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Everybody's in the kitchen?

Psalm 71 one

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Psalmie gleefully dances into the kitchen, tasting everything, spoon flinging some pea soup, jiggling Dooj's souffle, and the spots Dooj's mashed potato cakes. AH! What good flingers!

FLING!! SPLAT! Haha! got Coolchef onna side of the head!

SPLOOSH! Belle has a new hat!

SPLAT! OOPS! missed Sudo and got Suda!

Hmmmm . . . what else?

Krys loves chocolate. . . well, who can blame her? SPLATTT! Chocolate Cheesecake, cake and pudding !! HAHA!!! With pretty little chocolate shavings :dance:

Where's White Dove?


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Loved those potato cakes, but does Krys have to hog all the chocolate? I want some too! Come and get me if you can. Na-na-na-na-nah!

Look out, Psalmie. Coming back at you.



too slow, gotcha! SPLAT . . . DRIZZLE . . .

Dang. Meant to keep the chocolate for myself. Wanna share?


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Suda, Wonder if we can stomp the chocolate like they do grapes? heehee! I'll share the chocolate AFTER I give you a peanut butter shampoo!!

squish, squish . . .

Those tater cakes were a bit soggy! ya didn't cook em long enough!

If Mr Feathers misbehaves you can help me bang on the pot I slap over his haid!! heehee! I think it's fun--he doesn't seem to think so, though! :biglaugh:

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Hey here's a receipe for making your own Pigmeat

Take one large pesky pig ( if flying type remove the wings first)

Chop into chunks and grind through a meatgrinder until tender

Squish together and chill for one hour

Roll out on board with rolling pin

Cut out round slices with cookie cutter, layer with wax paper.



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*tip-toes into the kitchen, hiding the ketchup bottle poised to be fired*


Where'd all this chocolate come from on the floor? I could've hurt.... mmmmm....this is GOOD chocolate!! :biglaugh:

Hey, Psalmie, I've got an idea of what we can do with that bird-brain....


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Dooj, dear,

Since you asked, we'll be glad to let you clean it up! And I'll help out by supervising (but don't let that fool into thinking I'll really do any work!). Only kidding. I'm a good supervisor. I don't expect people I work alongside to do anything I wouldn't be willing to do. Prefer teamwork. So let's go! I'll grab the mop.


That was quick. Belle had almost licked it clean!


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TOTW that was fun!! hmmmm, maybe . . . never mind!! LOL!!

Belle, thank you!! LOL!!!! (Psalmie kindly hands Belle some chocolate) ya know, it you squirt mustard and I squirt ketchup at Mr Feathers, we could make him orange!! :biglaugh:

Dooj, we ususally get a fire hose and hose it all down! (mebbe we can hose Rosie an Donna? :who_me: )

Suda, git that mop offa yer haid!! LOL!!!!

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i ' m . . o . k a . y . .

r e e e e a l ll lll yyy y y y y

except fer th th ht ht ht thth tw tw twitch twitch twitch

and thhhhhhhe e e e bobblehead feeling

Yer friend Crusher made short work of my cats, and then played football with the piggy--Really, WITH the piggy! An' then I stepped in to rescue my piggy and Crusher played with me, too---- WITH me! I still have a little trouble drinking anything, cuz my neck leaks!! :biglaugh:

shhhh! nobody else read this, only Mr Dove. . .

Those were the funniest pictures! I laughed so hard!! But I didn't post when I saw it and then didn't get to it for too long. And then I just saw it again, and roared! so I hadta post. But sorry it took so long!

okay, everybody else can read again!! :dance:

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