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Professional Chef Supplies???


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Google "Restaurant supplies" and that will give you a good start.

You can also look in the Yellow Pages for your town. (If I'm correct you live in a major metropolitan area.)

Again, look under the heading, "Restaurant Suplies." Some places will be open to the public, others will only sell to restaurants.

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any commercial resteraunt supply place in your area is the place to go

look for the used stuff too it is hard to hurt the good stuff

it may not look pretty to martha steward but it works

all of my home equipment ain't pretty but it works


sautee,fry pans

pots and kettles etc

don't be afraid to spend money to but GOOD knives

i will repeat Good knives

you will never have to buy more

costly? yes but worth it

never mind the things on tv

i paid over $700.oo for my 7 ice carving chisels

i will never buy another set 'cause they are quality. i don't use them anymore so i am going to give them to some deserving kid going to culinary school

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Thanks guys! My son just discovered a love of cooking, so he is gonna go to culinary school!

In the meantime, we're encouraging him by getting him lots and lots of the stuff he needs to perfect his craft!!!

coolchef...yep, my son has his eye on a knife set...expensive is heck....but he and they are worth every penny!!!

There is a culinary arts summer camp for kids 14-18 he'll be attending!

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Hi Cindy,

I trust all is well with you and yours! Your son is definitely persuing a rewarding career. Speaking of knives, you are located near one of the finest cutlery manufactures; "Chicago Cutlery" makes some fine knives. I have a fish filet knife that I bought direct from their factory 25 years ago that still filets crappie as nice as any knife on the market.

Sullivan University here in Louisville is one of the finer culinary arts institutes around too I might add. If'n ya'll decide to ever check it out in person give me a shout, I would enjoy visiting. Perhaps I could muster up a little pear juice fer the occassion.

Littlehawk.....Ya Friend from tha Bourbin Regions of tha Bluegrass!

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