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  5. That’s so funny Skyrider - thanks for posting! Taking your horse name substitution a step further – in the race to captivate people’s souls: And they’re off their rockers right out of the gate - it’s Wierwille’s Snow Job…followed closely in his behind by Twinkle Toes Craig…Critical Mind stumbling out of the gate trying to catch up…Great Fvcking Darkness already hustling for an early lead…from the inside going outside it’s Chris the Bus Driver working hard against Twinkle Toes Craig… Rosie the Racketeer got off to a slow start but she’s now neck and neck with Chris the Bus Driver…moving to the outside it’s Egypt’s Gold followed by Reverends Aplenty…as they pass the quarterly report , Revival & Restoration is working hard to get past Reverends Aplenty and Splinters Galore…they’re moving at a brisk pace all clustered together except for Abundant Sharing and I’m Corps Dammit now lagging way behind…Rosie the Racketeer and Great Fvcking Darkness are still looking strong…with just a forlorn look ahead it’s Rosie the Racketeer and Great Fvcking Darkness, followed by Splinters Galore and Offshoot Yourself in the Foot…as they come down to the wire…oh my God - - it’s Great Fvcking Darkness !
  6. I still have my books - someday if I'm feeling brave and energetic I'll dig into a file box of my way corps stuff in the attic - corpse night teachings, journals, research paper, a copy of my from birth to way corps paper...Don't think I'll ever get rid of that stuff for a lot of complex reasons...I still have a bunch of teaching tapes and way music tapes...teaching tapes I'm not really concerned with - but someday I might transfer way music cassette tapes to a CD or MP3 format....some good stuff there.
  7. (note the British way of spelling "color" in Twinky's post - - I love it !!!!) that's so funny
  8. Why did you stand on it if it said to SIT?
  9. I knocked a little pot over this morning. Thought I'd picked everything up, but later stood on something - a gold-coloured SIT badge,
  10. I think it's kind of cool that you still have all that stuff. I still have the books, but I think I dumped just about everything else (AC pin and photo, etc.), even a letter from VPW responding to my concerns about "Uncle Harry Day." (It reminded me of Catholic feast days for "saints.") I KNOW I got rid of all the tapes. I wish I still had the "Victors" barbershop group. Lots of good memories, especially early on. Fewer and fewer as time went on. Getting marked and avoided was probably the low point, from an emotional standpoint, but I'm much better off because of it, so -- no worries! George
  11. sounds like a good idea...Tonto and I have several shadow boxes of memorabilia; she has her WOW pin and way corps ID card in hers, I have my WOW pin in mine...those WOW pins have some deep sentimental value to us both since I married my WOW sister -
  12. I don't think any of you have actually seen this film, but you might get it, anyway: George
  13. I still have my two WOW pins. Have always wanted to make them into dangle earrings.
  14. Josh Brolin Men in Black 3 Emma Thompson George
  15. Waxit certainly got us talking and having a think about why we think what we think. It's been an interesting discussion at times, and I've been glad to review my own understandings and investigate other parts of the Bible. It's all about seeing the big picture, isn't it? God's heart and concern for all his people. And a rest for his people is what is promised, many times, of which the sabbath (or day of rest, particular day unspecified) is just a part. He hasn't convinced anyone, in part because he hasn't made the effort to touch hearts and genuinely listen to other views than his own. It was more an imposition - Way-style --> "This is what you must do. Because I say (that God says) so." Without seeing, or caring, that others of us see that God says something different. I wonder if he will try to convince other groups of his belief? Here is a link to the official stance of Jehovah's Witnesses, who do believe in assembling together and having a day of rest, but again, don't say it should be a particular day of the week. Maybe Waxit could try in a JW forum. https://www.jw.org/en/library/magazines/g201109/A-Weekly-Holy-Day-Is-It-Required/
  16. FYI Behind the Candelabra was the HBO movie with Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon his lover. It would have been a theater release but no studio would touch it because it was too gay (homosexual). Those are IMDB words, not mine. Anyhow, 48 Hours Nick Nolte Gangster Squad
  17. Next song. " keep your dirty feelings Deep inside. And if you're Takin' your girlfriend Out tonight You better park the car Well out of sight 'Cause if they catch you in the back seat Trying to pick her locks They're gonna send you back to mother In a cardboard box."
