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  2. Movie Mash-Up

    Ok, next movie. Some actors: Peter Diamond James Cosmo Jon Polito Sheila Gish Alan North Clancy Brown Roxanne Hart Some characters: Brenda Wyatt Lt. Frank Moran Det. Walter Bedsoe Iman Fasil "Russell Edwin Nash"
  3. TV Show Mash-Up

    Ok, this is a round of short-lived "historical" shows, name any to take the round. A) This show was meant as a comedy, but actually made a lot of sense in terms of the story. This series showed a main character "passing the torch" to his successor/offspring, which was always part of the narrative when it was meant as serious stories. It lasted 5 episodes. It took place in California, and introduced a new character named Carlos. The title references 2 characters- one is a famous, established character and the other was invented for the series, AFAIK. B) This show also took place in California. The theme-song was sung by Jose Feliciano. It lasted for 8 episodes despite 22 episodes having been filmed and completed. A DVD version was later released in France under the title "Sous Le Signe de L'Épée." The main character/title character was female. A supporting character is a gypsy who reads Tarot cards a lot-and ends up naming the title character and thus the show. Tessie Santiago probably owes winning the role to dyeing her hair black before her first audition to conform to Hollywood stereotypes. C) This show took place in France. It lasted 13 episodes. One of the main characters was the son of a famous character in literature, the others were all new. The cast included Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Ironside, and Sheena Easton. Karen Cliche was in the principal cast-and played one of the title characters. Their job title is instantly recognizable. However, as always, it's a misnomer. None of them are sharpshooters-they use a different type of weapon. One twist is that Karen Cliche's character is impersonating someone else, for a VERY obvious reason to an even casual viewer.As with the other shows, this is not focused on the old guard, but the sharp cookies that replaced them. D) This show spun off another show. It took place in modern times. The original idea was to introduce 5 different new characters into the parent shows, and spin off one of them, or all of them, into a new series. That idea failed, so they spun off a recurring character as the title character (singular.) With 2 main characters played by actors who disliked each other, any possible chemistry between their characters was doomed to fail. Add to that the lead actress' manager was a stalker AND she became convinced the CIA and President Clinton were after her. (OK, he wasn't, but at least she had a reason to think the sitting President MIGHT have had someone looking into her specifically.) The show was written-neither like the original show it spun off from nor the movie from which THAT was spun off- but began as another cop show, and had bad ratings that an interesting cliffhanger was unable to rescue- leaving the end of the series a big question mark for both of the main characters. Oddly enough, she never appeared again, although the character COULD have returned with some of the others. We never heard what became of him. The opening narration: " She is... immortal. A thousand years old, and she cannot die. A creature of legend, like the Raven. A thief, who stole the Sun and the Moon. They sent a warrior to bring her back. He found her. Together they brought back light to the world. I was a cop. To me she was just a thief. Another day on the job. But she wasn't. She changed my life, changed... everything. And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same." The final lines of the final episode: "Once, everything was clear. Good guys, bad guys. Life and death. Then you meet someone, someone you want to love, then it all changes. Death brings life, life brings death. What room is there for love, when there can be only one? "
  4. Ok, clearing this round. This stealth round was "Gone Baby Gone", and merged the movie "Gone Baby Gone" with a movie and a TV show, both named "Gone." (One merge for each "Gone" in the movie's title.) Anyone can post the next round.
  5. Chain-smoker and chronic alcoholic, and I'm supposed to believe what killed him was a handful of studio lights a few decades before his death that he was exposed to for about 2 weeks. Actors of every age have been exposed to brighter, and there's no chronic warning that studio lights or stage lights will kill, but it singled out someone with 2 weeks of exposure. Forgive me if I consider that just another in a long list of his lies.
  6. Just another group of so-called leaders trying to "run the clock." The crowd of twi'ers and ex-twi'ers is smaller every year as they age out and aren't replaced, so they're trying to get some of that sweet cash until they or the parishoners die, whichever comes first.
  7. Triple Movie Links Game

