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  2. I mentioned that TWI plated the seeds of their own destruction. Even though so much of what they promulgated was illogical nonsense, some of the methodology encouraged us to look at Way doctrine critically and question it later on when we weren't so ignorant or naïve. Understanding verses in the context, in light of Biblical era customs etc were all good tools for understanding the Bible - tools that Wierwille undoubtedly intended merely as cover for his agenda of command & control, but turned out to be effective means to unravel the BS.
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  4. A great point , Oak! your post brought to mind a motto from Syms - an off price clothing retailer “ where an educated consumer is our best customer “… back in my ministry daze I went there quite often after comparison shopping. but that wasn’t the case with many of us TWI-followers. I completely identify with you on how Bible-ignorant I was when I first joined. TWI’s motto could very well be “where a Bible-illiterate person is our best customer “
  5. I can name that tune in 1. I think. (those are not clues).
  6. Of course they didn't get answered. I can only speak for myself, but I didn't know squat about the Bible before I got involved in The Way Corporation. Wierwille's explanations, as ridiculous as they sound from my current vantage point, made sense to my ignorant teenaged self. It's easy! Point to a Bible verse that appears to contradict mainstream church teachings. Do this enough times and you've undermined the credibility of mainstream Christianity to the newbies who don't know anything. In some ways TWI planted the seeds for its own destruction by emphasizing Biblical research (even though they didn't mean it).
  7. Clearly, no one watched "Farscape." FREE POST George
  8. Her role in the series of movies was "Callahan." George
  9. "How's about investing in condominiums? It's safe." "Condominiums?" "Yeah, condominiums." "I never use 'em." "Do you have a criminal record?" "Nothin' worth braggin' about." "You're gonna eat lightnin'; you're gonna crap thunder." George
  10. I thought that slur was spelled "wop"? I always referred to it as the WayAP class, although a lot of people called it the WAP (pronounced to rhyme with "wrap") Class. At some point Martindale decreed that we should call it "the Way Class"...
  11. Yes.....subtle, subliminal attacks on organized church denominations. Yet, wierwille was attempting to build "his ministry" on a foundation of unquestioned loyalty and servitude to him. And, for all those questions *held in abeyance*..........did they EVER get answered? Nope. Those questions got pushed aside and shelved in the warehouse of wierwille's pathologies.
  12. YES........succinctly stated, provoking thought. Thanks WordWolf.
  13. ...or simply try to learn another language that has a fundamentally different structure than English, making it impossible to do word-for-word translations.
  14. It sounds like Elton John's 'Your Song' because it is. Next tune: Well, you can't turn him into a company man You can't turn him into a whore And the boys upstairs Just don't understand anymore
  15. Next song, if this will save tonight.... "It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside. I'm not one of those who can easily hide. I don't have much money, but boy if I did, I'd buy a big house where we both could live."
  16. It gets worse when you see the twisting involved to try to make this nonsense apply after that. In Genesis 3, Man has sinned and lost spirit. God communicates with him without any problems, making a voice (the first mention of the word "voice" in Genesis, the first time an audible sound is actually needed.) God can communicate any way He wants to -He is God. Makes the Universe, organizes the stars, fine-tunes details for the Earth, the biosphere, the plants, the animals, the humans. Communicate with something that isn't spirit? Sorry, too difficult! What is this nonsense? Anyway, then we get nonsense like Balaam's donkey had to have spirit upon him. Why can't God ALMIGHTY use a bit of that ALL MIGHT and make a miracle where a donkey briefly can talk and reason as a donkey? We also get the incident of "the writing on the wall". The Babylonian smart people couldn't make sense of it. So, according to vpw, it was "written in spirit" (WHAT? SINCE WHEN? ONLY HAPPENS HERE IN ALL OF SCRIPTURE) which is why they couldn't understand the writing. Couldn't possibly have another explanation, something more simple. FF Bruce had already explained that decades before. Somebody (like vpw) who was poor with languages couldn't even imagine it was a mundane TRANSLATION problem. The writing, if read in ONE language, was "weighed, numbered, divided"- and the specifics of what was weighed, numbered and divided was not provided- there you needed revelation. Read in Babylonian, and the writing- missing vowels like it did made it easy to mistake ONE language for the OTHER- and it read something like "a dollar, a quarter and change" (I'm paraphrasing, but it would have been a money denomination, a smaller one, and something like spare change.) Not terribly hard to understand the confusion when trying to make sense of something when reading it in the wrong language. Anybody who wants to discuss incidents of confusing language should probably start a new thread in Humor, or possibly Open. So, having to distort all sorts of incidents to try to make this silly explanation work is far too much work, and it's unproductive work because it makes one MORE confused, not less.
  17. hehehe IT IS WRITTEN What bologna. Red herring. It's a relationship with the leader. What is written matters little. Contradictions are overlooked because the truth . . IS NOT WRITTEN.
  18. The advanced class was all bulls*it... of course it's easier to see 40 some years later.
  19. great job, WordWolf !!!! What a difference reviewing the material from PFAL and the Advanced Class on Grease Spot compared to how TWI-followers reviewed regurgitated class material...here Grease Spotters actually analyze stuff instead of mindlessly absorbing and parroting class material.
  20. "Cosmic Thing"s 2 big hits got a LOT of airtime when that album came out. (3 hits? "Roam", "Love Shack", "Deadbeat Club" is 3 hits if that's all 1 album.)
  21. If George drops a hint, I might think of something, and hopefully I can post after midnight my time this morning.
  22. I grew up knowing a Linda, and Julieta is actually not uncommon in Argentina.
  23. That was a really good guess George. I was onto something but not in time to form a guess. Raf's next line would have definitely given it away.
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