  18. Less likely with just a handful of players, but 3 days have passed. Dan Ackroyd Trading Places Eddie Murphy
  19. Last week
  20. Hi Waxit, I am very puzzled by your follow-up posts after Rocky asked you to tell your story...If you remember, I asked you something similar - along the same lines as Rocky back on May 2nd: Rocky has shared some good things on the importance of sharing YOUR story…I share a brief story of myself in my profile – in the "about me" tab – it’s just two simple paragraphs – but I’ve also supplemented and expanded on that over the years in various posts about many of those aha moments… The reason I asked you why the Sabbath was so important and how did it change your life was over something you said on April 13th: I’m just trying to be helpful here – you might want to ask yourself why people misunderstand you and if there’s something you can do to remedy that. I do that quite a bit on myself . One of the biggest things I’ve learned at Grease Spot (and more so here than anywhere else) is that we all have “filters” (like our set of beliefs, experiences, worldview, etc.). These “filters” have to do with processing communication – both in the sending and receiving of information: Sending information: when we say someone has no filter it really means the person just says what they think without considering the audience or situation. Receiving information: on the flip side – when it comes to listening “filters” may be in place to remove, block, alter or in some way restrict unwanted material – like things that don’t jibe with our worldview. I don’t think it’s possible to remove all “filters” in communication. But I do think it’s possible to adjust some filters. On a personal note, I’ve always been a very inquisitive person. I am aware of the many times in my life where I’ve opened up more on some narrow outlook I had on something. For example, over the years of dialoging with a variety of folks on Grease Spot (some Christian, agnostic, atheist, Jewish, and New Age - there's more viewpoints too - that's all I can think of right now) I’ve reevaluated what I think of the Bible – and oddly enough it has also heightened my interest in Jesus Christ. So when it comes to doctrine and practice, what someone is preaching or teaching…whatever – it all goes through these “filters” – what I know of the Bible, what makes sense to me and seems to resonate with the spirit of God within me. Granted sometimes people may have misunderstood you. But sometimes you may have misunderstood others. I am curious about something... Is Grease Spot the only place where you try to get your message out? Do you share your message on other online forums as well as talking to people in person? If Grease Spot has been such a waste of time then why have you persisted this long - from March 31st and some 17 pages until now? I mentioned above about someone having no filter and just says what they think without considering the audience or situation. Have you really thought about your audience at Grease Spot? Are you aware that Grease Spot is made up of a lot of folks who felt that wierwille and/or other TWI-leadership demanded blind and unquestioned obedience? Are you aware that Grease Spot is made up of a lot of folks who felt that wierwille and/or other TWI-leadership acted arrogantly superior and disdainful toward others? Are you aware that Grease Spot is made up of a lot of folks who felt that wierwille and/or other TWI-leadership devalued others as being inferior, incapable or unworthy? Are you aware that Grease Spot is made up of a lot of folks who felt that wierwille and/or other TWI-leadership did not seem to listen well to what others said and that communication was really a one-way street in the form of their dictates and "spiritual" pronouncements? Are you aware that Grease Spot is made up of a lot of folks who felt that wierwille and/or other TWI-leadership acted as if they had the answer to man’s spiritual problem? Am I saying you are like a dangerous cult leader? No – of course not ! So what am I saying? I’m saying you might consider adjusting your output filter – taking into account your audience at Grease Spot – since the way you often come across seems to be reminiscent of wierwille and/or other TWI-leadership - a prime example is the part of your post I quoted above – it’s actually counterproductive to your “mission” (whatever that is) because you’re turning people off. I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again – I believe you do have a lot to offer Grease Spot. That’s not to dismiss what you think your mission is here – just saying there’s more to you than just that. That's the point of telling your story. We are certainly complex creatures – and I guess we all like to take shortcuts with early impressions of others – maybe make a few mistakes in assumptions or judgements. In that regard we are cognitive misers - “the human mind is considered to be a cognitive miser due to the tendency of people to think and solve problems in simpler and less effortful ways rather than in more sophisticated and more effortful ways, regardless of intelligence.” I try to accept people as they are - warts and all – and I hope they accept me the same way. Sometimes it takes a lot of work – maybe make some adjustments to the input and output filters. Of late, I’ve tried to streamline my comments to probe and criticize your method of interpreting a verse - but I was not criticizing you! You should not take that as a personal attack or that you are in any way inferior - or superior to me. If it gives you any satisfaction I want you to know because of your passion on this thread you’ve got me reading up on the Sabbath in The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - - it’s only a six page article but it takes me a longer than normal time because ( besides other responsibilities I have to family and neighbors during this pandemic ) I like to look up every chapter and verse reference – so it takes a while of checking out various translations, Hebrew & Greek words, and prayerfully contemplating the passage. When I’m done with that article I’m going to read the eight page article in - Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible Now don’t get your hopes up on making another convert - I just want to let you know I don’t like to be force-fed. And I can assure you my filters mentioned above pretty much guarantees I’m not going to be gung ho on Sabbath keeping anytime in the foreseeable future. However, you’ve inspired me to expand my awareness and respect for the spiritual significance the Sabbath has with some people... And before you go patting yourself on the back – I was serious when I said you’re turning off folks – so the reason I got into reading up on the Sabbath isn’t because of anything in particular you’ve said. As I said earlier, I am very inquisitive by nature - and it was for the strong feelings you expressed over the Sabbath that got my curiosity up…And btw I have intentionally tried to maintain either a neutral tone or a slightly abrasive tone so that you would keep me at arm’s length – that way I had hopes you might feel I wasn’t threatening your independence or interests through some guise of friendliness. I believe in the transformative process of open and honest discussions…hope you stick around.
  21. This TED talk about storytelling got posted to YouTube today. Storytelling is a very important part of life.
  22. The Apostle Paul had a story. By the way that story developed, he (and many others) came to realize there was a better way than persecuting Gentiles and Christians. What's YOUR story? What happened in your life that opened your eyes to the wonder of how important the sabbath was? It may have been associated chronologically with you reading certain scriptures, but what was the something that happened to give you the "AH HA" moment when you "got it?" What was it in your journey/experience that represented the realization, like when the scales fell off of Paul's eyes?
  23. How is that at all about Gabe? I'm not nitpicking. Stories can communicate powerfully and effectively when/where just telling people that you know they're doing it wrong doesn't get the message across that you wanted to get across. At some point, perhaps when/if you get frustrated enough with lack of response to your preaching, you might explore the idea of trying to express what really motivated you to make the decision in your life. It's a ministry of reconciliation, isn't it? How can you reconcile people to God if you are so frustrated with them that you can't tolerate their feedback to you?
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