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  2. As someone who's still a Christian, I found nothing in your posts to draw my interest-which is why I found nothing worth commenting on. What I found was some link-dumping (just a link with no real commentary), and some cheerful blurbing (boy howdy, this is some great stuff!) Since this is a DISCUSSION forum, I expect to actually DISCUSS things. People who show up with just links usually are members of an ex-twi group who are posting links to their ex-twi group....and sometimes they pretend they're not a member of the group. (On an unrelated Christian board, I once ran into a drive-by post by Jeff of CES who said, in effect, "Gee, I found this website with some unusual stuff on it. What do you guys think?" with a link to his own content from the CES website. I responded immediately and called him on it. He never replied. Either it was a true drive-by and he never visited again, or he cut his losses when he realized he was caught. So, your posts. They were vague comments about someone's content on YouTube. They didn't even have the direct links to the content. So, I would have had to look them up to find out about what you WEREN'T saying about it. On message-boards, playing coy (being vague and indirect) usually backfires in either the short or long-term. I don't know WHY you posted that way. I just know that it's a formula for keeping me DISinterested.
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  4. Thanks, Waysider for a thought provoking topic; I recently found this thread thru a link provided by you on another thread (The Way we were? started by Jim Jack)…great thread - I enjoyed the variety of responses…you weren’t kidding when you said it was quite animated. seemed like vpw and other top leaders used an overly concerned look to the future life as the reason to burn out in this life – hurry to events, there is nothing more important than “moving the word”, spend your money on ministry stuff, classes, events…whatever…don’t think about retirement or health insurance…honestly, such a fixation on heaven can render one of little use on earth. After leaving TWI and periodically re-evaluating a lot of things I’ve figured out an approach to life that works for me. It goes along the lines of often seeking a…I don’t know…harmony…or synthesis between reality and religion. I’ve gotten a lot more open-minded over the years and perhaps some of that is evident here. I don’t get hung up in trying to figure out cosmic issues, theological issues…whatever. Belief systems are like mass transit – there are a number of ways to get around in life – but it all depends on where you want to go and what type of experience you want to have in route….and as long as it doesn’t require exact change – gawd I hate that! Besides having a hope of Jesus Christ's return - there are still several distinct possibilities in the back of my mind of how life will actually pan out: there is no afterlife…or heaven exists but I’m not getting in…or I live on in an old episode of Lost or Fringe in a brief walk-on role as the guy who does not have a clue as to what’s going on. Hey, somebody out there with an Amazon Fire Stick – I’m talking to you – it’s me T-Bone ! Help !!! Before, during and after TWI I have always been the same person. Reminds me of a joke by some stand-up comic – it’s something like this: what if you had two life-altering experiences. The second life-altering experience changed you back into the boring schlub you were before the first life-altering experience….”glad I don’t get paid for my stories” …anyway…I’ve always been an easy going live-and-let-live type of person. If there’s nothing beyond the grave I hope I at least earn some kind words on my tombstone like “He was a good husband, dad, friend, and competent technician.” So it took a while of meandering…but to clarify my answer…taking away the afterlife from Christianity is not a deal breaker for me – because I think the big deal about Christianity is love – love for God and my fellowman.Bottom of Form One more thought…imagine if there was nothing beyond this life – and imagine if everyone held that to be true - maybe that would rivet our attention to the human condition and look for ways we could all help make this present life more bearable.
  5. T-Bone said: "I wonder how many folks would be interested in Christianity if all it provided was Jesus Christ." We had a discussion here that revolved around some similar thoughts. It was quite animated, to say the least. LINK
  6. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. II Timothy 4:3 NIV
  7. well hey...ya'll enjoy one another & your conclusions about life...I felt being an ex TWI that I owed it to exWayfers about what I'm finding on line..."the things that I do ye shall do and greater" are going on & even being video'd & if ya'll want to ignore them..so be it.. You think I have an agenda of recruiting to these ministries?? I realize there's been great discouragement amongst ya'll because of your negative TWI experiences..& yet Jesus's promise is still valid & happening...I was hoping someone here still had the fire they had in TWI to continue with their search & such is my hope..despite the implications alot of you have been throwing my way. So go ahead ..DON"T check any of this out....stay safe & know that these are just money grubbing people out to deceive you and the rest of the world....Don't bother replying to this as I'm thru with what I'm offering...god help all of you who are in your own world of judgement..
