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    Hello Twinky. Been years since I have been at GSC.
  2. Hi Rocky - Nothing I know about. I have one of his paintings and was just looking for info on it's value.
  3. I haven't been around much in the past few years but I just donated a small amount.
  4. life after greasespot.
  5. Been a while since I was here. Don't know why I am here now.
  6. I was on Oxycontin for 3 years and then fentanyl for one year. Stopped cold turkey, not a pleasant experience. Took three tries before I could do it. The first time I had fallen asleep and woke up with the worse case of uneasiness you could possibly imagine. It was so bad I chewed a couple of oxys. The second was even worse, the third time I went through a week of cold sweats and jitters. I craved it for over a year. When I had my open heart surgery three years ago I only had morphine the first day, after that it was only tylenol.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/harrybrownsfarm?ref=ts&fref=ts
  8. I read in the paper that the world actually did end on the 21st but the federal gov covered it up so the people wouldn't panic. We are not actually here.
  9. I have asked that same question.
  10. It is difficult when 99% of all my friends and family are of the opposite political view. I just get tired of hearing the same old lines from their "Fair and Balanced" (lol) news source. The biggest problem is when they talk about "THOSE PEOPLE" when I am one of those people. I hope this isn't too offensive or political to the moderators.
  11. Thanks "EXCATH" Sorry about the rant and I have no problem with the deletion by the moderator, it was inappropriate.
  12. Because of my current medical and financial situation I have unfriended all of my conservative "friends". I am at an age now that there is not much I can do to improve my health on my own. Our new state governor has cut aid to thousands in my shoes. I live a simple life but there is absolutely no way I can afford my health care or meds. I am not looking to retire in a condo in Florida. I just want to afford my humble home that I have been in for the past 35 years. NEVER MIND - You will not understand unless you are in my shoes.
  13. I made a number of DVD's from VHS using DAZZLE with XP and never had a problem.
  14. OnionEater

    Home grown catnip

    I live in a State where the other "human version" is legal with a card. :spy: :spy: :spy:
  15. The majority of people there were over 40. I didn't see any glassy eyes and no one appeared stoned. A few old hippies were around but most were well dressed and business like. This was a medical event not a pot party. It was sort of like drinking beer at a beer tent at the county fair, LEGAL.
  16. The THC in pot isn't the chemical that helps the most. The idea is not to get high but to reduce pain. Today there are designer marijuana strains that are very potent and one needs only a small amount. The gathering in Augusta had a tent with a couple of vaporizers to use. Vaporizers and edibles along with tinctures are the most prescribed by doctors. I was there.
  17. http://www.pressherald.com/news/this-is-really-new-ground-____2011-11-06.html
  18. OnionEater

    oxy addicts

    I was on oxycontin for 2 years for a failed back surgery. It was a wonder drug for me at first, best I had felt for years and I was able to do things that I couldn't do for a long time. Unfortunately as time went on my body got use to the drug and it didn't work anymore so I went on to fentanyl patches. After a year on fentanyl I became lethargic and again the pain returned. My biggest problem was I couldn't sleep on narcotics and that was wearing me down so I decided to stop cold turkey. That's when I discovered what addiction was all about, most uncomfortable feeling I have ever had. For a
  19. OnionEater

    Weight Loss

    Two years ago my weight was 244 pounds and I am only 5'-7". I really didn't eat that much but I ate all the wrong foods and didn't exercise. A year ago I had a heart attack and one stent put in, six months ago I had a triple by-pass and one didn't take and is drying up. I now weigh 165 pounds and it wasn't really that hard to change my life style when it comes to eating and exercise. An expression I always hated was "If I can do it, anyone can". Not so, it took a heart attack for me. My only diet plan was to watch my fat intake and limit it to only 25-30 grams per day and ride my bike every
  20. Happy Anniversary I found GSC through WayDale. Hard to believe it's been 11 years. I first signed on as "Daiglow" back then.
  21. Who man, like groovy, I can dig it man.
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