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  1. topoftheworld

    10th Corps

    With a lots of Crazy glue. Just prayer and a giggle now and again. I'm hanging on to my internet connection for dear life-who needs food, anyway? haha I'll be here-and there. Ok, mostly there, but I'll be here. I'm so confused. See ya'll.
  2. topoftheworld

    10th Corps

    haha-oh, no, I just couldn't remember the name, but I do remember some of those cozy days up there, and the days that make you cringe. I hated having to sit on the floor, and lived in fear my name would be called during some rant session Craig or Richard would have. I also recall our singing to Pat "Happy Trails" or was it "Don't fence me in?". I don't remember why we did, something about making her feel good (when some of us needed it more-lol). Ah, yes-I remember it well. Nice to met you, Livininit. Welcome to the cafe. I'm not around much lately, but I peek in from time to time when
  3. topoftheworld

    10th Corps

    Livininit, Thanks! It's heck when the old brain won't stay at the age you really think you are! Ambassador Room (smacks forehead)--how could I forget. Four years WOW even-geez. Sigh. Guess I lost my spot in the Fireside Room (haha). So-you be one of us firkins? Dooj-I meant that it a good way. Honest. I did. :) I may not talk much, but I think nice things. Really. You always make me feel better, and it's appreciated. Love to all. Have a good Labor Day holiday! "Sitting in an armchair, reading the word........."
  4. topoftheworld

    10th Corps

    Dooj-that made me laugh so hard. You are such a character, and I wuv you veeewwwy much! Hey-would I be banned if I said there were parts of our 10th Corps days I liked? Ok-it'll gets worse-and sometimes miss? I mean, we were quite the crew. For all the bad-we had fun! The pond, Sadie Hawkins day, hiding from Bless Patrol, singing upstairs (what was the name of that place-above the dining room?), dressing up for Halloween, movie nights. Yeah, it had it's moments. My memory seems to be fading quickly, so I'm glad to have you folks remind me of the nice moments now and again. Those I h
  5. Thank you, George. That was amazing to see. Your heart is showing. :)
  6. Ha, Tonto-the way things are going lately I might just have to cash it in! 'Cept I doubt they would let me in the door-they'd want to know why I didn't burn all the stuff as old wineskin. :lol:
  7. ROA 77 was in Sidney-still have my ticket stub. I had pulled into the grassy parking lot that afternoon and was sitting in my car listening to the latest Stevie Kay Louis tape (It's A Wonder?). I got out of my car and saw an old friend just coming in off the WOW field from a state down south. He's the one who told me about Elvis. They had just driven in, and described driving through Memphis-seeing flags at half-staff and people staggering around like lost geese. Naturally, be Way-brained as we were, we "marveled" at the coincidence of the world's attention being focused on this individu
  8. Just when I think life has no gravy left, I find this thread. May not be helping Outfield much, but it gave me some flavor today. Thanks for the savory lift.
  9. Thank you all for your good advice and wisdom. All will be taken into consideration. Best to you, Act2-hope you sell out!
  10. Thanks, Rhino. It's a thought. I don't do Ebay, so I don't really know how to go about that. That's why I first want to confirm that it remained unpublished, and I'm hoping I can find that out here. I'd also like to give you guys the first bite of the apple. Not that I couldn't use the money.
  11. Forgive me for butting in, Act2-but you made me remember something. I have a copy of an unpublished manuscript by Whiteside entitled "The Trip". The rest of the cover page reads as follows: "The President and First Lady of the Way International Attend the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Way Ministry in Great Britian. TRUTH (her caps) versus Religion-Tradition-Churchianity as observed and recorded by Elena Scott Whiteside." If it was ever published, I hadn't heard-does anyone know? It's a fascinating read-especially in light if what we all now know. It was given to me more than 15 years
  12. Great news, TL. Best wishes and have a great homecoming.
  13. 4) He thinks the keyboard is really a secret ouija board.
  14. Hey, BB! Once you get past that 5-0 number, it's all uphill! Happiest of birthdays to ya! Enjoy the rain today-someone smiled on both of us. xo's
  15. Happy belated birthday, Out There! And for you-many more!
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