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  1. I had an Uncle, my Mother's brother, that was in the Infantry "anti-tank" corp that serverd under Patton's command. I remember my uncle saying Patton was tough as nails and a "very outspoken" commander. many times they would come into a town in Europe and see some of Pattons tanks waiting for fuel and supplies. With Veterans day comming, i remember my Uncle going through WW2 from him and family telling of him landing on Omaha beach head through the Battle of the Bulge and then home without getting hurt, except from what my mother said about my Uncle getting a few scratches from raiding a frenchmans wine cellar. :P As far as Way leaders when i was "in", 1974, were fair at the local level but...............on the higher lvl could be very deciving. (nothing new to people who worked with the ones at the top). Remember our american Veterans this VEteran's day 2012 by saying thanks to those who have served and are still serving. :beer:/> :dance:/> :beer:/>
  2. TWI and reaserch? yea............they do reasearch.............................but on "HOW" to flece the members out of more money, or anyone else they can for more money. seems to have worked so far on what little membership they have left.
  3. and have you noticed that the "Family Table" is now closed...........because of lack of activity for 3 years. LOL :P
  4. already using?????? haven't they been doing that for the last 15 to 20 years? and the mannequins would be smarter that Roseylie and her cronies. :lol: and a whole lot better maybe at running things.
  5. I agree with ya word wolf. bail = getting nailed but i bet they have had a BIG brainstorming session.......if there were any brains left..........thinking about how they could do it. lol
  6. Glad to hear the GSC isn't closing. haven't posted as much as i did when GSC opened, but still come around to check things out. <Wish to hear that a certian farm in Ohio would say "last one to leave please shut off the lights and lock the doors for good"> lol.
  7. I remember when Mr. Gahagan was running Dr. Vic (cough, cough, gag, gag) asked for any and all help from the belivers that could help.
  8. Think we can give Roseie and the BOD's a courtasy fold???? :thinking:
  9. I think dabobbada has a point. :) But with only 21 people "liking" him, it has to be people either in the ministry or people who doesn't know his background. Probably the former. I sat through some of the Craigsters rantings at the College of Emporia when it was still owend by the Way. I was never really impressed with his style. Too many people that could teach the word better and bet that knew more than him too. He even came to one of the sunday morning teachings at Emporia on his motorcycle. Had to be like the Vicster ya know. All i can say is that he was a big pompass A$$, either his way or the hyway.
  10. I was doing a random search for him on the net and 1 of the results was a facebook page. Don't know if it's legit or not as there is no picture up on the page, but it seems like 'ol Craggy has a Facebook page. Anyone know if it's real? A inquiring mind would like to know. Mine, lol. If so...........welcome to the computer age Craig.
  11. just a quick question, is that figureativly or literally? :blink: :blink: :blink: just a quick question, is that figureativly or literally? :blink: :blink: :blink:
  12. Hey, anyone got some change for my 3 dollar bills??? they wouldn't take them in Missiouri. :rolleyes:
  13. danteh1

    Was wondering

    Hey everyone. LOL, yea, I'm still around for those of you who remember me. been gone a long time from our favorite "Spot". The thing i was wondering about was if there was still a yearly BBQ? In Texas i belive it was. any ppl in the know can let me know.
  14. hey Paw. Hope you are doing good. take care.

  15. hey Paw. Hope you are doing good. take care.

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