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Hi Surfcat. Maybe we know a few people in common.  I got witnessed to in Birmingham mid 80s and then met many of the other UK believers, in London, Gartmore, and other locations.

Anyhow, welcome, and enjoy your stay.  Have a nice cup of tea and some yummy cake.



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31 minutes ago, surfergirl said:

They are both me, I couldn't remember my user id or password, typical. Do you know Bob Eachus, Don Mcmillan.

I have the same problem - I have to write passwords in a book...sorry don't know either Bob or Don.

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Can't recall anyone of that name.  Where did he live?  I knew mostly the Birmingham believers.

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Think I got involved late 1985.  Witnessed to by a WOW at a party.  

The Goldbergs were around at the time, but I don't remember any other names.

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