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  1. I'm in awe that you were at the right place at the right time. You were able to love your enemy in an emergency situation, and by doing your best to help him, you gained a genuine understanding of who he is. The mantra "love your enemies" was answered three ways: You loved enough to help. Your help led to understanding. Your understanding led to calmness. Completely cool. Completely powerful. Your supervisor is fortunate to have you.
  2. Tom, In theory, if I had a witnesses(es), they could support my alibi. However, in the absence of witnesses, from everything I've read in other GSC threads, in a court of law, postings can and are used (as outlined by CK above). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark, You screamed at me for un-hijacking a thread. Why would you scream at me for breaking an unwritten rule? I am completely curious as to what can and cannot be proven regarding email and postings NOT because I need an alibi. All I can say right now is that I'm working on a project and I am willing to expend as much research as needed to assure that the final outcome is truthful... truthful, as in the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If everything you've posted on this thread is true, I'll need to rethink the strategy for my project People with money to burn can access almost anything. I'm not one of those people. So, excuse me for unhijacking this thread in an effort to learn something new. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see that I've now killed this thread, as it seems to be habit with me lately. Not too many things "surprise" me, but that doesn't mean I don't ask "why".
  3. I get the point but am wondering..... In a court of law... suppose I was being accused of a crime and my alibi is that I was at home on the interent at the time the crime took place. Is just "being" on the internet, posting on GSC, a lawful alibi to prove my alibi or do my posts have to be "signed"?
  4. Nice thread. There's nothing like having someone to support you when you're down, to share in your joys when you're up and to "be there" when ya feel like talking about anything. I value my old and new friendships with people. Recently, I caught an old friend in a lie. She knows how I feel about lying I wasn't angry, just disappointed. Makes me wonder if she's lied to me about other things... makes me distrustful of her now. By nature, I'm an open book and easy to get along with. There's never any reason to lie. Can't expect acquaintances to conduct relationships on "friendship rules". I'm thankful to the ones who have acted in the capacity of a friend when friends were unavailable. Still, bounderies need to be limited with acquiantances. The acquaintences I know let me take cuts in the grocery store (my lack of time is common knowledge in my community). When discovering I'm $1.00 short to buy a gym uniform while standing in a line at school, they offer a buck (which I repay). They seem like nice people but they are not my "friends". I would never bear my soul to them under any of the circumstances that define our acquaintance. I learned this the hard way. I thank God every day for my friends, but rarely pray for the acquaintance... hmm.... maybe I should.
  5. The Cafe Because.... well, I'd give the story-line away if I said it. The Piano The Notebook, for sure.
  6. Amazingrace

    Need Advice

    Wow, what a project you have going on. Sounds like it will be great when it's done. I've used TSP in the past with gloves and never had a problem with it. Did the other chemical actually eat through Neoprene gloves???? Yikes! Your best bet might be to buy a cleaner made for concrete, sold at the home stores. I'm no contractor, but I've done my share of remodling and renovating. Your patching should be done after the final cleaning. Then, just clean the patched areas after they are dry. Why do all the contractors hide in the woodwork when you need 'em? DIY people.... any other suggestions?
  7. Amazingrace

    Drive you nuts

    This was sent to me months ago. I'd never tell how much time I viewed it trying to figure it out. I was on the right track but would have never guessed 1/12 of a person. Now let me guess. It took paw less than five minutes to figure it out? However long, a prize is definitely in order.
  8. Amazingrace


    http://www3.menards.com/menards?mm_dest=%2...storefinder.jsp I'd have to agree with Safari. Our local Lowes still carries a large line of paper, but I noticed a ton on clearance. Maybe they plan to quit carrying it also. Menards is listed as the third largest home improvement center in the US. Hope there's one near you. :)
  9. Amazingrace

    Stressed out

    Dot, I was reminded today by my children's therapist (as she worked with them) that life is a roller coaster That's nothing we all don't already know. The point of the session was that when you're at the bottom, keep the focus that you'll be going back up. I think it's difficult to see that focus when, sometimes, every way you turn seems to pull you down more and you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. It does want to make you scream. Sometimes I do... but it's more in prayer.... I think God always understands when I need to scream. I know many people who cope with medication, and it does help some of them. For others, it seems like finding the right meds has been a roller coster ride in itself. Some people cope with meditation. They all tell me it works for them. I'm under extreme stress most of the day on any given day. I run. I hate it, but it works for me. I also pray and give lots of praise to my creator, even when I'm completely down about something.... no matter how awful I feel, I continue to give praise and somehow it gets me through. My faith sees me through all the low points in my life. Life may be a roller coaster, but I see God as consistent, as a power that has a plan for my life that He's not yet revealed to me, and that the suffering and trials and tribulations I now face will make me stronger. For what? I don't know. I guess I've brainwashed myself into thinking "things are going to get so much better... the best is yet to come." It is with THAT attitude, I can smile at the world, pass along random acts of kindness, and be the kind of person I desire to be....while having a ton of turmoil inside (sadness because my kid was beat up in school, illness from undergoing testing for cancer, not getting something I've worked my butt off for....) I'll keep both you and Pond in my prayers.
  10. So it just not me??? Excie, you're so considerate to be thinking of everyone. I can't honestly say you've never replied to my posts, but I feel much better anyhow. Go figure!
  11. Amazingrace

    Caption Contest

    Scientists confirm a new way to safely sunbathe. Theory: Shadows created by those around you will prevent the sun's harmful rays from ever reaching you (or the beach).
  12. Since I have no time for meditation, I SIT. PFAL didn't teach me how to do it. I used to do it to relax myself not ever knowing that it was mentioned in the bible. PFAL gave me a definition for it. I've modified my definition, but not my practice. Our twig leader sometimes interrupted a prophecy if the person was stumbling with it. He'd cut off the person giving the prophecy, SIT aloud and prophesize himself. People were always told to "expound" in their verbal SITing... not to use the same words over and over. Seemed like some people would get "stuck". We were reproved for lots of things back then, but not because we didn't SIT properly. It was 1975. Things were different. I dreaded practices sessions. Always thought something was wrong with me... everyone else was all "fired up". To battle the dreadfullness, I smoked a little something one night before twig. I felt I needed "something" to get me through. The minute I arrived at twig, I told the leader not to call on me to SIT (just in case his revelation didn't kick in). I was concerned with not being able to deliver a phophecy because of a bad case of cotton-mouth. I think he would have thrown me out right then and there if I hadn't been the ride home for the other five members attending twig. I guess having a car gave me clout.
  13. Sorry I'm not able to copy and paste links that you can just click on. This guy is amazing. Great music too, IMO. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4776181634656145640
  14. Amazingrace

    Dam Builders

    Well, heck... Pennsylvania (where I live) or Michigan (where I was born and raised)... either work for me. Even if it's not true, it's cute and made me laugh. That ALWAYS works for me. :)
  15. Bask in the freedom of victory. I will always believe it is the "truth that sets us free". I will never understand why "truth" has to cost so much money. I'm elated for you and your family and praying for B.A.T.E.S. law passage.
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