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To The Country Music Fans?

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You know when you run across that weird part of YouTube? I don't know how, but I ran across this song. I'm not a huge country music fan, but I swear this is one of the prettiest Country music songs I ever heard, and the weird thing is, it's from 3 Polish girls from the Dutch Netherlands.  This charted in the UK in 1975, but never in the USA. Have any of you country fans ever heard of this song? I'm really curious! 

Mississippi by Pussycat

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Hey, RG!

Although I live in Texas, for me, country music is just something to dance to, so I couldn't tell much about big hits, and certainly not about this little nugget.

Incidentally, I'm not sure how many people lurk in this forum, because there are only a few regulars.  Although this forum is a reasonable place for this thread, you might want to try in the Open forum, to get more views.


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Hey Thank you George. I was thinking about putting it in the Open Forum, but I wasn't sure. I guess I'll just wait a couple days then do that. I just can't believe how much music is probably out there that we never heard of because we didn't have the internet years ago. I think it's especially weird that people in the UK or Netherlands yet, would perform a real twangie  cowboy country song. My mom was an avid country fan, and I used to tell her Ringo Starr knew more than she did about country music, lol. Okay, thank you for the "Okay" to put it in the Open Forum. Like I said I probably will do it in a couple of days if nobody answers here. lol. 

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