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  1. Hi Gang! Long time, no post... my son and I had an interesting discussion recently about ex-way offshoots, and by the end of it I was thinking that it would be interesting to see a timeline/ family tree/ chart type diagram of the different groups that have spun off from twi. Has anything like that been put together already? If not, what can you tell me about any groups you know were formed? -- leaders, main location, year it started, if it is still active, and if any other groups spun off from it. Thanks in advance!!
  2. While there have been many discussions here about Bennie's wheat (wish I could score some of that these days!!) peanut-butter-bombs, brawn bars and fruit soup -- not to mention the frenzied trading that would take place after we all picked up our sack suppers each week, I don't remember anyone mentioning the brand name of the yogurt they used to give us... the one with the thin layer of thick, creamy yogurt on top and the layer of fruit on the bottom... and is it still available out there somewhere? Thanks for your help!
  3. Ditto what DogLover said... it is just a generic "public figure" page... I have no idea what people think they are "liking" there... especially since the Wikipedia page referencing ol' Loy has now been "deleted" by the WikiMods, lol...
  4. Well, for me personally, I don't refer to certain people by their given names because I don't wish to give them even that much respect; preferring to call them things like "lcm" "the mogess" "rosie-lies" and "vic"... As for all those other folks, that I may or may not have had interactions with -- that may or may not have been good interactions -- I feel like it isn't my place to just generally throw them under the bus with the top (sold-out, totally corrupted) leadership by typing out their full names, which WILL pull up on a google search. Yes, many of these folks did some horrible things during their time in way-world, but I've come to realize that many/most of these same people usually did some truly decent things as well. For every story of how they trashed one person, there are also stories of them really being there for someone in their time of need. That's just part of the weirdness of way-world. So I made the decision a long time ago to err on the side of grace and spare "everyone" below a certain rank of leadership, hoping against hope that at least some of them have found some genuine remorse and gone on to do something better with their lives.
  5. WG, I agree... and the only way/ex-way location that doesn't make me feel like that is Emporia... got to stroll those grounds a few years ago and they have done so much to change it and make good use of the space that all I felt was a twinge of nostalgia for the good times and not so much for the bad. (of course, I didn't really suffer there the way some folks did). Gunnison is the only location I haven't been back to but I've seen pictures posted by current wayfers and it makes me feel the way driving through HQ did... like it was all veneers and plastic smiles... sugar coating on a turd. Sorry if the pics are bringing back sad/bad memories folks... I just thought some would want to see them... (edited due to typo's)
  6. That is exactly how I felt, driving by... everything seemed so sad and plastic to me. (and yeah, the overcast day didn't exactly help the mood any)
  7. Well, I 'should' have turned around myself and drove back along the road the other way, taking pictures of the REALLY private side of WW road (you know, the one with the private drive through Way Woods up to the Presidential Chalet?)... I'm sure THAT would have sent a tingle up their spine!! (hahahahahahaha)
  8. If anyone is interested, I also did a drive-by of Rome City on the same trip.... yeah, I was on a roll... Unfortunately, it is now a closed and posted property so I couldn't get access to the front without actually trespassing, which I wasn't willing to do...
  9. They not only named it after him, they think they own it, even though the township and county have told them repeatedly it is a PUBLIC throughway!
  10. "Hell, I think everyone should taunt them at least once." ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!! ((me too)) Oh yeah, THAT's what that was about... of course!! How could I have missed it? (must have left my in-depth-spiritual-perception-and-awareness at home)
  11. Twinky, I saw a total of three people on the grounds... didn't recognize any of them. I passed one car going the other way, and did the "Way World Wave" (for those of you who have lived at HQ and know what that is) And I got from Shelby county road as far as the edge of the main campgrounds road when the first vehicle pulled out from behind the BRC/housing area and turned towards WW Road. I stopped at the fountain, and again at the billboard, and by then the second vehicle had pulled out from the BRC driveway, between my car and the first tailing vehicle. Here are the pics I took --- oooooh, scary.
  12. So, Old Skool, are you saying I shouldn't have taunted them that way, or you just can't believe they are still so paranoid?
  13. Just imagine what they would do if I actually parked on Hwy 29 and WALKED the length of WW Road, hahahahahahaha!!!!! Might give some of them a heart-attack... woman with a camera!! Woman with a camera!!!!!
  14. I had a reason to drive up near HQ recently and decided to drive the length of Weirwille road and take some pics. I never left the road. In fact, I never left my car. But I stopped every few yards to snap a photograph of what had become of the old place. Sure enough, by the time I reached Highway29 I had two vehicles following me. And just to see if it was coincidental or if they were actually "watching" me, I turned south and drove slowly away, as if I were just another local, and watched as the first vehicle turned the same direction as me, drove 1/4 of mile, then slowed and then did a u-turn back, while the second vehicle never pulled out at all. --- Some things just never change! Hahahahaha!
  15. I love that idea Linda... it would be a great use of the property!
  16. Paw... that is hilarious!!! (and sad) Poor things, it doesn't even occur to them that if they can learn more about their own group by reading an outside (anti-group) website, it's maybe time to get OUT!?!
  17. I took the class because I had always wanted to understand the Bible (and therefore God) better, but I found the churches I tried were inadeqate at best and hypocritical at worst. (and I tried a LOT of different churches) A close friend, who seemed to be on a similar quest, found twi and was so excited that I was easily drawn in... Silly us.. we thought we had found something that was neither inadequate nor hypocritical when we found The Way International... um.... yeah...
  18. Well-said Waysider!!! Exactly right.
  19. Paw, I am SO pleased to hear this!!! Tell the nay-sayers to take a hike!! The rest of us love Greasespot and know that it is still relevent and changing lives in a positive way! Whoo-Hoo!! Score one for the good-guys!! TheHighWay
  20. Excellent post, Catcup! Given all the circumstances I think you are making the right decision. A few years ago, when the TWI-ites started re-opening their doors to the likes of us outcasts, and acting all nicey-nicey like nothing every happened, I was informed that old HQ friends would love to hear from me... and I thought, "Oh really? Well, good then, they know exactly where I live and how to look me up if they are so excited to get back in touch." --- For many of the same reasons you mentioned, I chose not to be the one to instigate contact, but felt that if they were sincere they would reach out and contact me. --- They never have. And I'm neither surprised or saddened by that fact.
  21. TheHighWay

