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  1. You mean the guy who ran my advance class 2006 and destroyed everyone at basketball? Anyways if he has, good for him I wish him the best
  2. Firstly I'd like to publicly thank Penworks for this mind and heart blowing book.I received it on March 1st and have completed reading it as of today.Purpose of purchasing this book was to expand my knowledge of this cult called the way.Here is a small re view so here goes.... Boyyy, was I blown away by the content in the book.Now I'm a big fan of true story documentries, this book related to me in so many ways.It felt like I was watching myself with Charlene navigating from start to finish.My heart was pounding as I could relate to alot of the scenarios she had used in the book.Examples include the witnessing fears I had publicly for a while and being zealous for the word.Quotes and manipulation tactics used by Weirwille were drummed into me from a young age.A big one was 'When it comes to the word,no one is your friend,To see real life how Charlene describes in her book what,where,how,why and when it all happened is so navigated perfectly.From the reviews right to page 448 I said to myself hey I've been there too,I have experienced what she had went through and I had lived through that, but to read it from this book just confirms 'even more' I wasn't alone in this whole cult ordeal Note: I personally didn't know and wasnt around Weirwille,and I'm glad I didn't.This book gives personal upfront details on him that had me fuming I see now even more what a he was... Two people in the book mentioned are people I knew personally and to hear there names shocked me.I thought what a small world and how Charlene was up on the front line of it all..but to hear those that i know personally involvement said it all..book contains all It is interesting to note that when Charlene had exited the cult I was born in 87' So my era was when martindale and rivenbark ran the cult show,it was very refreshing to embark on a journey back in time before my time to see how things were, i can tell you know i have seen and heard.I was left reflecting and relating to certain scenarios contained in book Am I promoting this book? HELL YEAH! Maybe could send JYDL a copy for his birthday In all seriousness this great book deserves 10/10 from me not only because it's true and relating, it can literally save lives and get people to carefully consider before joining a cult/church.In our case/s The Way International Penworks, you are a legend I'm glad I read your book thanks once again for taking the time to share your life experience Here's a picture with the book itself with the helpful cookies which accompanied me along the journey And finally a link which delivered this book to me here in Australia took 7 days maximum https://www.bookdepository.com/Undertow-Charlene-L-Edge-Ruth-Mullen/9780997874709?ref=grid-view
  3. Very true indeed while in, I noticed twi members were quoting Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen, which at the time puzzled me as to why these members were highlighting,quoting and praising these non twi preachers.... Fast forward to my exit I see now....
  4. Saw that series outandabout, was cool to see how the family went through each era 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s being born in the late 80s I can say im a true 90s kid. I can sympathise with you on the "too bad I missed it" The Way international cult stole most of our valuable time but being out fresh 2 years I'm grateful I don't have to spend another day in lies and deceit. I hope you have precious time now outandabout I'm staring my travels soon something which has long been anticipated and was discouraged by those in the way
  5. Gidday mate as we say here down under! Nz twi members equate to around 40 adult members and the rest are kids Yes I agree twi as I know now has always been money driven...what do you expect from this cult one big fat scam
  6. Yeah nice one jim jack il check it out sometime I'm usually on YouTube
  7. Another classic from the 70s Enjoy folks
  8. I watched a video of the man himself on YouTube but you gotra give it up to this guy at the moment no other then...Mr Tom Brady
  9. Wow! rosalie even people within your 'inner circle' talk amongst themselves about you,tells me alot about you.Let's not forget the many lawsuits which you were involved in....JYDL seems you need to take alot of trash out or 'burn the chaff'
  10. DWBH, Your selection takes me back into a time warp 60s or 50s I believe smokey tune! Tbone, your tune brought back a nostalgic moment from my childhood sitcom favourite do you remember when they played this tune from... Krys, you are always welcome to the music party look forward to your tunes
  11. Exactly preach say it again
  12. And another from Dean Martin Ain't that a kick in the head
  13. Double whammy from another favourite group of mine The Bellamy Brothers
  14. Exactly And MRAP, I refuse to sit on my hands thanks