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It's blocked outside the US.

BTW, "neurotology" actually IS something, which is completely unrelated

to the description of the video.


"Neurotology is a sub-specialty of otolaryngology (ENT) and is closely related to otology. A Neurotologist is a specialist who diagnoses and medically and surgically manages neurological diseases of the ear."


"Neurotology or neuro-otology is a branch of clinical medicine which studies and treats neurological disorders of the ear. It is a subspecialty of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, and is closely related to otology. Otology generally refers to the treatment of middle ear disease and resultant conductive hearing loss, whereas neurotology refers to treatment of inner ear conditions, or hearing and balance disorders."

So, I wish they'd have picked a different name when they made the video.

BTW, for those outside the US,

the following links should work for seeing the video, more or less:





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Very funny video. I'm wondering how old this is. I don't watch SNL, but the last time I saw a skit, with the current cast, it was awful. So I'm thinking this has to be an earlier cast. When SNL was still funny, lol.

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