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  1. Today
  2. Triple Movie Links Game

    Cheaper By The Dozen 2 Bonnie Hunt Return To Me
  3. Super Hero TV

    He was hinted at once before, but it was MUCH more subtle.
  4. Name that Flick

    "You'll be seeing a lot of changes around here. Papa's got a brand new bag." "No more drugs for that man." "OOEEEE, you're good lookin'! You're hot! It's like looking in a mirror, only not." "Troy?" "Now that is between us. OK?" "But you were, were, uh..." "In a coma? Nothing like having your face cut off to disturb your sleep! Read the newspaper lately?"
  5. Triple Movie Links Game

    Ok, Googling's permitted by now. Wow, amazing who's in this one. I'll take a hard turn, though. Tim Burton The Muppet Movie Steve Martin
  6. Who's the character who said that movie line?

    Ok, that was "Maleva the Gypsy", Maria Ouspenskaya's classic character. FREE POST.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Stop the Shootings

    Don’t Worry, great post and thanks for addressing the error; I’m reminded of the movie Multiplicity - a sci-fi comedy with Michael Keaton feeling overwhelmed in life volunteers to be cloned. Michael likes the advantages of having two of him to handle life - so he clones the clone - but with each cloning there is a degradation of quality in the latest edition of himself. but copying wierwille’s theology is not funny - because the “original “ is not benign . Using wierwille’s theology is more like a sci-fi / horror movie like Alien or Species - where an already insidious “lifeform” is experimented with or mutates.
  9. Hi Grease Spotters, I thought I'd pass this info from the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) along to you in case you or someone you know would want to attend this conference. High-Control Groups: Helping Former Members and Families Santa Fe, New Mexico - November 3-5, 2017 ICSA offers a whole lot of info to help people. I have spoken at two of their conferences, although I won't be going to this one. More such conferences are available throughout the year at different locations. Cheers, Penworks Online Information Online Registration ICSA will conduct a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico November 3-5, 2017. This conference will focus on the helping needs of former group members and families and will include a training track for mental health professionals. Conference sessions will emphasize discussion so participants can address issues pertinent to their individual concerns. The conference will take place at La Fonda on the Plaza, one of Santa Fe's finest hotels, located in the heart of the old city. Santa Fe has been chosen to give ICSA's western supporters an opportunity to attend a conference closer to home. It is also a lovely setting for those who come from other parts of the USA, Canada, and the world. Speakers include some of the cultic studies field's most experienced mental health professionals, as well as former members and family members who will share their experiences. More Information is available online: http://www.icsahome.com/events/conferencesantafe (links to hotel etc. on left). Attend this conference if you are interested in how psychologically manipulative and demanding groups can hurt people and what can be done to help those who are harmed. The agenda will address the needs of those seeking help and those who want to help others. Among the topics to be explored are What helps people leave cultic groups and relationships? Dealing with cult-related trauma Coping with triggers Building relationships and communicating with the cult involved After the cult: who am I Support groups Exit counseling and conflict resolution Spiritual issues in recovery What churches can do Cults and children Case discussions for mental health professionals Postcult sexuality Hypnosis Because Santa Fe is a “daytime” city, we have scheduled 2-hour lunch breaks so that attendees can enjoy walking around old Santa Fe, where there are numerous art galleries, museums, and quaint shops, as well as stunning Southwest architecture. The hotel will permit the special conference rate 3 days pre- and post-conference for those who wish to spend time touring Santa Fe and its environs. Call La Fonda’s Reservations Department at 800-523-5002, #1 or 505-982-5511, #1. Give group code 873870. Please call between the hours of (Mountain Standard Time): Monday – Friday: 7am-8pm; Saturday: 8am-5pm; Sunday: 9am-5pm. Or register online. Please tell others about this conference. We hope you join us! Online Registration (https://icsahome.givezooks.com/events/high-control-groups-helping-former-members-and-families)
  10. Thanks for posting this, Rocky!
  11. What does Jesus Christ have in common with the sun?

