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  2. March for their lives

    My very best thoughts and prayers go out with the thousands and millions of young people and their allies (and parents) marching later today. It's not about making people feel good. To the contrary, it's about making state and federal lawmakers uncomfortable awoke. They WILL persist until they succeed. Ultimately school safety is going to win out. I stand with them in Arizona and throughout the country. Fu*k the NRA. Our kids deserve to go to school confident they will stay safe.
  3. I WAS DEAD...

    Oh no! I always liked reading his posts and his thoughtful work. So sad that he has gone and nobody knew.
  4. I WAS DEAD...

    A humble, gentle, and thoughtful soul. He suffered much in this life. Sad news indeed. Anyone know if he had/has family?
  5. Today
  6. I WAS DEAD...

    I miss him too. I only knew him from GSC and appreciated his insight.
  7. I WAS DEAD...

    Though I only knew him from GSC, he seemed to me to be such a gentle soul.
  8. I WAS DEAD...

    *checks* I could have sworn I'd pm'ed with him since then, but I obviously did not. He was a nice guy whom I disagreed with and liked disagreeing with him when we disagreed. He will be missed.
  9. I WAS DEAD...

    Nothing would fill me with greater pleasure than to learn that this is a case of mistaken identity, but I have no reason to believe that to be the case. The first picture was taken from Steve's Facebook page (you can reach it by clicking where it says "like" at the end of the opening post on this thread). The second picture is from an obituary. Looks like the same guy to me. Disclaimer on the off chance I'm wrong: I SO would look forward to that. I don't mean this as a criticism, but it seems we took Steve for granted and just kept assuming he would be back with some long, complicated story about how he discovered the meaning of life while researching the secret history of pack mules in the book of Jonah or something. Because he could. And you knew it would be compelling if he did. So we kept going. I think we just assumed he'd be back. My last words to him turned out to be "Wrong! Prove it!" Which I'd like to think made him smile. What sucks is that we didn't know when he had left us, and I wonder if that's what he would have wanted. Stephen Lee Lortz passed away April 23, 2017. No joke, there were times he drove me bats. But never have I seen someone conduct himself with such integrity: even when we sparred, it was because each of us expected better of the other. I hear his dad was a journalist. I will miss his wisdom and open heart. Doctrinal will never be the same.
  10. John Lynn sick - pt 2

    Modcat5, great post! However, I know a bit about Cancer, first hand. I wish Cancer didn't exsist, but unfortunately it does. For anyone undergoing Cancer, it can be a unpleasant, sometimes terrifying ordeal, with nasty side effects. I strongly encourage people diagnosed with it, to get competent medical help. I did, and 14 years later, I am still alive. Praise God, and the angels at the DCVAMC, who helped me through my ordeal.
  11. Best wishes, Mr. Lynn. I hope your trust in holistic medicine is not misplaced. May your struggle be brief and your life long.
  12. Plagiarism on the road to success

    This is Mike. I hope he doesn't take offense. If he's honest, he'd embrace it. Of course, Mike is still welcome here.
  13. What we don't know

    The internet is the enemy of twi and those like twi. Grateful for GSC. That’s for sure.
  14. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Thanks for the compliments, So_crates (and Mike, too!). The truth is: You don't always NEED what I call "extra revelation" (via the spirit) when the Word itself is revelation already (yet, in written form). While it's true that revelation (from above) will "never flow at cross-purposes" to Scripture, it still carries the same "flavor of truth" --- even at times when it seems to contradict the written Word itself. Nevertheless, we should trust in what the Scripture says as written, for God (who authored it) will never contradict that! And this is especially true concerning the "heart" behind his exact wording, which is why I said it's important to use "written revelation" when it's available, rather than trying to go to "an empty cookie jar" --- if ya know what I mean! And YES, So_crates! VP (according to my "expert calculation", if I may so boldly assert) was not (in God's eyes) the leader he claimed himself to be. Although he had "many things right", he must have realized there was much more to learn! But the problem is, that he never seemed to trust anyone else to correct his thinking (as merely appeared was his MO in PFAL). He was not as humble as he pretended to be! Although he did allude that he wanted us all to build on the Word he proclaimed after his departure, I doubt very much that would have included dismantling many things which were off the mark in PFAL itself! Even today, TWI is STAUNCH on maintaining VP'S ORIGINAL PFAL! They will not budge an inch...even if one were to "prove it to them" via simple scripture, also using the same "research principles" --- which (by the way) are commonly known worldwide. To them, none of VP's writings may be tampered with, for they are absolute truth! As for you, Mike: I still have a bit of patience left concerning you. We just don't know each other that well yet. (And if it's any consolation to you, please accept my apology for "poking fun at you", which I'm sure you noticed in other posts.) Spec
  15. What we don't know