  8. I spelled character ^ like that.
  9. Guess I’m old school…simple Christianity is simply Christ-centered - simple in that all it takes is what's already been provided for us by God: 2 Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 3 His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. II Peter 1: 2, 3 NIV I wonder how many folks would be interested in Christianity if all it provided was Jesus Christ. In my humble opinion, it seems rather popular now to market Christianity like some get-rich-quick scheme...something that holds the shortcuts to success...supposedly ways to tap into the power of God. It seems the least common denominator in all of that is what can you get out of Christianity. Thanks to the Internet we have a glut of supposed teachers who connive folks into thinking they desperately need whatever feel-good Pablum is being offered. Personally I don’t see the need for any supposed middleman - like any of the guys you've mentioned…and while we're talking about it - with your lack of details and scope - you come across like a salesman for a product or service that you know very little about. You’ve said it yourself - how you don’t know much about them and even mentioned things that are questionable. If you’re not a member of any of these ministries and seem to be afraid to discuss doctrine then how can you be so confident that what they teach is sound doctrine? And what investigative standards are you employing that qualifies you to say “its more about what GOOD I'm seeing in other people besides TWIers that makes alot of sense.”? Where are these “other people” and how many are there? Can you please be more specific. And besides filling us in on the basis for your sweeping statements - perhaps you could share your fond memories of experiences you’ve had – again, please be specific. On your other thread you talked about miracles / healings - are you talking about miracles you've seen on You Tube? Are you talking about specific miracles you have done - please be specific in the details. Many folks at Grease Spot endured enough of the feel-good Pablum teachings-and-false hopes-and-wishful thinking rigmarole to realize it’s really just all about supporting those who run the Mickey Mouse operation. The longer one stayed in TWI, getting ever more involved - the more one saw its twofold nature. Pleasant on the outside with its veneer of Christianity and yet inwardly such an abusive and exploitative system from the machinations of top leadership. typically in cults there's a support system in place (committed followers on staff and in leadership training programs) - the labor force that keeps the general populace of the cult interested in the charismatic leader and ensures their money keeps rolling in. That is the parasitic nature of a cult - the exploitative organization needs and feeds off the contribution of time/efforts, resources (money, possessions, etc.), and talents of its followers – yet contributes NOTHING in return. I venture to say you were in the general public of TWI - and not on staff or in the way corps - or you would know what I'm talking about. Maybe you should have more of a concern for doctrine. Doctrine is inextricably linked to practice. Because what you believe directs what you do...Matthew 7 and the books of Timothy and Peter will testify to the threat of false teachers and the negative impact of unsound doctrine. It is because unsound or distorted doctrine will generate bad practices. You might want to check out the following books that are very specific in exposing the dark underbelly of an abusive and exploitative cult, how unsound doctrine has a deleterious effect on followers and the false hopes / wishful thinking being sold to folks through the preaching of the health and wealth gospel: The Cult That Snapped Losing the Way Undertow Beyond Seduction
  10. Much of what I've read about JGL's personal background begs the question, why would I want to follow someone then or now that was dishonest about their education, ministry training, and business involvement? I'm not saying the holy spirit wasn't involved in his life. I honestly don't know. It just makes it more difficult to get even a little bit excited about wanting to know more about men and women who seem to think he was something special somehow.
  11. Last week
  12. Somehow that makes you feel entitled to come to GSC, a place maintained (time and $) by others, to proselytize to an unreceptive audience?
  13. For a year now I've been taking rock & roll songs from the 50's thru 70's & making them about the Lord instead of the heartbreak & lost loves alot of them are negatively about....well hey..I recently discovered a group called the "Steel City Quartet" on youtue who have a group of songs..re-works of alot of the Platters & Righteous bros. hits....this may really "float your boat"..it does mine..as they're a tad corney but fn IMHO..enjoy enjoy.JJ
  14. unlike you...I do have many fond memories of others besides VPW who really gave it the best they could for our sakes)from the teaching platform)...this just reminded me of those special times as I'm learning some special stuff via thse guys..sorry that your experience was so sour....BUT perhaps there are others who did have an uplifiting experience those many many moons ago..perhaps this is for them...perhaps this goes l80 degrees opposite of sharing "unfond memories " of TWI...thus I don't see it as a doctrinal forum subject..its more about what GOOD I'm seeing in other people besides TWIers that makes alot of sense..I am not any kind of member of JGLM ministries..BUT am learning & trying alot of what they freely are sharing on line....this may be a bonafied blessing to others besides you...Love & Peace as well..to you dear friend..