    rrobs: Okay, I agree with your point concerning "good vs evil". In this world, there ARE varying degrees of each. Even concerning the time of the flood, you mentioned "every thought" and "continually" as being strong words in describing the state of the world at the time. And that certainly didn't happen all at once, did it? It was actually a gradual decline, until "God couldn't stand it any longer"; and something finally had to be done. (Hence, the flood.) So of course, things weren't "exactly perfect" between the fall of man and the flood, were they? And even Noah wasn't "perfect" either. However, he was a far cry from the rest of the world; and that made all the difference, or we just wouldn't be here! It is written: "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord." (Gen 6:8). So in a sense, it might be said that Noah (and the other 7) were "saved by grace"...and I rather like that connection! Yes indeed, God inspired people to use words in their own vocabularies (including their idioms and customs, etc). So, we should endeavor to comprehend what's written in light of their understanding. (By the way, good example of "fearing God"!) But I like to also take that just a step further, and ask myself: "What was God himself trying to convey to us, even by all of that?" In answering, I like to compare what God said in one place and see how that agrees with what he says in other places. It's sort of like this: In a general sense, we can say that "God spoke the entire Word": 2Tim 3:16a "All scripture is God-breathed..." [lit: "out of the mouth of God"]. BUT! There are also places where God himself is speaking; and I believe these "direct quotes" should carry more weight than "what others were inspired to say upon his behalf" --- merely "as though" God himself was speaking. (ie: And God said: "xxx". I hope that's clear.) Also is the notion of the order of the words used. In a general sense, we might consider Scripture as being "in perfect order", because (as we perceive) it all fits together without contradiction. However, there are places where God takes the time to actually number things in order. And I tend to put more weight upon those special orderings than the rest, which is already in order to begin with (ie: first day, second day...seventh day). Question: Do these "two conventions" (putting extra emphasis on direct quotes by God himself and things numbered in order) sound valid to you? (If so, then we might put those to use.)
  12. Dishing it out

    That would bring on more people.
  13. People here might be interested in the following, from the local church newsletter this week: The October SPCK [Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge] Book of the Month: "Reformation Myths" by Rodney Stark. 31 October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church. Reformation Myths: Five centuries of misconceptions and (some) misfortunes is an entertaining and enlightening exposé of over-inflated claims about the Reformation and what it has done for us. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reformation-Myths-Centuries-Misconceptions-Misfortunes/dp/0281078270/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508543962&sr=1-1&keywords=reformation+myths I haven't read it yet but it might be a good read.
  14. Last week
  15. Stop the Shootings

    It's kind of a stretch to suggest that a MOOC on Global (anything, let alone...) Diplomacy relates at all to a discussion on an obscure cult escapees' forum about the role of the Bible in societal mental health. Btw, "Unless you are satisfied being a raving maniac..." does boil down to name calling.
  16. What does Jesus Christ have in common with the sun?

    The light was good, it functioned in that it made the rest possible. It was useful. It worked correctly. That's why God called it good. We think in terms of morality when we hear good and evil. Morality has nothing to do with the material universe. Remember, whoever wrote the words as they were moved by God could only use those that he understood. It is important to understand what they meant by good and evil. The Bible is written on there terms, not ours. Otherwise I'd try to hide from God because I am supposed to "fear" him. This world is not completely non-functional. True enough. We are the lights of the world and so there is always some good (tov) to stop the whole thing from melting into oblivion because of the evil (ra). There is the verse in Genesis that says every thought of man was continually evil (ra). "Every thought" and "continually" are pretty strong words in that context. Noah was the only thing going for God. I would say the world at present is non-functional, at least as compared to the world to come which will be totally functional, the opposite of the world right before the flood of Noah. God does talk about the heavens and earth which are now as opposed as those to come. The former has some non-functionality in it, enough to some day blow it to smithereens. The latter will be pure good. I don't think our minds can grasp anything that is pure, but we will when the time comes. In that sense I guess, like you said, God is in control and has a plan which is perfect and right on target. Actually I don't "guess" that. I know it! I got the Celestron used for about $600 about 20 years ago. It was used in name only as it hadn't been out of the box, so a killer deal to be sure.
  17. Jordan B Peterson

