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Yes !

and what is the quicksilver dude from X-Men doing there?!?!

The only thing that bugs me is the source of the old sitcoms references – I mean I really enjoyed what they did with the sitcom references – and I could tell something ominous was coming with the out of context details injected here and there …but…up until episode 4, I was thinking the actual situation might involve both of them in some weird therapeutic stasis, and Wanda’s ability to alter reality providing a “medium” – I say both because it seems logical to me the sitcoms were from Vision – since he is partly from Tony’s AI Jarvis …Wanda is from Sokovia (I think) but then again those old shows probably aired over in Europe anyway  – and in episode 4, the lady ejected from “the bubble” said it’s all Wanda…anyway… to answer your question again – my mind is blown by every episode !

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20 minutes ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

Haven't seen it yet.  Is on CBS ALL ACCESS or HBOMax?


PS:  Should this be merged into the Super Hero TV thread?

It's on Disney +

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