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The Story of my Uncle Jack as view by me


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God first

The Story of my Uncle Jack as view by me


Here I sat thinking about who may read this story of my uncle Jack a man I got to know good over the years . Let me begin with my written style might be odd to some but its one that grow over years.

God loves you is a must for me to begin with because my heart is focus on the love of God and all that God works in us and let me say God worked in my uncle Jack.

My Uncle Jack was born in June of the about 1932 or so not sure of the right date because I was not in his life then and this story is from my view point as I saw him to thank him for his friendship.

My uncle Jack had about four children two boys Jody and Steven of his first wife and Barbara by I his second wife and there was a another daughter one he never had any thing to do with by his last wife that he married more than once but I never knew her she lives in town.

My early history with my uncle that I can recalled was spending time with Jody and Steven than later my younger sister spending time with Barbara begin in the 1960's - 1970's and I knew most of his wives.

The first moment I recall was my uncle Jack coming over in a big black truck and climbing all over the truck as a young boy.

The recalled playing with my cousins Jody and Steven as I visit my uncle’s house but they are bits and pieces. I recalled my uncle house roof was burned some and that it got fixed later.

I recall his second wife Sandra living with him and a baby name Barbara and what I recall the most of those times was him yelling at Sandra and talking to her like a child.

They my uncle Jack and Sandra fought like cats and dogs until he spank her and she cried which seem wrong to me at the time.

The next thing I recall is riding with my uncle Jack and my dad to Indian when he wreck his car at a cross road. I think after this I did not see Jody and Steven for many years but that another story.

The next thing I recall is his daughter visiting a lot my younger sister Mary because they were both the same age. At this time I got to know my uncle better as I help him fix up a house on Glendale road.

I spent many hours holding boards so my uncle could fix that house up to look a lot better and he was good at making things look good without a lot of valuable new parts while using used parts over new parts.

I recall my uncle helping my Dad paint our house in Glendale and straying in my room from time to time as years went on my gram mother Duff die. My mother and uncle Jack got some money from the old home place sale.

My uncle got a new truck that he wreck soon after moving to Fla to live there but in 1980 or 1981 I moved there to live with him and his new wife Janet. I really like Janet she was young but with a great heart one who I could talk too.

Now I did like his other wives Janet was just more my age and at a time in my life were talking was more fun than playing.

I spent time looking at the ocean from the bay wall with my uncle Jack something he enjoyed doing while we talk about old times and women.

My uncle work long hours at his job but he all ways seem to get beer for after work to drink with his father in law until both passed out or Janet drive him home.

My uncle hid money in my room from Janet he could all ways save money or was good with his money if it was not for beer and smoking.

I moved back home after about six months but my uncle strayed there until about 1986 or so when he moved in Cook Trailer Park were my uncle purchase a ten wide trailer for about $1,000.00 dollars.

Which my uncle fix up and lived in until about the year 2002 but back to the late 80's. Me and my uncle together help A.W. Route put a fence up behind the mall which was just build not long ago.

Mr Route used his car to bring us fence poles and fence alone with pulling the fence tight and it was a nice car top of the line.

When we were done the fence looked like a big V because Mr Route had us bring the fence in back on the lease side a foot every post until we had to begin back out to get back to the end post.

While we were working Mr Route asked my uncle to get him some gas and gave him a check just sign at the bottom. I was wild then I wanted to cash the check for many thousands of dollars but my uncle only got the five dollars of gas.

Later in life my uncle help me fix up the twelve wide trailer I live in today were we put a new floor, windows, paneling, paint, and new pipes in which was a lot of work for us both.

I got the trailer moved to were I live now and I help my uncle fix up his trailer has needed or as he wanted to change things for the better.

My uncle got a new 32 inch TV which I help him put in the trailer than in 2001 I took him car looking and that when he purchase the 2001 car with 10,000 miles that I am now blessed to drive because of his love for me and I got the 32 inch TV too in my bedroom. All this came from money he saved up over the years.

Some time along here my uncle stopped drinking beer and smoking after my mother stopped smoking her self.

