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  1. excathedra

    I love you all so much human, I adore you
  2. excathedra

    galen my friend and onion eater I know you care and how the hell did you know I would be back? :)
  3. What makes it a cult?

    absolutely they are the biggest abusers I've encountered
  4. What makes it a cult?

    haven't read thread (I know I suck) -- how about what make it a place of abuse ?
  5. newlife and outie same here
  6. I can't believe this Fwad hasn't been arrested yet "doctor" phil makes me sick (just a side note)
  7. What do you tell people?

    I tell people I was in a cult I also agree with outie
  8. excathedra

    sniffles. I didn't know you cared !!!!! outie I love you sweetie pie
  9. I've always wondered how all this happened as in god got me in and god me out. I actually feel I got closer to god and jesus Christ because of the way and I feel the way or should I say wierwille frikkin destroyed me I think there was a discussion about this years ago and George aar love him so much was a part of it allan, would love to hear your story thanks all haven't been here for a while. dabbling a bit on the way corps site on facebook - nothing earth shattering except getting slammed a bit here and there
  10. this rice guy NFL player

    yes i can see that
  11. Way Corps Facebook site finally opens up

    i wouldn't know garth also i wouldn't know how much more of my guts i could pour out on the stupid internet
  12. Wedding

  13. Brew a cup, you'll be here a while

    lol sounds like something i would say
  14. Way Corps Facebook site finally opens up

    thanks rocky i do have plenty of folks to vouch for me but i guess i don't have the effort...... i've been invited by maybe six people so far
  15. Way Corps Facebook site finally opens up

    hey groucho, tried to send you a private message but it did not work.