  15. I’m not interested in viewing the teaching nor do I have fond memories of the way we were following a charismatic cult leader. Judging by a previous thread you started - you still seem rather intent on “proselytizing” to an unreceptive audience: thread: anyone ever hear or a follower of Todd White …and as suggested on that thread you might try starting a thread in the doctrinal forum – where you can discuss a system of teachings on a particular topic. That way you might have better luck engaging others in a thoughtful conversation…I don’t mean to be rude – just stating my take on your posts - but your repeated efforts of “testifying” or “witnessing” to the great impact that an assortment of “teachers” has had on your life, does nothing for me. Love & peace T-Bone
  16. Another classic from the 70s Enjoy folks
  17. Thanks waysider...this reminded me of the many many teachers we had that put their hearts into their sharings..over the years...for a 20 + aged guy..these people were good examples to me at that time...just really loved how this man gave of what God inspired in him..
  18. I have no desire to watch it, but for those who do, here's the LINK.
  19. I post here to expose twi deceitful practices. Hopefully my time here has helped the unsuspecting potential follower understand the truth. The truth that twi is a sham.
  20. Well, I didn't merely walk in without previewing the first hour. So, it feels to me like you blew off any possibility that I was seeing and speaking on it from a different perspective, and were content to pigeonhole it into the same old thing you've known or seen before. In other words, you focused on and spoke only to whatever similarities you could find, and either completely missed or intentionally ignored any differences. Even after plainly telling you that I was unacquainted with the Geer teaching you now appear to be referring to as "a Pivot Point in History," you now imply - in a rather accusatory fashion - that my perspective (which you evidently haven't actually identified, much less given any real thought to) is the same as it, and is therefore "evasive." Be content with your thinking and position as you have and know it, WW. I have no interest or care to somehow change or alter it.
  21. YOu tube.com.... "sunday service June 26, 2016" ..does this remind any of you of "the way we were"?
  22. It sounds like you have a healthy attitude toward the law of believing.
  23. I don't know if there is any solution to the rise of millenials not going to church but I think its just part of the falling away talked about in the bible. People my age don't want God but things. I'll be a jesus freak to the day I die regardless of what others around me my age or not are doing. When thinking of the way I think is it okay for good to result from evil? And clearly an answer is not so easy to come by because evil harms people. I have been hurt by weirwille indirectly from his books but also i gained in some ways. The hurt came from what he said wasn't true but the gain came from the things in his message that was true. Although I know a lot of the stuff he said about the law of believing isn't true. You can't control others with your mind but I believe to a much lower extent that faith and believing are core christian principles and very important in our day to day life. We can't do just like Jesus and heal the lame or blind no matter how much we truly believe but if we believe in the correct things and have faith things will work out whether in this life or the next we can stand to benefit more than someone who is fearful. Not to say like in his example that fear can lead to the death of someones son but i believe fear is bad because it does bind you and make you trapped by it. So like I said I don't know what part of his books he wrote or didn't but I no longer care. All I can do is focus on what I learned from my experience applying his principles and what didn't work I throw out. What did work I keep. I don't want to just throw everything out because there was some benefit and truth to what some of he said. But you could say the same thing about what satan told adam and eve. Half truths are definitely from the enemy. So while I won't recommend anyone read his material I'd like to write a free book combining everything I learned not just from his material but from my experiences with it, with what works and what doesn't and to what extent these things work to have something to read that is all good and all biblical. None of the half truths but give people the whole truth not just wishful thinking.
  24. I wonder, ImLikeSoConfused, if this article resonates with you regarding the questions you've posed to us here at GSC (not just this thread). The title is "59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why."
  25. I'm sure Hitler's speeches would seem compelling to someone who didn't know who he was... The fact that you attribute those books to your vacation in the nut hut doesn't speak for itself? Do yourself a favor, don't spread that disease it comes with guilt later in life. Pitch them in the dust bin and don't look back.
  26. Like changing captains on the Titanic. Why is everyone debating this as if it's anything other than a total sham from beginning to end. The "snow on the gas pumps" story should have been my first and only indicator that TWI was a total fraud from the beginning. Obviously I didn't so I shouldn't be surprised the good folks here are still chewing the rancid cud of TWI. None of this matters so long as the group remains.
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