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  2. This futuristic movie, released in 1984, refers to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Beijing was, of course, the site of the 2008 Summer Games, but this wasn't decided until 2001. (Better than "Back to the Future"s prediction of a Cubs World Championship in 2015!) Not all of the predictions were as accurate, though, as references to PanAm, the Soviet Union, and even the Astrodome (as a site for baseball) were long gone by the time depicted in the movie. George
  3. No. Just vague memories of the selection board. Like seeing it in a dream. George
  4. Elliot Marston Sinclair Bryant Lukas Hart III
  5. For the curious, Ron Moody (AG/BK) played Fagin, both on stage and in the movie. In the book, Fagin ends up on the gallows as a result of the half-brother's involvement (and his complicity in trying to kill Oliver.) The heavy snow scene was the "Boy For Sale" scene, when Mr Bumble was slogging through snow, trying to sell Oliver. Oliver Reed played Bill Sykes, Fagin's former street urchin accomplice, now an adult burglar and eventually murderer. And Fagin owned an owl.
  6. It was, indeed, "Oliver!"
  7. Do you remember what they were trying to accomplish?
  8. As Headmaster, Dumbledore no longer taught classes. He also sounded really mellow, and this quote definitely does not. It's prominent in both the movie and the book.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I have read a book about Wierwille's type of rhetoric that, if you want to really enlighten people about Wierwille, you could recommend: Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism by Michelle Goldberg. 2007. Recently someone mentioned it on my blog post series, Fundamentalist Fridays. From Goldberg's book, we can learn a lot about Wierwille's teachings which still influence today's version of The Way: Pg. 53, "It [the Christian Nationalist movement that conflates Christianity with patriotism] was happening in the churches, especially megachurches, temples of religious nationalism where millions of Americans gather every week for exultant sermons that mingle evangelical Christianity, self-help, and right-wing politics. ..." Wierwille did the same thing. Mingled those three ingredients. I offer this information just In case you don't realize what you would be recommending to others ...
  11. Oh Gee's Deniro? How shall I choose? Let's do this: Men of Honor Charlese Theron Prometheus
  12. After the fact I'll post "Silence of the Lambs"? Actually I'm not sure? Filmed in the July? Silence was filmed in the winter. Colder than Hannibal's respiration when he ate "a Censes taker's liver and topped it off with some fava beans and a nice Chianti"!
  13. My replies seem to be appearing out of order (before the post I'm replying to). Some general server problem, perhaps? George
  14. I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter films, though I suspect that this is from one of them. Dumbledore? George
  15. "Oliver!" (?) George
  16. I know I've seen it (the American version). Just can't think of the title. George
  17. Owen Wilson Meet the Parents Robert Deniro George
  18. I doubt that anyone from the cast of Young Frankenstein got any sleep after debuting. The 1970's. Do you remember anything? I don't! Haven't seen Teri Garr in anything since 2007? Gene Hackman is retired! I sure miss him! You're up Wolf. Madeline Kahn's career ended tragically! Peter Boyl is no longer with us. He was so funny on "Everybody Loves Raymond", I think he was the mold that held that group together. How's your Friday going? Ray Ramono is kind'a working. HBO. But Patricia Heaton is still active. I like her show "The Middle"! Of all things to go away why does it have to be the smiley emojie? Anyway, why am I posting? WW is up. Well, that's interesting! My entire post just disappeared! Two days ago my password was strong but today it was only fair. What gives? Anything else? Strange times were living in!
  19. "There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class. As such, I don't expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion-making. However, for those select few..Who possess, the predisposition... I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death."
  20. Although this film was neither the first film nor the last film to adapt the book it came from, it is probably the best-remembered of the 3. One famous role in it was performed by Ron Moody- the same role was performed by Sir Alec Guinness and Ben Kingsley in the other live film adaptations. This version was the adaptation of a stage production, unlike the others. It did, however, add scenes from the book that were not in the stage production- the courtroom scene, an attempted break-in of a house, and a rooftop chase scene. Fans of the book might wonder where the titular character's half-brother is. His involvement makes the story a lot darker, and he's directly responsible for a number of deaths in the final scenes of the book, including of a character who gets to walk away uninjured in the film. BTW, the scene with the heavy snow was filmed in July. All the snow was fake. One improvised exchange made it into the movie. "Do you love me?" "Of course I do-I live with you, don't I?" Oliver Reed heard an exchange in the street in a bad neighborhood. A cleaned-up version of the actual exchange was what was added by the actors. Oliver Reed scared the kids he worked with-because he stayed in character on the set and gave them the creeps. The owl on set kept distracting the actors and workers-it kept spinning its head when the director yelled "Action!" This film won the Best Picture Oscar.
  21. Here's something a little different, but hopefully, not impossible. This short-lived game-show of the last decade had a US and a UK version. In both, a contestant had to answer trivia questions, but could pick them (their order) from a list of categories they needed to exhaust to continue (usually 5 per category, a late season of one version changed that to 3 per category, but the entire board needed to be emptied to continue.) There was always a challenger waiting to take their place if they were eliminated. If they missed 2 questions in a row, the challenger got to pick the category of the next question. Any contestant who missed 3 questions in a row was eliminated, the challenger became the contestant, and a new challenger was brought in. The title of both shows was a misnomer, because at no time did they actually complete the task referenced in the title.
  22. Ok, since Googling is allowed.... Death Becomes Her Carol Ann Susi Fabio Zoolander
  23. Those are fair to use in this game of course. I don't feel the film-makers are being that fair to us when it happens- or when a character only has a job description or something. I doubt that this would cause them to lose any sleep.
  24. There's TACT and there's TRUTH. They don't ALWAYS get along. In this HYPOTHETICAL case presented to illustrate the point, the outsider was more concerned about truth than tact. That may or may not be wise for him in the practical sense of "will the townsfolk ignore his point despite it being correct" or "will the townsfolk turn hostile in response."
  25. Last week
  26. So this outsider comes and attacks a community's identity and tells them the burden of proof is on them. I can see the pitch forks . . . "here's your proof"
  27. The only Inga I've known was a transfer student from my high school daze. But I still remember her. Yes TERI GARR is right. I found no less than 18 other times (not including tv) where she played a character using only the first name on IMDB. Teri Garr  IMDB It's your turn WordWolf.
  28. It's only fair to post a single name if the character HAS no last name. The only Inga I know was played by TERI GARR in "Young Frankenstein." Is this Teri Garr?
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