    Was idly thinking this evening about the internet, perhaps triggered by the disclosures about Facebook. Had the internet been around when many posters here became enmeshed with TWI - they would have checked it out first. Had the net been widely available when I got enmeshed - again, I'd've checked it out first. Today's potential victims, likely mostly young people, have great opportunity to check TWI out first. Maybe they went along to a couple of fellowships with their mates, but decided to check out the organization before they got more involved. Well, well! When I was (in my ignorance) planning to crawl back to TWI, I googled them and the first site up was - GreaseSpot Cafe! And so it still may be, for random people googling TWI, depending on how they phrase their enquiry. BUT, at least with Google, there's lots of other potential or similar sites listed, both after the main site and at the bottom of the first page. TWI's own boring, very static, site appears high in the list - closely followed by a few anti-TWI sites. We who have been here for a long time know how much GSC has helped us, and most of us remain so that we can help others too. What we can't know is how many people have encountered GSC, had a quick look, and zoomed off the other way. They've never been "helped" by having to de-tox here, because they never got "toxed" in the first place. Good for them, I say!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Just for the record - I’ve mentioned this before - the definition for “hard hitting” as often associated with tough journalists who do their job - is uncompromisingly direct and honest, especially in revealing unpalatable facts...so forgive me if I don’t consider your dodging and relentless promotion of a charlatan like wierwille as “hard hitting”...and honestly in my humble opinion that’s about as hard hitting as a wet noodle Especially when you often display a flair for distorting facts or simply re-imagining an “alternate truth or facts, or history” - revisionist style ! . and I find this odd too - when you said - “I've been at this a very long time, I was lucky to get a LOT of facts that none knew here, and I was sheltered from a lot of the BS of the Corps.” I tend to think the stories, incidents, facts as told by former corps, staff, WOWs, etc on Grease Spot are truly hard hitting - they reveal the dark underbelly of the charlatan ! so I’m not sure if that is the BS you’re talking about?
  18. Cults: The Art of Deception

    I don't think it was only the "displaced" youth that were attracted to it, or a part of fueling its growth. Granted, it was, in many respects, what the older generations of conservatism (and status quo) here in this country might deem to be rebellious... against capitalism, materialism, and the war. (that may not be all inclusive, but you get the drift.) Times, they were a cha___n__gin'. The future was terribly uncertain, and part of that meant... looking for a better way. We lacked answers. The denominational churches at the time were (by and large) dying. Cults were on the rise. How many of us were searching? Well, easier to ask... which of us weren't? So many things and events (Woodstock, for example) were anomalies. And (for the record), VPW himself said that he was a product of the times. Whatever that meant (or allowed), y'all can figure out or debate. Consider how many were searching for answers... which for some undoubtedly meant, hungering for truth... and ask yourself, Would God allow an entire generation (the baby boomers) die of starvation? Well, people typically don't die of starvation; they die of malnutrition.
  19. Cults: The Art of Deception

