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Growing up, my family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day.

As an adult, I like to have two celebrations. The first one, Christmas Eve, a wonderful dinner, intimate, quiet, maybe one gift or two.

Then on Christmas day..........total feast that can be served all day long...........as a buffet for people to come in and out.........

This year......I am making a small leg of lamb for Christmas Eve........asparagus, mashed horseradish potatoes (for me this is a big deal....I am diabetic so I live a low carb life style :nono5: )

Then THE DAY......a small ham, a pot of collards and scalloped potatoes for my mom.

What are your traditions?


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As a family of 14, I use to host CHristmas Eve dinner. Our delights consisted of normaly Ham and Turkey with all the traditional sides, along with desserts galore and holiday drinks, and then came the scrambling to open up of gifts. My house was usualy one big mess afterwards..but it was so much fun..the The Day after was for just my children and husband. My family is scattered all over now and this year its my daughter and I. She opened up her gift from her dad, which was Racheal Ray's Culinary Knife set..whooopee,so she is surprizing me. Im new to the area so we havent made a ton of friends, so it will be just us..

I will be making Kalochki cookies with fig filling, thumb print cookies and fudge tomorrow.

RR- what is beach dancing?..a new acquantance is taking us to see Beach Dancing New Years!

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I am not exactly sure what BEACH dancing is........but I THINK that is what is referred to as SHAG DANCING.

It is a big deal down here at Wrightsville Beach and Carolina/Kure Beach.

There are Shag dancing clubs that totally pack in hundreds of folks during the tourist/summer months......and NO........I don't know how to Shag :blink:


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Christmas Eve - pork pie (Tourtiere) or lasagna. I know... we're weird... Hubby likes the homemade lasagne, but growing up in Maine, pork pie is just the norm even tho there's nothing fancy about it. It's just GOOD.

Christmas Day - we do a big fancy brunch for the crazy Greeks (the in-laws) then schlep over to my mother's house for a traditional Welsh Christmas dinner - rib roast, Yorkies (yorkshire pudding), etc. - even plum pudding, which I absolutely adore. There's usually a dozen or so people there - kids are nuts. Love it.

Oh - and New Years - we do Chinese "to go" and play games. Sometimes we stay up, but mostly we go to bed before midnight...

It's all good!

Hugs to you ROR & Merry Christmas!

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Wasway, lemme guess. You're Irish? :)

Sounds yummy, but your menu sure is different from the white-bread menu my Midwestern family enjoys during the holidays!

On Christmas eve we had a lovely Amish ham and Mom's excellent potato salad and baked beans and several kinds of Christmas cookies, then leftovers on Christmas day.

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