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  1. I have tried several times to read this thread so I might learn something new. But one side has been just to nasty from the beginning. So I will stick with personal experience. My "tongue" started very guttural and choppy so I set out comparing spiritual things to spiritual the best I could. Over the years not only has my "tongue" changed and evolved, but as the spirit gives the utterance I have a few "tongues".
  2. guess FB is all that counts and abandonment doesn't count if it's not FB :unsure::(
  3. Both times I was WOW there was a date set in stone for housing and jobs. Both times I saw or heard of peopel getting sent home. Once 1 WOW had a job and the other 3 didn't. The 3 were sent home and the 1 had to move to be with another WOW group that sent 1 home for joblessness. I never in my 22 years saw this legislated socialism. I am not saying it didn't happen, I just never saw it.
  4. Getting awfully political here aren't you all ? I don't see WOW or Way Homes as socialist institutes when they worked as they were suppose to. WOWs agreed to work part time and pay their fair share of the basic necessities, Like a community agrees to paying taxes to pay for basic community necessities like police and fire. Even the socialist organizations say this is not socialism. But what happens is some good hearted well meaning people decide rather than each take care of their own, they legislate redistribution. Then what would have been a good reasonable arrangement becomes socialism. When the Rovers decided all should pay for the lazy unproductive they forced socialism on all. When I was WOW anything left after the tithe and the family fund was mine, all mine! I even refused to pay for a WOW's returning home expenses. They wasted money right and left all year, so as I told the limb leader; they needed to learn to take care of themselves. I'll be damned if they didn't find a way to the ROA, but returned to a Way Home where we were WOW. But then the place to get political is over there------------------> blueredusa
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    Political Forum

    Then I extend a special public invite to you Mr. Marx Jr sir Seriously come on and jump in.
  6. Ductape

    Political Forum

    do we press the part that needs healed against our monitor screen???
  7. Ductape

    Political Forum

    http://www.bluzecentral.org/politics/index.php Bluzeman has set up the new political forum. Some here have been contacted by pm, please don't wait for one if you are interested. Those that have joined, thank you! I have asked a couple of left leaning souls if either would be interested in helping out. Balance is desired Don't let my presence stop anyone, it is a public board You might be surprised how well behaved I can be.........
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    Song of the moment

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  9. Without actual knowledge of his motivations and knowing what really ran through his mind all we can do is speculate and guess. We can form opinions, opinions even based in facts are still opinions. My opinion was he was a predator and as a predator chose his prey very carefully. There are some reports of his prey belonging to families that the majority of the family were associated with TWI. But it was never known what he had done for years, not until after his death. He knew who to prey on. Then there was the era he lived and leached. Most rape victims knew they would be on trial more than the rapist. LCM was convinced it was his right and wasn't a smart enough a predator to wisely pick his prey. But that's just my opinion.
  10. Did any one ever try to get VPW prosecuted? Did any one come forward while he was alive? LCM was taken down in civil court, was he ever charged with a crime?
  11. Sorry, Took the "down on their luck" wrong then.
  12. And here I thought prison was full of criminals. Thanks for helping my understanding.
  13. Joe Smith jail time worked well for Igham Young promoting his "church". How many times were the faithful jailed?
  14. Not sure what pope it was under, but it happened sometime during the dark ages. But Christianity had to be perverted, not like the religion of liberalism that was born worshiping perversions.
  15. belonging and being loved are huge draws for participation while in this life..
  16. Shellon has been seduced by the dark side Darth Shellon
  17. Didn't LCM wipe the 1st WC records clean and then give out honorary membership to it? I am sure that he and the "fox" (RFR) agree with the attempts to wipe the slate clean. It's history, even if it is Way history and what little time I was able to spend with some of the original 1st was time worth spending. Those are memories I don't regret, not like time spent with some later WC national leaders with huge egos and bigger mouths........... My dear departed Dad and I had an argument when I was a rebellious teen. I argued how "fake" and bad all the church members were and I didn't want to go to church with them any more! Dad stated, something wrong with every one else? Then you need to go to church and help all those horrible sinners find their way back to a righteous path..........
  18. And they're celebrating your B-day in Dallas!
  19. Ductape

    Chatty Kathy

    Is a pigless psalmsie a counterfeit psalmsie or was there a bbq????
  20. PETA football add and they are holding a football, ok guys look again....... they are holding a football. Is it a Wilson genuine cowhide?????
  21. Ductape


    That was taken from the Companion Bible and I think it was from a passage in Galatians. The works of the flesh and witchcraft is listed. It was the word sorcery, Gal. 5:20 defined as magical incantation by means of drugs
  22. Ductape


    "They" said it was a cult, we knew better and argued it wasn't. Those initiated into the inner sanctions then left, died or committed suicide were possessed and liars. After all "we" never saw anything like that; this being said while many of us walked past red flags with our blinders firmly on as we marched forward to reach the world with the word. Sometime ago some poster mentioned VPW in the context of Simon the Sorcerer. This thread brought up the subject of controlling people is always witchcraft, not witchcraft is always controlling people. Looking at history how did civilized nations like Germany, Japan, China and Russia follow leaders that resulted in the deaths of millions of their own people? Was Hitler than convincing? How about Stalin and Lenin? It goes on, but could we as humans be as fallible as a race; or are their powerful hidden forces that control and manipulate giving such great power to men to control the masses? But remember, until we left and escaped the power of the cornfield cult we were unable to see it as the world did……………. Was that a whoooshhhhh????
  23. Ductape


    Remember when we were right and the whole world was wrong about TWI? A time when disgruntled former followers were possessed and their reports couldn't be trusted? I mean after all we were in and we knew and didn't see babies being sacrificed! Cats don't herd, they follow the one they worship......
  24. Good stuff Socks, decided to google and didn't find a lot on Rufus; but found this: Glenn Clarke Interesting he was called "something of a mystic"
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