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  2. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Yes Sky, I do would like to know about that public meeting. Imagine VPW telling them they are "off the word." I think that might have been a very interesting meeting!!
  3. Skyrider, One of your bullet points may need a date change. HQ money funneling began in earnest in 1972. I'd like to know more about your 1984 point on a public confrontation. I know nothing of that.
  4. It's Been A Long Tyme...

    Jeff, do you know Paul Norcross? He was the head of Military Outreach in TWI. He and his wife Rita were my first Twig Leaders 40 years ago in Va. Beach. They were wonderful people then, and they still are wonderful people. Thank you for your Service. What branch were you in? Marines?
  5. It's Been A Long Tyme...

    Grace,thank you for your service. Have you reconnecred with other "greasespots" yet? I believe the way we live our lives tells others more aboot us as Christians than saying the right buzzwords. Hell,I still cuss up a storm occasionally,but it isn't what is in my heart. People are GLAD to see me now,because they know I keep my word. Whether at work or at home.
  6. New DTA Class!!!

    Shucks!! Thanks anyway Rocky. I'm sure someone will let us know.
  7. New DTA Class!!!

    Sorry, I do not.
  8. Yesterday
  9. New DTA Class!!!

    Me too!
  10. New DTA Class!!!

    OS, I think many of us here at the GSC are thankful, we are out of TWI. However, I do have to admit that I will always be greatful to TWI for one thing; they turned me on to God.
  11. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    Leah and Mike return in January
  12. New DTA Class!!!

    Yeah - I guess that’s the problem with "the shield of believing" – ineffective as protection from the overlords.
  13. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    Kathy welcome to GSC aka TWI addicts annoynmyous. My topic about Leah Remini was based on the A&E channel series which just finished it's 2nd season.
  14. New DTA Class!!!

    Omg. If more people only knew how true your statement is Twinky. We were compelled at every class to write feedback on how the classes blessed us. And it was expected of students to ONLY give positive feedback. Not honest feedback but supposed positive feedback. After a few classes the more seasoned grads learn to barf out some tremendous sounding ministry jargon to appease the overlords. Geesh, thank God im free of all that crap.
  15. Rivenbark's Cult Tactics 2.0

    These posts got me thinking about how when one joins TWI and sticks around for a while – they adopt a unique filter for how to look at things – whether the past, present or future. Something I remember from Everything You’ve Been Taught Is Wrong: Fact, Fiction and Lies in American History by James Loewen on CD – it goes along the lines of history being a fabrication – something that is man-made. My 2-bit opinion agrees with Loewen…besides knowing that history is a study of the past by folks who may not always get all the facts straight, who may have a bias or two, who may filter out things they deem unimportant, I figure it never hurts to check out history from several different sources – from folks who may have a different take on things. That’s the beauty of Grease Spot Café. Sometimes new folks come here and paint Grease Spotters with broad strokes. But even a cursory reading of About the Way and Doctrinal forums reveal there’s quite a difference of opinion in what’s wrong with TWI – told from the unique perspective of each person’s experiences The “official” history of The Way International – is a fabrication alright! A great tactic to hide all the deceptive, manipulative, exploitive, abusive, destructive things that they have done and will continue to do. The Way International - always the consummate chameleon with a carefully planned strategy that adapts to every situation. It may change its color…its outward appearance…but remember it is still a chameleon.
  16. New DTA Class!!!

    DTA is necessary for TWI because it so special as God's True Household that the Devil is after them more than anyone.
  17. New DTA Class!!!

    T-Bone, that is true!! But, I would like to know how much the class costs.
  18. New DTA Class!!!

    TLC & mudflaps - great stuff !!! what a bunch - they are as TWI-centric as ever !
  19. Rivenbark's Cult Tactics 2.0

    Gteat summation sky. Twi, n rosie n the gang desperatley need the past hidden in the same way rosalie n donnas deceitful leadetship duo is hidden. Yeah, donna n rosie ditched okie doofus, but donna martindale still sits behind the scenes like emperor palpatine. In many ways im thankful to pawtucket for keeping gsc alive n running. Twi sordid past is here for the viewing. Once their past is understood then the present becomes more transparent.
  20. New DTA Class!!!

    yup ! and every prison needs a warden and every cult needs a front man...or front woman.
  21. New DTA Class!!!

    where the he11 did the word "retemory" come from? I vaguely remember something about it being "to retain in memory" - - which seems redundant and awkward to me - - why not just say "memorize" ? oh yeah - we always need more cowbell - - love it unless TWI is paying students to take the class they're charging way too much
  22. New DTA Class!!!

