was important to keep it together for the kids. Not all meds need to be taken for a life time.Sometimes short courses of a med can make a big difference during an extremely stressful time, especially if lack of sleep etc begins to affect your health or ability to function.

I went through a couple of scary weeks with short term memory loss, and speech halts, and within a week of going on a med the memory loss and speech cleared up, and I regained a normal sleep pattern.

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I would check your state for the Disability qualification and talk to one of these agencies that help the disabled....like Krys was talking about. I will be glad to help if you need it...I have experience working in admissions in a county Mental Health Center and teachingpeople about their entitlements here in New Mexio.

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