    Biblical series that's downright fascinating
  18. Stop the Shootings

    Unless you are satisfied being a raving maniac, you might consider this
  19. Stop the Shootings

    OK. Here we go: 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1........=1 Mystifying is a good word for it.
  20. Stop the Shootings

    Every system is still composed of dualities. The committee can only think of "this" or "that" when making decisions. The universe was (became, whatever) without form and void. Effectively there was nothing for a mind like ours to grasp onto. Then God made light and darkness. From there the rest came. In Taoism (as cosmology, not philosophy or religion) the state before the material universe was called tao. It also formless, therefore effectively there was nothing to see, hear, smell, etc. It was without form and void. Then the tao "moved" and yin and yang separated. The one became two. It then says that the two became three and the three became 10,000 things which was an idiom meaning infinity. So man registers the yin and the yang and makes some conclusion about the myriad things that compose our "reality." White is yang, black is yin. My mind registers the amount of yang/white and yin/black and then it can see the sky (light, yang) as a separate thing as the ground (black, yin). But if there was no white then there would be no black. Your mind could not make a determination in that case as to where the sky started and where the earth started. In other words, there would be no horizon to see. That is what taoism says about our reality. I'm not asking you to believe this. I'm not even saying I believe it, but there are some interesting parallels there with the Bible. Both Eastern thought, so maybe no surprise.
  21. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    OK, watched another episode last night. Saw so many parallels: L Ron Hubbard = VPW (both creepy old guys) David Miscavige (the successor) = LCM (the successor) Sea Org = Way Corps Clear the Planet = Word Over the World "We are Special, the only ones who can save the world." = "We alone know the true rightly divided word." Billion Year Contract = Way Corps unbreakable lifetime commitment (doulos/dog soldier) Declared / Disconnected = Mark and Avoid Being responsible for what happens to you = Believing equals receiving, Spiritual Responsibility for others, What you fear will happen Suppressive act = Being negative, not being likeminded, being out of fellowship, not "blessing" others Psychiatric help is forbidden = no need for psychiatric treatment since it's your fault for not renewing your mind
  22. What does Jesus Christ have in common with the sun?

    rrobs: You said: "Still, I understand that you are just saying that reading about it [science, as in ants or the moth eye] increases appreciation for the things of God..." And that's precisely my point. If (in some little way) I can relate Scripture with (true) science, then my awe of God increases. And as a result, there's a "little more reverence" behind my daily devotions to him. I see you have an 8" Celestron. Impressive! (I bet it's worth $2k or so.) And no doubt, having read Bullinger's book Witness of the Stars has enhanced your appreciation for God's magnificence and splendor. Now, answering to your reply (but not "in order"): You said: "Adam of course started a whole chain of actions that were non-functional and didn't work the way God intended." Not to pick, but there's a slight flaw in that logic, because everything truly does function according to God's design! Granted though, it's a fact that events don't exactly flow according to his best wishes. However: Despite that (within God's original, perfect design) he had already made provision for "these deviations at times" in what I consider as his contingency plan --- so that his "primary will" basically continues onward (precisely as planned), despite the "slight interruptions along the way". Case in point: Certainly, God didn't intend Lucifer to "mess up the earth" by starting the war in heaven. However, God had already planned for such an event, and dealt with it accordingly. (Basically, he "restored the earth", etc...and "the whole story" continues with the record of Adam in Eden.) Another "interruption" (as it were) was the Great Flood of Noah's time, which was not God's original intent. Yet again, God had that all thought out ahead of time; and the story continues developing as we read further. SO: Ultimately, God's original intent prevails, despite the slight delays at times. Consider this one verse: Is 45:7 "I [God] form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things." Interesting, huh? Yet God himself is not evil, but "good always"; and he certainly understands how to "fight fire with fire". Enough on that for now. You asked me, Have you ever looked at the words "good" and "evil"? Despite how the ancient Hebrews may have viewed good and evil (according to "tov" and "ra", as you elaborated on) I prefer to view both of these terms in the ultimate sense --- just as though they're equivalent to light and darkness. And this is simply because of Gen 1:4a "And God saw the light, that it was good...". In closing, I reiterate your having said: "I hope that clears a few things up." And finally (for what it's worth) --- Thanks for calling my stuff great. Humbly, it's simply the best I think to know thus far.
  23. Stop the Shootings

    total lol ASSENT Thank you for clarifying. Make a lot more sense. More ego inflating.
  24. Super Hero TV

