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  1. Alot of you should look at the posts you have written. I have never before seen such a group of venomous vipers before. Maybe you should look at yourselves before spewing forth. Oh, I wonder how many are going to tell me some story of how they supposedly wronged you and absolutely destroyed your life and now you are living in poverty or in therapy six days a week (twice on saturdays) as a result of something they said. of course I don't know what I am talking about save your breath
  2. I don't believe that was ever taught. It is evident from life that a peaceful death is not something that is ever promisd to believers. Hebrews 13 talks about some cruel things that happened to believers it also says that believing quenched the fires which means that God di not let the believers feel the full impact of burning when they were burned at the stake. I don't know anyone who would like to volunteer though to see if this is truly a promise of God or something special to a few believers. I had heard how cruel craiggers had been in what he said about believers who had been killed but you need to consider the raving lunatic that this came out from. My condolences for your loss, I hope the Word can comfort you in this time of your loss. Please don't let the teachings of the TWI take anything from you.
  3. Someone should send a copy of that article to that little church. This just makes das vey look like vindictive Buttcheese as I see it. Are their attorneys minimum wage staffers or are they paying the $250 an hour that my attorney charges me in my business? I'm sure they could sue everyone in the US that calls himself a follower of the Way if it's some staffers. Maybe if something like this someday hit the front page of the NY Times or possibly the Wall street journal it would put enormous strain on das vey of Dea... whoops I mean the TWI. They are true idiots - in it only for themselves and their lust for power.
  4. Bottom line of all this. Consider: It's all about the Benjamins. Didn't start that way but later on it was
  5. Nametags were status for me until I had top wear one every waking minute of everyday, then They were a burden. I never could live up to my nametag in-residence. Once we graduated it came off. I still have them, haven't looked at them in years. Maybe I should dig them out and reminisce.
  6. There's Good Naked and there is Bad Naked. Alot of what I am reading here is what I think is Bad Naked. So maybe we should just rate our Naked 10 is good 1 is bad
  7. The title of this thread is " The Way Tree and when did it develop". We should have another thread "The Way Tree and Who Chopped It Down?" My chainsaw is available
  8. I don't really know what to say but I feel I should say something. Thank God for liz and her husband and for what God has been doing for them. I also hope that everyone will see God's healing hand where they need to see it. I thnk the best I can say is I will keep everyone in my prayers and let God bless people.
  9. GREAT STORY JONNY!! YID, For the record, I have decided I want to go out of this world the same way I came in. Kickin, screamin, and Nekkid. Oh, I will never again answer my cell phone while sitting on my throne
  10. THis is all so sad. It really breaks my heart that we were taught to be such unloving louses while being told we were loving. To bad we never could really see what the real definition of love was back then. I don't remember Liz or anything about her but I do hope she has had a great life these past few years
  11. Oh thank God, It's what I have been waiting for. The new poster. let me get out the tacks and the scotch tape and hang it up in a place of honor in my living room, over the fire place where I can loshanto in front of it and know that my house is protected becasue of my righteous act, and God will once again spit in my direction and I can once again be able to stand in the presence of the lowliest of wayfers and maybe even put some coin in the ABS, promise t osell my house. give der vey at least 15% of the sale price and feel blessed that I helped send rosy and donuts on another european or caribean trip becasue they work so hard for us and deserve to be blessed. I will fire my cleaning service and work till late hours in the morning cleaning and vacumming my house (naked) so it can be absolutely spotless when the branch coordinator comes over to melt my face becasue I don't have that phucqueing Poster in a frame
  12. I tried taking a bath once - nekkid - in a secluded Mt. stream in the NY Adirondacks. after about three minutes in the COLD COLD water, a group of three Vimmen, hiking together singing "valderi, my knapsack on my back" walked around the bend and there I was, standing there, in all my glory. All they could do was stop and stare. Me with no where to bolt stood there and smiled and said to them "Are you having a nice hike?"
  13. The way tree became a masterful business structure although to get a true grasp of how it actually worked, turn the organizational chart upside down and you will see that instead of nourishing the leaves it sucked them dry.
  14. Her hubby was practicing part time. maybe he decided he needed something if being the head arsehole BOT didn't work out.
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