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opiate addiction

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I was on Oxycontin for 3 years and then fentanyl for one year. Stopped cold turkey, not a pleasant experience. Took three tries before I could do it. The first time I had fallen asleep and woke up with the worse case of uneasiness you could possibly imagine. It was so bad I chewed a couple of oxys. The second was even worse, the third time I went through a week of cold sweats and jitters. I craved it for over a year. When I had my open heart surgery three years ago I only had morphine the first day, after that it was only tylenol.

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There is a way of removing all the substance from the blood under anesthesia. It takes about a day give or take a bit, depending on how much is in your system....but when you wake up...you're "clean" and since all the material has been removed, one should only require out patient therapy or or "rehab".

I also know of one or 2 folks who have been shifted over to methadone from opiate who were addicted to them as a result of long medical treatments (such as burn patients). They could live normal lives and then very slowly rhe methadone dose was reduced until it was no longer needed.

Supervised medical detox is usually necessary for not only comfort, but also, some people who try to do it alone can shock their systems so badly that they cannot make it or else become very sick in the process. I think you would do well having a heart to heart consultation with a doctor whom you trust...perhaps your own physician.

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I actually know the Dr. who invented the quick detox he lives a few towns away in NJ, it doesn't fix the brain, so if the person isn't ready to quit for good they go back because they didn't suffer through the dope sickness. http://www.naltrexzone.com

This may help. http://www.withdrawal-ease.com/product/?gclid=CKSDqr_t8rkCFUOe4Aodb3UAaQ

Methadone is a horrible drug invented in nazi germany, avoid it.


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Maybe that is what saved me from heroin, or the like..

needles. I had about 100 or so shots of whatever to save me from an extreme poisin ivy reaction when I was young, dull, sterilized and partially re-sharpened needles.

I thought anyone who would voluntarily stick a needle in their arm, to be insane..


now when I get a blood draw, only once has the technician hit a nerve.

I guess now you don't even need a needle.. there are chemicals which allow the substance to pass directly through the skin.. on contact..

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