    I hope your "sabbatical" isn't too long. Even bridge need four players. Interesting turn on Arrow this week. Knowing that WW is probably behind, I won't spoil it. Just to hint that a DC character whom you wouldn't probably expect in the "Arrowverse" gets a rather solid mention. George
  25. Stop the Shootings

    Do the math Beyond Mystifying indeed
  26. Stop the Shootings

    If one is going to plagiarize the plagiarizer, then that one ought to at least have the "alacrity of mind" to do so accurately, or, at the very least, correctly. Along with the inordinate number of baseless wierwillean platitudes, and the complete lack of any evidence, scriptural or otherwise, some post their regurgitated Wierwille-ized unbiblical disinformation as if it as true as Einstein's General Theory of Relativity! Then, when completely incredulous and demonstrably ignorant statements regarding "chemical imbalances" and treating them with man-made chemicals are proffered as if they carry even a featherweight of educated relevance, the complete imbecility of these unprovable, platitudinal, OPINIONS becomes horrifically blatant. The dictor paul term "mental ASSENT" has been erroneously quoted or referenced as "mental consent". Sorry.....but it's just as much mental masturbatory BS as the original term dictor paul invented. What is demonstrated to me by such mindless, reflexive "intellectual" crutches, used habitually without critical thought to "prove" non-existent "biblical principles", exhibits a complete intellectual laziness accompanied by a total lack of critical review and objective counterpoint. You can take the vegetable out of the cult, but you can't take the cult out of the vegetable. LOL! My recommendation to the intellectually challenged wierwille apologists, is to first, get an identity other than the one dic manufactured for you in TWIt. And, secondly, stop choosing to stay stuck on stupid for the rest of your life. It is insulting to any ex-Wayfer to be lectured by any other ex-wayfers on how much we need to continue to delude ourselves and others with the ridiculously outdated and disproven "teachings and research" of dictor paul. He was a deranged, perverted, malignant, paranoid narcissist. Get over those FACTS, accept them, and then you may begin to uncork your cranium from dic's rectum. TTFN.
  27. What does Jesus Christ have in common with the sun?

    rrobs: First, a general note on how you and & communicate: Overall, I think it's going well. Obviously, (after all) you're in agreement that (true) science is in line with Scripture. However, you hadn't made that quite clear by the way you've been wording some things. (And that's okay; as I said earlier, I try to be patient.) You might have noticed how "I'm not so quick to judge", as when I said "...it seems you're still fighting the notion...". This method was rather ingrained into my thinking while I was an air traffic controller. (And since you were a pilot, you can relate.) We said things like "Agar 27, you're wheels appear up." And that wording "protects" the controller in the event he's actually mistaken. Nevertheless, I see we're (basically) "on the same page" concerning the relationship between "science and Scripture". (Whew!) Second, I like the way you "quote" my entire post at times and then (in between, in red) insert your reply. This method helps a lot, because it rather "streamlines" the dialogue. I might try that too. (Thanks!) I'll continue "our discussion" HERE in a future post. (I'll be "back in a few"...)
  28. Stop the Shootings

    Something like hunger. The drive to seek food. One of the multitude of processes that drive our thinking, it's there from the beginning. Not "put" there. Any number of systems can compete for "dominance" at any moment. It's why the mind can be thought of as a committee. Intuition being "decision" of the committee. (no just contrast machines) In twi the renewed mind was a way of replacing thoughts with someone else's. To come to conclusions based on those thoughts. I would not agree the Bible's reference to the renewed mind and what was done in twi was the same.
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