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Has anyone else seen this ?

“The Avengers will be visiting Olde England in a new adaptation that will see the films turned into Shakespearean plays using the Bard's famous format…”

This sounds like something right up WordWolf’s alee. :rolleyes:

Here’s  a few more excerpts from the Screen Rant article (link is below):

“Author Ian Doescher is adapting all four of the Avengers films into Shakespearean plays for Quirk Books. The adaptations will include the authentic meter, verse, and rhyme of the plays and incorporate stage directions and Marvel easter eggs. The publisher promises that the adaptations will be "fully faithful" to the films and feature all the of the fans' "favorite scenes, characters, and lines" with an Olde English twist. William Shakespeare's The Avengers: The Complete Works will be available this September…

…At first glance, these adaptations sound absolutely bonkers, but author Doescher has done this kind of thing before. He famously published William Shakespeare's Star Wars, initially adapting the original three films. Doescher has also adapted other films into Shakespeare plays, including Mean Girls and Back to the Future, titled Much Ado About Mean Girls and Get Thee...Back to the Future! respectively. The Star Wars adaptation, for which he eventually adapted all nine films, was even performed live over Zoom in honor of Star Wars Day on May 4…”


I enjoy remakes and adaptations as almost an art form all its own. So I’m looking forward to those who avengeth the fans of the Avengers and Shakespeare. (hmmm... don’t know if I’ve got that right...if “avengeth” is to inflict harm in return for an injury or wrong done to oneself or another then maybe I should have said “those who avengeth the critics of the Avengers and Shakespeare.”…oh I don’t know... maybe WordWolf can resolve the issue   :rolleyes:)

Screen Rant – Avengers getting a Shakespeare adaptation


Posting is such sweet sorrow

exeunt Thelonious Hyphen Bone

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7 hours ago, WordWolf said:

*looks all of that over*

This definitely looks up my alley. 

Perhaps "justifieth" is more apt than "avengeth". in this instance.

I think your right...I was trying to be cute...guess I couldn't see the justifieth for the avengeth...(sorry - still trying to be funny)

The Star Wars adaptation sounds interesting too...I never heard of it before.

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