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I am living in sin


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God first

thanks waysider

this is the way I am living and it is way it has to be today

while I do not think we are in sin all the time but we must face the truth

we are in sin but not that I want to be in sin but it is our natural we are fleshly right now

but we shall become spiritually in the future when Christ returns for us

it is not that I sin all the time but is my nature

with love and a holy kiss Roy

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good for you roy! welcome to the club!!!!

and welcome to the human condition!

sin?! there's no such thing as sin!

for sin to exist there would have to be a god. and there is'nt one.

that's why the world is what it is.

no god.

no devil.

just you and the world,each and every one of us.

just like every other organism on earth.

free your mind of christianity.it doese'nt work in the real world.

or any other dogma/religion for that matter.

religion is poison.

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God first

thanks faith no more

but it works inside my heart of the brain

I know God personal as I know myself

I and God are one in unity

if you talk to me you talk to God

why I have no problem how you see it because that is your judgment of your belief or lack of belief

but in my heart I do as I see best

with love and a holy kiss Roy

God first

thanks excathedra

I do too my friend

with love and a holy kiss Roy

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Over the past few months, perhaps years, it seems you are going through something. Questions, deep thinking and searching for answers or seeking a resolve. I did listen to your video. I hope you find what you are looking for and can rest in the answers you find.

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I dunno Roy.. considering the standards of religion.. we are all living in sin..

in one form or another..

personally.. I like red wine only a TAD more than I should.. not to the extent that it rules my life or anything..

I'm not (to the best of my awareness) consumed with greed.. or hate.. or.. who knows what else.

I've asked a few questions at times..

what we need at times, is someone else willing to cover our backs.. whether it is god, or whoever..

maybe that's where "faith" is.. and there is no definite outcome..

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