    Rocky, do you know how much the new AC class costs?
  23. Rivenbark's Cult Tactics 2.0

    Rosalie Fox Rivenbark snaked her way to the top of wierwille's cult........as health issues (don wierwille/cancer) and legal counsel (craig martindale/sexual predation) ousted these men from wierwille appointments. In August 2000, Rosalie had the reins of this cult in her hands. As president, what did Rosalie do for those 16 years of her reign 2000-2016? Damage Control Measures........yeah, she had to tread lightly and secretly as martindale was ousted. Slowly and methodically....rebuild and reshape the BOD to give her strategic advantage and cover her weaknesses. Keep the railroads running.......the WAP class was now anathema, so corps were mandated to "teach those wap classes." Micromanage Sunday Services.....the reading of sunday sermons became the norm and a yawn-fest was the result. Three Puppets teach new class.......Rosalie can't teach or inspire anyone. She rules by fear and intimidation. Strategically build twi's financial assets to $64 Million.........in case people and abs-contributions dissipate. Run off staffers that have health issues.......silence anyone in twi that is asking too many questions. Keep debt policies in place........no matter how many times it was researched and debunked. People keep exiting the twit-cult.......but people are replaceable. Always have been. The Resistance was growing: Resistance to the same old, same old micromanagement. Boring teachings, pathetic classes, sanitized explanations........the outreach was dead. More corps were exiting that those being "trained" each year. The programs were a joke.......and no one was laughing. FINALLY.........enough corpse leaders rallied to challenge Rosalie. She had her shot.....and failed. She was too legalistic. And, now......too old. FINALLY.........by August 2016, a seven-page letter was sent to address their concerns and dissent. Rosalie refused to give audience to such claims, but would be willing to meet with corps couples. She refused to give them advantage in numbers......trying to suppress these claims and then, target those who speak out. FINALLY.........a new president is "installed" in January 2017. LOL. And, Rosalie is slotted as vice-president !! Months later,...........the moynihans, horneys, forts, fredericks, sheldons, etc. are labeled with the pozzezzed label, m&a. What a kick in the head !?!? Same damn thing that wierwille did over and over again...only different terminology. Rosalie and Donna even bring in Marcia Faulk Greene to add to the girls' club.......as Chandler, Bill & Marcia's son, is the (cough, cough) corps coordinator. Circle the wagons and buy another keg of beer. Woohoo. The Cult will continue to find a way to survive......and scheme......and deceive. Rosalie's Cult Tactics 2.0 Re-teach old classes with new faces to reach a new generation..... The wagon train moves forward......it may be grueling, but it's moving.... It doesn't matter how many remain.......whatever it is, it's a "remnant of the faithful" Delusional and deceived, the cult is not going to change........EVER. And, Rosalie is going to wield power as long as possible. When she can't..........Donna and Marcia will. .
  24. New DTA Class!!!

    Yessss!!! And dont forget
  25. New DTA Class!!!

    The 800 pound gorilla in the dta class's living room is the glaring fact that it took approx. 17 years for rosalie to get this class done. Now if thats not inept, im not sure what is. Or maybe theres just not that many staff at hq anymore to pull it off. Im sure if rosie has a choice between sparkling clean sidewalks during a snowstorm or a new class the snow removal option is going to win everytime....lol
  26. New DTA Class!!!

    Hahahahahaha! Keys to keeping our minds DULL and pulling a VEIL OVER OUR EYES so that we can be fooled by his attacks, more like. Pity the in rez corps and staff that this class was practiced on, and who were then compelled to write these glowing reviews. Those days will start when you walk away from TWI and start to claim your rights in Christ to be free of oppression, when you stop being a captive of TWI. Innies - do it now!
  27. New DTA Class!!!

    En Garde! Will there be retemory cards? We need retemory cards.
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