    Hot Shots Part Deux Rowan Atkinson Love Actually
  8. I think Weyoun was Jeffrey Coombs, and Mrs Wolf agreed (she wanted to check but obviously I stopped her. Besides, she knew I could have looked it up faster than asking her, so she probably guessed it was for one of these games.)
  9. The story about clearing the Ohio stateline by sunrise reminds me of how I used to think leadership was so tapped in to God... His representatives on Earth. All knowing... They couldn't find their own butts in the dark with both hands and a flashlight. I remember two specific moments when I suddenly realized the leaders of TWI were not connected to God directly through revelation or otherwise - and therefore didn't have any control or say over my life... 1. Working at HQ and being required to be at every Sunday Service. My fiancee (still my husband) convinced me we needed a break from the constant work and wedding planning - we didn't go to the service. We left campus and went to some neighboring town for the day. And no one noticed. I had become convinced my department coordinator would be waiting for me ready to kick me off campus because God had told him of my broken fellowship. Nope. No one had a clue. And we had a lot more Sundays off after that. 2. Went to a casino with my in-laws and played slot machines. I was sure i would get a call from my fellowship coordinator. Once again, nothing.. Because these imbeciles never had power over me, except to destroy relationships that were based on lies to begin with. So glad I am free. Just got back from the casino with my in-laws. It's been 10 years since we left. I'm still not a grease spot.
  10. As they saying these days goes... "stay in your lane." Yeah, I got your meaning immediately. I always appreciate your insight.
  11. Yeah, Rocky.......ole wierwille would have never lived three more decades, but I was jousting the R&R guy on his hypocritical wierwille-adulation. Keeping on the railroad tracks of wierwille............Moynihans, Forts, Horneys, and others want to keep the locomotive churning down those tracks. They can't abandon wierwille or else they lose the indoctrinated-followers that are institutionalized to the cult lifestyle and nostalgia. Warts, sexual predator and all.......they can't stop riding on his coattails. Else, they'd have to look in the mirror and SEE WHAT UTTER FAILURES THEY'VE BECOME. It's just easier to keep living the dream......façade. And, starting a non-profit organization.......gives them a lane to run in during "retirement."
  12. Yesterday
  13. Of course, that hypothetical is... well, I think of his self-destructive behavior and laugh at the notion he could have lived another three plus decades.
  14. They think.......they are entitled. They deem......"to serve the Word" while others serve tables. They are..........unrepentant of their sins and destruction of others. They will..........bear the same fruit of the mother-cult tree.
  15. Wow, there's just nothing like comforting (coming alongside) the bereaved, is there? Just who the f--- did these people think they were? Yeah, who did they think they were? Get outta the state. Get outta the planet. The really crazy thing is, Wayfers felt compelled to OBEY such ludicrous commands.
  16. Hey, Moynihan............... If wierwille had lived longer........maybe we would have seen him led away in handcuffs (like Harvey Weinstein).
  17. Exactly. Everything this new splinter group [ R&R ] is doing..........is THE SAME THING all the others have done. Need to "get back to the Word that wierwille taught us".................(ugh). SAME centralization of power and leverage over the peons. SAME teachings from plagiarized sources and claiming elite status. SAME arrogance and smugness over others. SAME dog-n-pony manifestations.......counterfeit silliness. Are people that gullible to STILL fall for another offshoot?
  18. Reminds me of the time someone got kicked out of FellowLaborers in the middle of the night and commanded to clear the Ohio border by sunrise. Who did these people think they were? ...Don't answer that.
  19. Skyrider, enough can’t be said for the truly good leaders like yourself ... ...Plenty has been said about the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - - I mean the Revival and Restoration of the Turd Reich.
  20. And there are those who still think these folks are going to change. Thanks for this post skyrider.
  21. Peggy, a dear friend and fellowship coordinator in Stillwater, OK for Rod and Jo Mart!ndale, passed away suddenly of heart complications in early September of 1997. At the time, I was the limb coordinator of Oklahoma and was jolted by this news. Death, and the sting of it, is most always inconvenient and ushers in a plethora of rapid decisions. On one level.......there was the ministry side of things. Peggy had specifically come to Oklahoma in 1994 from Wisconsin at the request of her region coordinator. She was told that her loving support and abilities were needed in Stillwater to help the Martindales. That was Peggy......the heart of serving others. But on another level.......there was her family, her brother. Peggy's parents were both deceased, but there was a brother in Florida. Problem was: according to twi, this brother was blacklisted with that dastardly label.......mark and avoid. So, since Peggy had been the twig coordinator for Rod and Jo, it didn't take but a few hours for this news to reach Craig Martindale. And then, subsequently.....the brother in Florida phones Bob Moynihan about this funeral. Whereupon Bob, the Florida Limb guy calls me and informs me that this brother SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to attend his sister's funeral. Well, I disagreed. Here And, now.............some 20 years later, I'm sure damn glad he did. I would NOT want it laid "at my doorstep" that I would not permit a bereaved brother to attend his sister's funeral. In my mind, it gave him great comfort and healing to be there for her, his sister. RIP, Peggy. And, Bob..............now, some 20 years later, YOU are mark and avoid. Thankful, that I didn't heed your "counsel" back then. What's up with that pathetic command, Bob? You guys and your "lockstep loyalty" to serve wierwille/twi? You might want to RE-think that and lots of other things.
  22. Revival and Restoration

    OS, perhaps they don't see, because they choose not too.
  23. Revival and Restoration

    As i understand, the leadership of rnr consider the current state of affairs in twi (led by rosie n donna) wrong on many levels, but the "package" put together by wierwolf is solid. The leadership of rnr lack a central focus, and are figuring out how to move onwards from twi. Many of them didnt expect to get marked and avoided and are scrambling. They basically follow the same model as twi, they even do phone hookups. It seems to me that they are trying to pick up the pieces but dont understand how deeply the damage of an abusive cult has affected them. If you dont recognize the problem you cant fix it. They dont see the problems in wierwille theology, they dont see that selling classes isnt working or that perhaps webex is better than a live telephone hookup.
  24. Triple Movie Links Game

    Kathleen Turner Body Heat Richard Crenna George
  25. Name that Actor/Actress (or Role)

    Brunt Kevin Burkhoff Weyoun Vic Sage Penk (Commander) Shran George
  26. Name that Tune

    It's not Simple Twist of Fate or Tangled Up in Blue or even Shelter From the Storm but it's a song from ~Bob Dylan~ on the same album as those songs. Blood on The Tracks. 1976. I didn't expect anyone would get it. I was more expecting a guess I guess at the artist. Dylan's 76 birthday was May 24 and in honor of that day I have posted the video to Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. I love these ballets because his songs have more than just lyrics. Dylan puts characters in the song and brings them to life in the story. I can see Lily, Rosemary, the hanging Judge just sitting around the Cabaret waiting for the dealer to deliver the next card.
  27. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Awesome Charlene!!
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