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  1. Enquiring Squirrels are waiting for the release of the Video on DVD, forget the blue ray thingy.
  2. British Sci-Fi, late 1970/s (may have been early 80s)
  3. I dunno. I read all that. It seemed to me he wasn't really equipped to provide any real answers. Like the kid from the sowers thing.. "I'll tell you it all.." and then suddenly had little to say, besides attempting to brush aside (warranted) skepticism.. just seemed to me anyway..
  4. You have been officially "squirellized".

  5. a lot of empty rooms.. yep.. may they never be filled..
  6. So Mr. Ham, you are great.. you know the secrets of the world and everything..
  7. Don't even mention fried squirrel. :)
  8. Hmm.. doing the same old things, expecting different results. Kinda what I thought when I encountered an offshoot after leaving TWI. A different name or context didn't seem to fix or change anything for me.
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