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  1. Another classic from the 70s Enjoy folks
  2. I watched a video of the man himself on YouTube but you gotra give it up to this guy at the moment no other then...Mr Tom Brady
  3. Wow! rosalie even people within your 'inner circle' talk amongst themselves about you,tells me alot about you.Let's not forget the many lawsuits which you were involved in....JYDL seems you need to take alot of trash out or 'burn the chaff'
  4. DWBH, Your selection takes me back into a time warp 60s or 50s I believe smokey tune! Tbone, your tune brought back a nostalgic moment from my childhood sitcom favourite do you remember when they played this tune from... Krys, you are always welcome to the music party look forward to your tunes
  5. Exactly preach say it again
  6. And another from Dean Martin Ain't that a kick in the head
  7. Double whammy from another favourite group of mine The Bellamy Brothers
  8. Exactly And MRAP, I refuse to sit on my hands thanks
  9. This book if told uncensored and truthfully by John would send twi cult to the dump What's holding you back Mr Linder?
  10. BOOOM!! Right on Skyrider
  11. Oh no!
  12. Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music Enjoy from Sunny Australia
  13. Hey Tbone maybe this song would've helped you during the family Corp time Eric Clapton turn it up!
  14. Yes Penworks I agree with you what a time for you.It's good that you pointed out where the root of it all began.Looking forward to also reading your book Undertow Cheers Penworks Tbone That right enough said