    my attempt

    So many screen-names... so much information... so many memories... you have definitely been an important part of my life. I love you all, and thank you all !!! TheHighWay
  22. TheHighWay

    Ham !!!!!!

    I just found out today (January 21) is National Squirrel Day, and the first person (person? squirrel?) I thought of was our own beloved Ham... who knew he had his very own day of recognition? Congratulations, buddy!! http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/January/squirrelappreciation.htm http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/21/squirrel-appreciation-day_n_159626.html
  23. Holy crap... of all the people in the world to try to sell his garbage to, he markets his new way-spin-spin-spinoff to the very group of people who rejected the original in the first place? What a dufus!! JAL, I thought you were a pompous blow-hard when I was on campus, and that was when I believed in this stuff... now I just think you are terribly pathetic.
  24. Awwww... that is such terrific news!!! What a great way to sign off with Greasespot: another GS match-up, lol... Congratulations, you two!!!
  25. Wow... I have stopped by the Cafe less and less over the past two years... just happened to drop by tonight and saw this... Like so many others I have mixed feelings... this place was critical to my recovery from twi since I only found WayDale when the lawsuit broke, and thank God Pawtucket took up the reins when the Allens departed!!! Once I was on solid ground, I stayed for a long, long time to help others who found this place and I hope I was able to help a few as they passed through, as others helped me when I was just figuring things out. So thankful for all of you!! TheHighWay
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