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Twi Offshoots... let's make a chart


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Hi Gang! Long time, no post... my son and I had an interesting discussion recently about ex-way offshoots, and by the end of it I was thinking that it would be interesting to see a timeline/ family tree/ chart type diagram of the different groups that have spun off from twi. Has anything like that been put together already? If not, what can you tell me about any groups you know were formed? -- leaders, main location, year it started, if  it is still active, and if any other groups spun off from it.  Thanks in advance!!

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1 hour ago, Raf said:

We can call it...

wait for it...

The ExWay Tree!


Yes !!!!!!!!


that made me think of the woeful tale of the family trees in the opening scene of the movie   Idiocracy   ...this  You Tube is cued up to when the course of things takes a really bad turn if you wanted to cut to the chase...but you might want to watch it from the very beginning for a good laugh session...This movie is in the top ten of my family's favorite movies...I think there's something metaphorical about the  1:51 mark - it's the part where Clevon Jr. is surrounded by cheerleaders says "yeah ! I'm gonna fvck all you all !" that's when the family tree really takes off...after all, that is what the original cult leader did to everyone isn't it.


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