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Anti-Penis Enlargement Pop -Ups

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If you are using XP and are getting pop up messages, as opposed to pop up browser windows you can stop them. These pop ups use the net send command and can be stopped like this...

Go to control panel, double-click administrative tools, and then double-click services. Find the service called messenger and double-click it. Change startup type to disable.

Unless you are on a local area network and want to be able to send messages from computer to computer, you don't need this service. It is not related to Windows messenger or any Instant messenger program.


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You beat me to it Bluzeman. Yes, this Service in XP and 2000 is the latest thing being used by advertisers. Disable it.

Then after that, download and use the free Ad Aware program as someone mentioned above. Or you can use an even better one called SpyBot Search and Destroy.

You'll never see another surprise pop up. However, when you visit sites you will still get some pop ups.

But as Bluzeman correctly observed, you seem to be talking about pop ups that happen even when you're browser is closed!

I call Spyware the cousin to viruses.

They are getting bolder ad bolder!

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There's another kind of program out there that causes popups as well.

Go to McAfee.com and do a lookup on "Free-Scratch-Cards". It's not a virus, it's an application, but it gets loaded on your system as part of a Trojan Horse - some file sharing software or other transports it and loads it on your system when you execute it.

It causes popups when you start up your computer.

You have to go into the registry to clean it out, and you have to edit your favorites folder and change your home page back to whatever you wanted it to be, because this app changes all of that.

Oh, another plus - it also acts as spyware. So not only is it irritating as all get out, and it slows down your puter, but it tells on you - what sites you visit, etc.

Nice, huh?

Here's the link for more info:


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I was on the computer one day, and I blurted out that I hate popups. But my wife said with a sly grin that she loves popups, especially in the morning. But she has numerous cures to make those popups go away, and frankly, I love the way she handles the problem, no matter how big it always seems to be... icon_eek.gif

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Steve - easily fixed without going into registry or anything else complicated.

Just do what Bluzeman and I suggested above.

Concerning browser hijacking, I posted this on Computer under a thread called Tips and suggestions. I recommend using this freeware program once to fix your problem and then uninstalliing it. No need for it to be constantly running in the background using resources:


Has your browser ever been "hijacked"? Mine has. Some websites contain malicious code that will change your home page and add "helpers" or links to your toolbar without even asking you. Some even go so far as to install programs on your system to make the damage repeat itself every time you boot up. How rude! Fight back with this little freeware program!

Click here to see this program

It runs in the background and alerts you before the damage is done and helps you to easily undo the intrusions if they happen.

(And yes, there is a way to reinstall Internet Explorer 5 or 6 but it is usually not necessary unless your browser is really screwed.)


Johnny, I am sure your wife handles the tiny, miniscule pop up problems you have. But tell her to be careful of viruses. icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> (you opened the door) icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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These type of popup windows require the messenger service to be running to work. The messenger service wasn't introduced to the OS before XP/2000, so 98 and ME machines wouldn't get those popups anyway.

***NOTE...since my last post I have been informed that "some" antivirus programs use the messenger service to send alerts to the user. "Some" was all the detail I got, so you may want to research that a little before you disable it. An alternative, if you have a router is to shut off ports 135, 137, 138. and 139 at the router. Then net send will work on your local network but will be blocked from the internet.

Just wanted to post this disclaimer cause I don't want to be responsible for anyone getting any virii on their computer! icon_smile.gif:)-->


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So then what you said does not apply to what I said.

"Free scratch cards" was something that we had on a Windoze 98 computer.

It does NOT use the messenger service - it is an executable on your hard drive.

And you DO have to go into the registry to clean it out.

And you DO have to edit your favorites to reset them.

And you DO have to delete an executable from your hard drive.

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Ah, sorry I snapped at you like that Steve..rough day here. Please accept my apologies.

I looked at the link you provided. Just goes to show you some of these people will stop at nothing to get your personal information so they can send you a better grade of spam icon_smile.gif:)-->

Theres an old saying, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Something to keep in mind before you download some of those nifty little programs like Comet Cursor, Gator, or that cool, "absolutely free" screen saver. Alway's read the license agreement. Sometimes innocent wording like "...may install other software in addition to..." means, "we're gonna fill your hard drive with all kinds of stuff to let us snoop around and watch everything you do"!


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As a man who is "hung like a mule," I have been watching this debate with bemused detachment. It does seem like the ads are aimed to nakedly exploit the deepest fears of the male psyche.

Not every man has a monstrous 18 inch member like I do, so why can't you guys be happy with what little you have? Just don't read the ads that accuse you of being a tiny "pencil d!ck." Why put yourself through that kind of punishment?

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Amen Larry. A man has to be thankful for what God has given him, be it big, small or in between. It sounds like God has given you much. Or at least much in the area of self promotion. I am not sure which, but please no photos of verification are necessary.

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Steve, no, you DO NOT have to go into the registry to fix them. You DO NOT have to delete an executable from your hard drive.


I think this is the fourth time it has been mentioned in this context. It even works on old 98 machines.

These are free.....run them and your problem is solved.

Going into the registry and following those simple instructions on McCaffee's site may catch one thing but what about the infamous and secretive GATOR and others? Furthermore, why go into the registry and take a chance on messing up your entire operating system if the wrong thing is accidentally deleted?

Last time I ran AdAware on a friends unmaintained computer it found over a hundred spyware related entries, not only in the registry but in the cookies, on the hard drive, in favorites, etc.

It eliminated all of them collectively.


LarryP2, retemorize this:

Ephesians 4:25 "Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor" icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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Larry said....

"Not every man has a monstrous 18 inch member like I do, so why can't you guys be happy with what little you have? "

do you use a tube sock to keep it warm in the winter like I do? icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif

Who needs penis enlargement pop-ups..we have Larry

Dr VP once said in CFS that size is not impotant icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_eek.gif

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The acid responses to my heartfelt and sympathetic post dramatically expose the false promises of the penile enlargement ads.

As a member of the despised, ridiculed and feared minority of males whose only crime was being born with a massive, obscenely huge "love tackle," I am painfully aware of the contempt of lesser-endowed men. In candid discussions such as these, the derision, heckling and spite - long suppressed - rises to the surface. Would you people feel free to express your vehement prejudices if I had similarly announced that I was black?

Do you know how traumatic it was for me as a teenager, being referred to as "the horse," and having high school girls heckle me about my surmised equine ancestry?

And women are even worse, not even caring to suppress their bigotry at the most inopportune times. Imagine nearing the goal of a fine amorous evening, only to have the previously-receptive lass painfully recoil and involuntarily shudder with shock and awe at the first glimpse of that colossal purple monster.

[This message was edited by Larry P2 on May 22, 2003 at 10:03.]

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