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  1. In The Beginning...

    And you will again.
  2. In The Beginning...

    It was funnier when you were serious.
  3. Anybody got the words?

    Parody is fair use. You can't sue over it. I'd be curious to know if anyone has the information and can tell whether the original artists were credited.
  4. Anybody got the words?

    This topic is not distasteful. The song is. And it's a part of TWI history that is fair game. It's no more political than discussing VPW's lie about being invited to Reagan's inauguration or LCM's bloodlust for stockpiling nuclear weapons. Certain topics that are About The Way will occasionally border on politics. Some may even cross the border. But this one, I think, doesn't. Feel free to disagree.
  5. Thank you. No one took me up on the offer anyway. And, for what it's worth, I think that's terrible news. :(
  6. He's apparently planning a teaching this evening. PM me if you want details. 4/4/2018
  7. We're not going to entertain this topic at GSC. While we are generally open to hosting a wide variety of discussions, some topics are off limits. Politics is one. This thread (and another similar) is in a category the moderators never anticipated. That does not oblige us to entertain every crackpot topic that comes along, and be assured, this is a crackpot topic. The earth is spherical. This is not subject to debate or discussion. Feel free to take this topic to Quora, Reddit, Facebook... wherever you want. But it's not going to be entertained at the Greasespot Cafe.
  8. Best wishes, Mr. Lynn. I hope your trust in holistic medicine is not misplaced. May your struggle be brief and your life long.
  9. NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    I don't see where he wants to "take over" GSC. I will therefore chastise Rocky in a manner proportionate to his infraction by making him read this post until the very end. Let that be a lesson to you.
  10. NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    Ok, here's the deal: I just spent WAY more time than I wanted to reviewing this thread and watching the videos. I commend everyone on the amount of restraint you have shown in replying to this utter nonsense. I am obliged to ask you all to please restrict your comments to the argument, and not say things like "it's hard to take so-and-so seriously," which may not be namecalling, but resides in the same zip code. It is fair game to call the topic of this thread B.S. It is not fair game to call the person who posted it a.... an artist. I did not watch the full freemasonry video because I just had lunch. If someone would like to draw a link between the existence of freemasons and his or her own propensity to believe and promote nonsense, feel free to do so. No one is compelled to read it. No one is compelled to take it seriously. No one is compelled to respond to it. Each of us is free to discern the quality of a post or argument. That is not namecalling and is not a personal attack. As moderators, we are not going to take action against threads or topics just because we find them laughably preposterous on their face. The slippery slope, if we were to adopt such a policy, would be way too real.
  11. Super Hero TV

    I've finally lost track of everything but Flash. Will have to catch up in two months on Netflix. Pity. {Oops. Forgot to put my Raf hat back on}.
  12. NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    I am trying to take as much of a hands off approach as possible. Modgellan and I both have lives. There is a difference between attacking someone's position and attacking the person. If you don't know where the line is, take a few steps back until you know for a fact you haven't crossed it. I just deleted a string of comments that began with a flagrant example of namecalling. That does not mean we have examined everything or signed off on other violations in other posts. Frankly, we're waiting for the grown-up gene to kick in so that we have to intervene as little as possible. I don't know that we've had to deal with a conspiracy theory type of thread in the past, and I'm pretty sure there's no rule governing them, so the mods have to discuss whether to intervene and, if so, how. For the record: There is no pedopjhile ring being run out of a pizza shop in D.C. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. This planet it a sphere (not perfectly spherical, but as distinguished from being a flat disk covered by a dome). Vaccines don't cause autism. Obama was born in Hawaii. To an American citizen. And is Christian (nominally). 9/11 was not an inside job. Burning jet fuel does not need to melt steel to compromise the structural integrity of a building. A plane crashed into the Pentagon. There were people on it. They are dead now. Show some respect. If you want to post a conspiracy theory, people are entitled to laugh at you. It comes with the territory. There's a fine line between attacking a person and attacking the absolute nonsense that the person believes and promotes. But calling it absolute nonsense is not a personal attack. For those who have forgotten, I am in the media in south Florida. I do not have time to police your squabbles. I spent Wednesday afternoon trying to describe the heartbreak on the faces of a dozen or more family members who came face to face for the first time with the maniac who decided to shatter their lives by gunning down schoolchildren on Valentine's Day. THEY are hurting. You guys are irritated by a pest whose face you may never see. And for what? I apologize for playing the dead kids card, but this squabble has overtaken GSC and has jumped across multiple threads. If you can't play nice, take a break. If you think the OTHER guy is not playing nice, take a break. Put him on ignore. It's not hard. But stop derailing threads, and stop participating in threads whose content you find ridiculous. End rant.
  13. Billy Graham

    It's a fine line between moderating and micromanaging. I'd like to keep Ruffles up just for the sake of an example we can all see. Speaking for myself, apologies aren't necessary, I don't think. But I'm confident my fellow active mods (hahahahahahahahaha I used the plural, as if, hahahahha) are reading along. If they felt an apology was in order the post would be gone. That leaves GS to accept if he (assuming he) is so inclined. Be excellent to each other.
  14. Billy Graham

    For the record, GoldStar is not the only one whose posts are being hidden (not deleted... moderators tend to leave these posts visible to each other so that if we disagree, we can discuss and decide whether to restore them. This transparency minute brought to you by Saran Wrap). Quite simply, if you're not talking about Billy Graham, your post got hidden, just like I said it would. Socrates: your "Ruffles" post is not exactly called for. We left it up, I think, because it makes a good point. You could have been a little nicer about it. Yeah, like I'm never guilty of THAT. But still. GS: I am talking to one of the other moderators and trying to get up to speed on all that's been taking place here. I want you to feel welcome to speak your mind while remembering that the person receiving your message is a person. Challenging the basis of your opinions is fair game. Attacking you personally is not. Sometimes we need to figure out the difference. (Personally, I think the Ruffles thing was a bit much). We can discuss offline (private messages), but I wanted to say a few things publicly, partly for clarity, partly for transparency, and partly so that I say the same things privately that I say publicly. I'm not any more in charge than any other moderator except Pawtucket, but he's busy usually. Moderators tend to feel better when we know we are like-minded. I feel like showering after I said that. But it's true: we like agreeing with each other, but we're often busy. Now, one more time: THIS THREAD IS ABOUT BILLY GRAHAM. You CAN write a post that doesn't mention him and still be on topic (I recognize that, or more posts would be deleted), but it's VERY easy to get off topic that way. So try not to do it.