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  2. Interesting that you've all named MALE actors with the exception of Goldie Hawn who's more noted for other work. Can I offer Meryl Streep? She has acted in a variety of roles over a very long period, and her roles've all been different. And "believable." As to the great "glamor" actors of the 40s and 50s, they've gone and their ilk will never return. Much more natural styles now. Better.
  3. Yo home slice. I finally got round to reading all your inferences here. I know I commented on this thread long ago, but don't think I read your whole "I found a treasure" line and pursuit of it there. What I do have to say to you is been there, done that, have the f'ing t-shirt. That last teaching the joy of serving was going around during the fog years, and was the foundation of the Corps training during that time. My entire f-ing in-residence Corps training was basically doing exactly f-ing that. Mastering the foundational, intermediate, and advanced classes, along with the collaterals. Letting a lot of things slip through our fingers is horse sh1t. Most of PFAL was ripped off from BG Leonard. RHST, and the INT class basically are JE Stiles trying to help out VP be genuine and manifest when he failed on stage in front of an auditorium and lied about it. (We know this thanks to Elen@ Wh1teside and TWLIL). Mix in some ninja tricks picked up from eastern visitor KC Pillai and you have a real complete hustle session in a package. VP used sleight of hand tactics with unmeaningful verses in the collaterals like "4 Crucified", "The Day JC Died" and other conspiracy theory oriented interpretations of scripture. Then he would chain from that to "If you can't trust them on the least things concerning JC, how can you trust them with the truth of eternal life?". With BS logic he got us to doubt our teenage pastors, and follow the Pied Piper off into New KnoxvilleLand. If it got lost for another 17 years it would be doing humanity a service.
  4. Sat through this episode. This one focuses on two girls who are friends who contacted Leah Remini and the show and wanted to tell their story. They both were children of Sea Org members, treated as commodity. The family bond is devalued in the Scientology cult so basically all Sea Org children were farmed out to ranches and schools where the parents had very little contact with them. These 2 girls told their story of sexual abuse in that type of environment, one by her own father, and the other by a Sea Org member. The one girl abused by her father basically contemplated suicide for a good portion of her young life. People could argue these are a couple exceptions and there are bad apples in every organization. However, the practices of the Sea Org and leadership devaluing life, home, family, connections, friends, all served as forms of enslavement and imprisonment. Breaking down family walls with cult allegiances is a big theme here. The girls tried to report the abuse up through the organization. They were met with stonewalling, and circles of protection around the abusers. So yeah. Kind of sounds like the Way. Behind the scenes.
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  6. Grace.......it's amusing to me whenever I have conversations with ex-twiers who STILL cling to wierwille-doctrine and clichés, yet....when "the rubber hits the road" as the conversation deepens, usually they are clinging to the social aspects and "friendships." When it comes to people "getting to the place where they know that they know".................they don't.
  7. Thomas, thanks! I have a brother by the name of Thomas; anything except Tommie.
  8. actually, I prefer Thomas instead of Tom or Tommy
  9. Way, so true!!
  10. Tom, thanks!
  11. Tom, perhaps. But you are crazy in a good way, IMO.
  12. Grace, you have to have a wacky sense of humor to survive these days. Some of my friends say I have entered into my 2nd childhood, but I don't think I ever left my first one. As Patsy Cline would say(and Ross Perot), I'm crazy.
  13. Grace, wrong forum. Tonight's episode is about a married couple(Sea Org, Scientology's version of Way Corps) and suicide(husband) because of depression
  14. Went out to mow my front yard. Just in the nick of time, I noticed someone's pet pooch "lost" its last meal on my tree lawn. WHEW! Close call. That's kinda how I feel about *Dr.'s* lost teaching. It's best if we see it for the pile of dung it is before we go cluelessly trouncing through it.
  15. Info, thanks for the link! Good observation!
  16. I don't know. When Sean Penn first hit the scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," it would have been easy to get typecast into burnout roles; but he went from there to a military school cadet in "TAPS" and a street thug in "Bad Boys." I was impressed with his versatility. George
  17. Rocky, excuse me. I thought you were complaining. I have been here at the GSC, for less than a year. What is "old-hat" for some of the people here, is still new to me. I come here to learn, because there is so much great information here, that I really love hearing/ listening to. I can't believe sometimes how much information is available here at the GSC; I'm like a sponge, wanting to soak it up as quickly as possible. Perhaps I come off as a bit intense to others; that is my personality. But Rocky, I really try not to jump on others; I try to allow other people to express themselves within the framework of GSC. Heaven forbid if we expressed ourselves in TWI; we were told to renew our minds, or some other BS. Again, if I offended you, or others please forgive me. I have much to learn here at the GSC. Shalom!
  18. I vaguely remember shortly after LCM's ouster that there was some acknowledgement of VPW's shortcomings among some former TWIers. I'm talking about the ones who were still fond of VPW. They made comments along the lines of " I didn't care for his flesh but he sure could teach some hot Word!" Must be the cult of personality phenomena. Not just anyone can pull these things off. Here is an interesting read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_personality
  19. Wow, is that true, especially here at the GSC.
  20. Not complaining... just observing. :)
  21. Steve, please keep posting. I keep learning things at the GSC, every time I come. It simply amazes me how much, I don't know about God. What a fool I was thinking, that I knew so much about God. Please keep posting, so that I, and others can keep learning more about God.
  22. Exactly..........pfal was just window-dressing for the company store. ........and corps were trained to give you directions to the store.
  23. J, I think it was also a form of control over members of TWI.
  24. ................Nicely put.
  25. 779, great post!! I need to think it through; thanks for posting.
  26. Skyrider , Having followed online the solar eclipse yesterday I was struck by your topic....in my opinion the reverence for wierwille DOES eclipse the gospel of Jesus Christ.. .recalling the mindset I had for 12 years - I think it was whatever spiritual hunger I had to know Jesus Christ (I've mentioned before of my calling out for him during a bad acid trip - and later signing up for the class because I assumed it was a smart follow - an answered prayer if you will) ...that attracted me to wierwille/PFAL - but now I tend to think of any mention of Jesus Christ and all things Christian in PFAL were just window dressing- to get you in the PFAL store. But whatever sliver of my savior's light I was able to glimpse behind the umbra of wierwille's ego seemed to shrink year after year...how sad.... Well, to end my post on a good note - I'm still a Christian and intent on avoiding any other idolatrous eclipses.
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