The next thing I know my uncle is looking for a house which he got with cash that he saved but like the car he got a good deal on the house.

I help him moved from the trailer little my little because it was more than he was able to do alone and we begin to put windows in the house and do a lot of painting.

It seem like it took a long time to get the grass in order but it got there over time a long with the house just the way he wanted it.

My uncle loved to go out to eat which he payed most of the time or 99% of the time no matter who went with him over the years.

We talk long hours about fixing up things and women we had or missed out on just something guys do from time to time.

My uncle was close to my mother, my aunt, and my uncle Paul when my mother die he was hurt and missed her a lot as I did.

But when my uncle Paul die he lose the person he spent the most time with and I got the job calling my uncle Jack for wresting and checking on him because I have all ways been close to him.

I worked on him to call his children and one day after eating out I stopped at my cousin Mary S and she called for him and after time he got to know his children who both came out to see him.

Some time around this time two cousins of mine Sandy and Debbie begin to clean his house and help him with things I could not do around the house.

I still help him with other things outside or things in side that were differ like the bath room we put on the second floor of his house.

But one day he wanted a new refrigerator and we got him a side my side at Lowe’s but this buying was not over yet he wanted a bigger TV after long talks he got one at Sears which blessed him a lot.

I been telling he needs to enjoy what money he got from uncle Paul dying so he got a new couch and chair and had a new floor put in were his new refrigerator would set later.

This new floor happen after I was to visit him but my sister Cindy called for help to build a new back porch so I took him and he sat and enjoyed his self telling us what to do next after seeing the floor Cindy put in her house.

He had me asked her what she charged to do part of his house and she did it her and Wayne for $100.00 flat rate which took a half of a day even putting it over carpet the way he wanted it.

Some time before this my uncle found out he had lung cancer and he begin seeing a lot of doctors his cousin Issrac Duff about his age begin to take him but when he could not I did very few times but later Pam another cousin begin to take over his doctor visits.

After a long battle with lung cancer which he seem to win he got colon cancer which the doctors cut out but after he got home he got the runs.

After about three or so days my uncle was put back in the hos because he had the runs and was not drinking enough water. This begin a long battle trying to help his children know what to do.

My uncle had gave up until his children came down to see him and spend time with him and this was hard on both of them Jody and Barb spent as must time as they could.

This seem to pick up my uncle spirits and while he had stopped eating he begin to try to live again.

Out of the blue my uncle gave me $500.00 gas money to visit him but about three days later he push another $500.00 on me I had his bank call him in the room he was in but he wanted me to have it.

I used part of it the pay the girl who was straying with him during the day the few days between the hos and hos because while I tried to stray that was more than I could do and he understood.

I used other parts for gas to get Joey from the airport to my uncle house were he stray while in town but Barb mother still lives in town and she strayed there.

It was not long after that my uncle went into a deep sleep like so I got down to check on him and sent Terry my sister to check after calling his children there was no was they could of got there in time but they did try.

My uncle die which I miss a lot in my eyes was a good man like all of us not perfect but a good person deep down inside his heart. I know he loved me and his children very deeply he just did not know how to show it good.

There is a lot of other things I could write but nothing but my tears show the love we had for each other now I have become closer to his children and look forward to seeing them off and on during life.

I will end here with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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Hello, fellow Kentuckian,

I too am sorry for your loss. Your Uncle Jack sounds alot like my brother who was killed in an accident 5 years ago. He had 4 kids by 4 wives, and then 2 more wives after that. But we loved him anyway.

Tell Larry and Gina that I said HI, ok?

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My uncle die which I miss a lot in my eyes was a good man like all of us not perfect but a good person deep down inside his heart. I know he loved me and his children very deeply he just did not know how to show it good.

There is a lot of other things I could write but nothing but my tears show the love we had for each other now I have become closer to his children and look forward to seeing them off and on during life.

I will end here with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy


Roy, I'm so sorry about your Uncle Jack and, as you said, "like all of us not perfect but a good person..." We all do the best we can and it sounds like your Uncle Jack was a wonderful man. I'm so glad that you have had someone like him in your life.

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