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How are your holiday leftovers doing?

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I cooked a 5 lb rumproast in the crock pot (along with carrots, celery, onions and potatoes)...

I also had some "Augsburger Christkindlmarkt" gluhwein (it's a German redwine with spices that you serve heated). Along with the traditional "eggnog" (more nog than egg, if ya know what I mean icon_razz.gif:P-->)

Oh, and a small chocolate cake that I bought.

I am still eating (and drinking) the leftovers from what I had to eat on Christmas day.

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SRTS, leftovers ROCK!

The Wif' is doing her magic right now in the kitchen with some. We went simple, had a turkey breast, crock potted, with simple accessories like stuffing on the side. Put the turkey breast in in the morning, add a cup of white wine, bunch of cracked garlic cloves, and some spices. Let fill the house with good smells all day. Carve it up. Everything you want, nothing you don't. Plenty for raiding later. We're not huge eaters although we are black-belt snackers so this is a good solution. The kids had made a dent in them too. icon_smile.gif:)-->

baby's calling me home,

she keeps on callin' me home....

(boz scaggs)

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We had a Christmas breakfast. The princess ate all 6 sausage patties and one of the pancakes (COLD) on the way home Christmas evening!

We've still got plenty of cookies, egg nog, (about out of rum, hmmmm), chocolate covered pretzels, cinnamon raisin bread and this Portugese sweet bread.

I figure after 5 days anything left is the dog's. (Except of course the chocolate.)

B - Better

O - Off

W - Without

t - the

w - way

i - international

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I just accessed the fridge a dare again to assemble another evening of leftovers extraordinnere.

Oh mi god. There is this baggie i have discovered in the frezzor. A note with purple ink... "Really BIG TROUBLE if you eat these. icon_smile.gif:)-->" I kinda whistle one of those tunes, remove the baggie, open to reveal the contents, and lo and behold, one solid lb of exposed naked GA Pecans.

I look around with shifty eyes and stop the whistling. My wife is not home. The frezzer breath is chilling my chh chh cheeks. Just three of these and the baggie is returned. I think I am in REALLY BIG TROUBLE!!! Please pray for me that my wife does not know the difference between 1 pound and 3/4's of a pound. The baggie is right back in the same place.

whoops... uh hummm... I have mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stove top roasted garlic stuffing, French green beans, and honey roasted ham in the nuke to be topped with shredded NY sharp and dollops of sour cream and a few of them Corona's with lime... some of that German Chocolate Cake...& a little teleV and some ZZZZZZZ"S afterward.




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