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Happy Walter Cummins Day everybody!


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March Forth, the ONLY day of the year that is a command.

Walter's quirky sense of humor made a big deal about this day every year.

So, HAPPY Walter Cummings day to one and all.

:dance:/> :jump:/> :dance:/>

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18 minutes ago, MRAP said:

An inside joke there Rocky, would you mind enlightening the rest of us?


Cummins often would state that March 4th was the only day of the year that's a command. So, every year on 03/04, or March Forth, we remember Walter's silly pun. Hopefully it's entirely innocuous.

Edited by Rocky
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Oh, I had to read it three times in order to get it: March Forth.

O.K., here's one: if November is based on latin for the number 9 but the 11th month and December is the 12th month and based on the number 10, why?

Just for fun.  I was never told this but one day it just suddenly hit me.

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