    it's backwards, but the intended meaning is clear enough. And which of us hasn't had those thoughts from time to time? Given that they're probably the normal result of reflecting back on something in order to learn more of how or why it went down the way it did (and pausing to wonder what life might be like now had different choices or actions been taken)... perhaps such things only become "self-defeating" when there's a failure to adjust our thinking and perception - not just of what happened, but just as important - of life going forward. Live and learn (another old adage...) Can't say that I wholly agree with that. But, perhaps your intent in capitalizing it was to tie it only to Christ. Seems there's just too many times I've seen (and experienced) it where the truth not only hurts... it hurts a lot. To the point of many, many tears. Speaking of old adages, another is "Times heals all wounds." Though we might agree that it's actually God (not time) that heals, there is something to be said for the soothing effect of time on the wounds that seem to result from hearing or learning the truth. And there are certain wounds (of a different nature) that time may do little or nothing for. Fortunately, pain (actual pain) is not the same in our thoughts or memory as it is when experienced.
  20. Plagiarism on the road to success

  21. Plagiarism on the road to success

    DWBH, bingo!!! Excellent post!!
  22. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Dear Mike: After reading your latest verbose fairytale ramblings, I have come to the conclusion that it is fruitless to discuss anything about dictor paul, TWIt, the Bible, or piffle with you ever again. To once again quote Thomas Paine, “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” I’m happy to discuss anything else with you, share a glass of wine some time maybe......but NO MAS on anything Bible, Wierwille, TWIt, or piffle. Bette sums up how I feel about discussing any of the aforementioned “spiritual topics” with you. Never again! LOL! TY.......and......peace. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214804932574770&set=a.10214089284524016.1073741830.1169468755&
  23. Plagiarism on the road to success

    And your proof it was a genuine revelation, beyond I said it was a genuine revelation? And you realize of course that Spectrum 49's brilliant post would discredit Saint Vic as a MOG, don't you? For example, when did Saint Vic ever praise someonewho wasn't doing his bidding? And after 42 years of effort resulting in failure--not to mention others testimonials on this forum of resounding failures--I'd vote PHONEY What else you got?
  24. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Even you should be able to recognize that as nothing more and nothing less than you projecting onto me. Here's the formula you set forth: "When YOU _____ it was because you thought _____." Dude, you've projected so far and so emphatically that you --- having NO basis in fact or in my words (which you didn't quote to even try to show where you came up with the notion) for claiming I was trying to predict anything that you would say. That's beyond bizarre.
  25. Plagiarism on the road to success

    VPW stole Heefner's works? Is that why he's important?
  26. Plagiarism on the road to success

    google "synaptic pruning" also google "brain plasticity" interesting stuff
  27. Plagiarism on the road to success

