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I'm disappointed :(. I saw this thread you started and thought fer sure I was going to get a great recipe to try. Preferences preferences... I prefer the okra. But as a Southerner, I was brought up on the stuff and not just the fried kind that most folks will at least tolerate but the gooey slimy kind like when cooked with black eyed peas.

And while we're talking preferences.. I prefer the various seafood gumbos including oysters. But I've had a nice enough chicken gumbo, too.... sans okra :). I guess it depends on how authentic one prefers their Cajun cooking, huh?

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OK - so I"m wanting some recipes for both Gumbo and Jumbalaya....

Okra - well I'll ignore that slimy veggie as much as I possibly can.

OOOOhhhhh - Etoufee!

OK - y'all got the assignments - start typing please.....

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This, from my neighbors' published book of poems, Haunted Bones

Born from flour anointed with oil,

from a roux dark and mean as a horse's breath,

you remind me of some strange, mystical stew

spawned from a muddy version of Macbeth.

Only someone's replaced the spell with spices,

the witches with a Cajun chef.

Maybe you're a recipe torn from Satan's Cookbook,

a kind of dumbed-down devil's brew

where evil stirs its wicked spoon

in a swampy sacrificial hue.

Maybe God damned the okra that thickens

your soup, the muddy bones that haunt your stew.

Maybe this is why, when we smell the cayenne,

we're struck dumb as a moth.

Maybe this is why everything that crawls or flies

seems to find its way into your swampy broth.


There's your recipe. :biglaugh:

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I don't care for the okra in it either - too slimy. Sorta like eating a cooked lizard smothered in Crisco. No thanks. I like mine with seafood - like Sudo wrote about - and I like it HOT - not tons of chili seasoning, but lots of cayanne pepper - the hots. I also like it so that a spoon stands up in the pot when it's done cooking - none of that soupy, watery crap.

Cajun cooking rocks - that's some good stuff!

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Sorry, it ain't true Cajun in my book unless it's got them slimy okra pieces in it. :biglaugh: Got to have lots of cayenne in the roux and andouille sausage, too!

Now I'm cravin' some crawfish and I don't care if it's in Etoufee, Jambalaya or Gumbo!


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Yer basic (non-okra) gumbo, easily adjusted to being okrafied.

Heat 1 cup of flour & 1 cup of oil slowly in a heavy skillet, constantly stirring until it turns brown. I like dark brown, but be careful not to scorch the roux or you'll have to discard it.

Add to the hot roux diced onions and garlic, then diced bell peppers, celery and fresh parsley. Immediately add a quart of stock and dissolve the roux into it. Add about a gallon more stock/water. Season with about 10 shakes of tabasco, a tblsp or two of salt, rosemary & bay leaves. Let simmer an hour or two.

Add meat or seafood. For meat gumbo, I like turkey & smoked sausage and/or andouille sausage. For seafood, shrimp and crab are the ticket. In that case, toss a handful of whole crabs in there for the extra flavor.

Serve over rice (I prefer basmati rice) and with file powder on the side.

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