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  2. This hint gives it away. ~Captain and Tennile~ Muskrat Love. I wouldn't have got it otherwise. Now, I see the lyrics were obvious but I didn't click on them.
  3. This show had 3 incarnations, all with the same title (more or less). A) It started airing March 1, 1949 and finished a second season despite the host/founder's death (and despite his name being on the show!) B) It aired 1982 to 1986, with Jack Palance hosting. It ran in syndication in the 1990s on cable as well. C) It aired 2000-2003 (plus syndication) with Dean Cain hosting.
  4. No threat to the US, won't become a hurricane. That was fun while nothing happened. Next!
  5. "Peabody and Sherman", "The Muppet Movie", "History of the World Part I", "Life Stinks", "To Be or Not To Be", "HotW Part I" again.
  6. Yesterday
  7. You don't have pantomime season in the US? It's mad, bizarre, crazy, and completely over the top. Let your inhibitions go, and enjoy a laugh at theatre in the insane. The season is December-January, sometimes early Feb (at least, it used to be, prior to CoVid-19) (who knows what'll happen to live entertainment now). If we have a panto season this year, though, I'm sure there'll be lots of topical references to coronavirus - maybe that'll be the "it's behind you!" lurker. Yep, the panto nasty, felled by the pantomime dame (a male in female dress-up) or the principal boy (a youngish female in male attire). Hmm, yes. I can see it now. Panto best undertaken with a small child or two. And possibly a comfortable quantity of alcohol (please drink responsibly).
  8. Greetings to all of you amazing people! May I get in on this conversation? JN musical just runs through my mind and I'm singing away and all of a sudden I forget the next line. Today it was Brian Bliss, Let my Life Tell the Story. I decided to get online and try to find if any of the group's I can recall the names of are recording at all. I've had several CDs through the years and a record by that female duet who sing scripture songs like the books of Timothy and Acts. there's never been any more fulfilling and uplifting music in my life! All of you wrote the most astounding lyrics right to the heart of the Gospel's purity ! And you all sang your hearts out. If anyone knows any of the groups or single musicians that have any recordings in CD format could you please let me know?
  9. I remember watching "Real People" one night, and there was a segment about a lady in Texas who stayed up all night on her CB, talking with truckers. Once each quarter, she would also have a buffet set up, so the truckers could come in and eat. A priest came in, aided by a cane, whose handle was "Holy Roller." While the focus was on someone else, I heard the lady ask him, "Juraschek?" As it happens, I had a first cousin, once removed, a Father Juraschek, who had injured his foot in a hunting accident. (My grandfather and one of his brothers changed their names from Juraschek to St. George. As far as I know, all the other relatives who came to America kept the old surname.) I had only met Fr. Juraschek once, when I was about 10. I called my parents to see if they had seen the episode. They had, but completely missed our relative. Oh, well. New one soon. George
  10. Albert Einstein Professor Max Krassman Tomas de Torquemada Goddard Bolt Dr Frederick Bronski Moses
  11. YES. "Real People" plus "the People Under the Stairs." Back when they aired, one classmate insisted that "That's Incredible" premiered before "Real People." I remembered that RP aired a full year before TI. In fact, when watching TI's premiere (I watched both shows), I thought the other network (ABC?) was airing it specifically to compete with NBC's RP.
  12. Once again you have broadened my horizons - I had to look up panto season: "In the UK a Pantomime, or “Panto” as it is usually affectionately called, is a form of interactive theatre, performed around the Christmas season for the entertainment of millions of families... Ugly sister: “I’m much prettier than Cinderella” Audience: “Oh no you’re not!” Ugly sister: “Oh yes I am!” Audience: “Oh no you’re not!” This happens frequently with a variety of lines throughout the show and it is up to the Actors to decide how long to keep it going before they go back to the script. No Panto script is complete without the “It’s/he’s/she’s behind you!” moments. Either on stage or “front of tabs” (in front of the curtain), the children are asked by one of the main characters to let them know if a ghost/spider/gorilla or anything else appears." from: what is Panto Season sounds like a lot of fun
  13. Oh no it isn't! Oh no it isn't! Watch out! It's behind youuuuu! (Okay. So it is a bit early for panto season. Just practisin')
  14. Hint: Sam and Suzie are rodents (but not rats or mice). Love kept them together. George
  15. oh yes it is yup - note on the box cover "spin to win" = spinning your wheels = use a lot of effort without achieving anything.
  16. Maybe they think they've "won at life," with having ripped off believers worldwide for lots of dosh, amassed to their own comfort and never distributed for what the donors thought it would be used for. Nice places to live, nice campuses, nice grounds for personal use, vehicles (such a shame they had to lose the private jet), swimming pools, quiet location, army of slaves - sorry, staff on minimum wage - to service grounds, vehicles, buildings - and that's without the other aspects of "servicing" that we know about. Law of thieving more than law of believing. So, yeah! they've won at life. If you count that, as winning.
  17. Man, u know that how to win in life pitch is gonna come back to their erroneous law of believing schtick.
  18. What's this "How to win at life"? Life isn't a game where one wins and everyone else loses. Life's more about being successful (perhaps "content" would be a better word) in "being oneself" and "being a valued member of the community." "Godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Tim 6:6-11. Here's what "winning" is: righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.
  19. In this TV-movie, genuine citizens were interviewed and shown being their interesting selves. The most interesting story was about a young fool who tries to burgle his landlord's house only to find it super-secure to EXITING- leaving him trapped with some secret residents of that home. The interviews were conducted by Skip Stephenson, Byron Allen, Sarah Purcell and Fred Willard.
  20. *checks* I've heard of the artists. I've heard OF this song. I'd never recognize it nor connect it to the artists.
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