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How Willson manufactures NFL game footballs

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As someone who has worked a total of about 3 weeks in factories over the course of my life, and have had enough by the time I get done with any ONE thing I am making. It was eyeopening and amazing to see people make 1200 of anything everyday for 30-40 years.

I hope that those people are well taken care of, well paid, and when they are done making their 10 or 15 million footballs they are remembered and remunerated for their contribution to american culture.

I know I'll be thinking of Deb, Loretta, Peg,Glen,Emmet, Tina, Annamae, Pam and Michelle during games from now on and everytime Im having a catch in the yard.

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In 1976, when Gibson guitars were still made in Kalamazoo, MI, I went on a tour of the factory. In my mind, Gibson guitars were almost holy. So many of my rock star heroes played them. It seemed strange seeing them put together step by step by ordinary working people like the ones in the Wilson video.

During the 90s I worked in a factory that makes doors and, again, step by step, I was part of the process where the wood comes in and the door comes out. The yield for the trees they got the wood from was only 50%. There were those who thought using trees to make wooden doors was evil.

I don't have a problem with wood doors, wood guitars, or animal skin footballs. That was an interesting video. I'm sure those workers are well taken care of, otherwise, why are they still working there for so long?

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