    You said it, not me...
  28. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Thanks DWBH.... Yes, TWIt and its offshoots hate this site. None of them have a site where open thought, discussion and questions are in public view. And lately, here at GSC......there has been many new posters coming to this site. Some are second generation kids who were raised in twi and are now grappling with the aftermath of this evolving cult that has consumed their wayfaring parents and relatives. Adding to this complexity are the dozens upon dozens of offshoots with their books and classes claiming that THEY hold the spiritual mantle of truth. Stop the merry-go-round.........and let's take a walk. In the late 60's, several factors emerged that contributed to the rise of cult leaders and those attracted to cults (lifestyle and doctrine). The socio-dynamic of church involvement was changing rapidly. The counterculture of the 60s was a diaspora into the '70s. Technology was advancing......pfal filmed on 16mm, then VHS-format Displaced youth.......searching for meaning, acceptance, belonging Note: One generation of displaced youth propelled twi forward to the cult that it is today. Wierwille cut ties with his Van Wert Church in 1957.......to follow in the steps of many elders, and contemporaries, who traveled across the country teaching at retreats and church-related seminars. Some of the men on this list and the year that wierwille encountered them: E. Stanley Jones (1944), Rufus Moseley (1946), Perry Hayden (1946), Glenn Clark (1948), J.E. Stiles (1951), Starr Daily (1952), and B.G. Leonard (1953). For thirteen (13) years, wierwille was taking notes and gleaning from their ministries......all while he was on Van Wert Church payroll. And, it seems apparent........that Leonard's foundational class in 1953 is what spurred the impetus of wierwille to, finally, break from the denominational structure. From 1958-1967, wierwille taught live pfal classes and Mal George helped teach a handful of them. Going into their tenth year........and the results were miniscule. Nearly 80% of students from all those classes never committed to The Way, Inc. The strategy of reaching church-people "with the word" was a bust......wierwille's independent undertaking was barely paying the bills. And, the BRC was a non-descript rural building with no church bells or steeple........and very few people. So, wierwille threw caution to the wind in 1967.......and stared into intense, glaring lights to teach and film a 36-hour class. Strapped for cash, time and "borrowed" furniture, wierwille was under immense pressure to get this class filmed in an allotted time frame. Crazy as all this was......the confluence of technology, the counterculture hippie movement, and displaced youth provided a wave of interest, excitement and involvement to wierwille's rogue underpinnings. Youth leaders and guitar singers bridged the gap between homiletics and hippies........and the displaced youth soon found a place in an Ohio commune. Note: One generation of youth leaders and guitar singers bridged the gap between homiletics, hippies and holy spirit. Wierwille NEEDED the youth far more than they needed him or his teachings. He exploited their involvement and their vulnerabilities. Many young leaders came and left.......but their zealous involvement and connections brought waves upon waves of other displaced youth longing for belonging. And, even though the zero corps was shut down....... those corps from 1-5 went forward with ten years of solid commitment......AND THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. In their zeal, WOWs beget more WOWs......and corps beget more corps. The *youth factor* was the driving force of the movement.......not wierwille. And, those early years (1968-1974) at headquarters would infiltrate the minds of scores upon scores of corps grads to follow. The displaced youth had found their "family".......and a place to call home. As headquarters grew into a full-fledged compound......it became self-contained. You didn't need to go anywhere, for anything.......except beer and wine. Heck, even George Jess wine was known to be available to a select few. Hardly needed to leave grounds...... Three square meals a day...... Snack shop......and grilled burgers after meetings In-house entertainment.........indoor/outdoor, bands, dancing, fun Personal services.........haircuts, laundry, taxes, dentist at Indiana Campus Car services.......help with repairs / barter services Who needed much money?........many lived on-grounds and walked to work Note: One generation stayed so long......that they started having babies. Corps were graduating year after year and getting married. By 1976, a second generation of "cult-babies" are being pushed around in strollers. No, it wasn't many at first.......but six years later, by 1982.......babies and strollers were everywhere at corps week and roa. And, why not......the youth had "found a home." The displaced youth had moved from transition and were transferring these perceptions and identities to this pseudo-family. Wierwille addressed aspects of "this place is your home" on many a night owl. I knew many who considered Mrs. Wierwille as the mother that they never had, or knew. Others, whose father or mother died prematurely, took refuge in this "Uncle Harry Nostalgia" and was furthered when the Corps Chalet was being built.......that corps could stay for a couple days whenever they were passing by. Not only the commune lifestyle, but the doctrine.........I remember several times when wierwille taught about ownership versus stewardship. Why do you need to OWN things?.....wierwille claimed. It only slows you down, burdens you with the world. It's far better to have access of the ministry's stuff, than to own something yourself. Here you get to enjoy the way woods, the house of his healing presence, and all......without the expense and maintenance of it. All those years of evolving rhetoric......1) Burn the Ballast, 2) Burn the Chaff, to 3) Uncle Harry Day. Get rid of anything that is holding you back.......record albums, yearbooks, instruments, trinkets/jewelry, worldly books, family heirlooms and keepsakes, etc. Each year, around March 17th..... the communal fire at headquarters would roar as we rationalized the process and felt heavy guilt to obey. The manufactured doctrine and lifestyle was set ablaze......until 1985, when the death of the man and his fire ceased. What started out as a search for meaning, acceptance and belonging..........yielded years of detours, dead-ends and blind alleys. So, yeah........there's a lot to unpack from these cult travels. .
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