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    I thought that this deserved its own thread: For a "research ministry" it seemed like a lot of "leaders" fell into this category. Not that a spiritual minister has to be a big intellectual, but for a group that emphasized the study and research end of things, I ran into a large number of people who could barely put together a coherent English sentence, let alone parse Greek and Hebrew grammar. Yet often these people were the ones telling us how to study.
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    I noticed someone recently asked for help getting out of the Way. This is a generic reply to that question, without regard to any individual set of circumstances. I call it: The Law of Be-Leaving. It works like this: If you Be-Leave, then you have to act like it. You know why I don't attend Scientology meetings? It's real simple: I am not a Scientologist. So I don't attend their meetings. That's right. It's that simple. The law of Be-Leaving is the greatest law in the world. Check your mailbox. Quick. Seriously, go outside right now and check your mailbox. Is there a check from me in your mailbox? No! Why not? Because I don't owe you any money. That's right! So why does TWI get a check from you? You are free! Stop sending them your money. Stop going to their meetings. It's the law of Be-Leaving! If you Be-Leaving, act like you Be-Gone! And you will be!
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    That usually only happens to people wearing green rings
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    Besides vp being one of the best con artists to walk the earth, he had a way of "inspiring" others to put a lot of stock in his intellectual abilities [also known as pulling the wool over their eyes]. And in turn those so "inspired" would go forth with a lofty mission to teach others based on this tremendous false-confidence. Pseudo-intellectualism breeds pseudo-intellectualism. imho - a lot of it goes back to folks assuming PFAL is THE standard for doing study & research. I still wince anytime I recall a debate I had with a pastor and how he made mincemeat out of me using vp's Greek definitions. Uhm – apparently this guy actually studied biblical Greek in seminary. Not exactly one of my best days for moving "da verd".
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    It seems to me that a certain amount of prideful attitude can go along with ancomplishments in any field and IMO language skills can be just like that too. But still, having the skills is a good thing in and of itself and without any attitude on the part of the one who has gained these skills IMO they are nothing less than very good skills to have. And as I happen to believe that good thinking may have nothing to do with language skills I see no reason to look down on anyone who simply has not learned the skills. But as a matter of general principle Oakspear and Twinky, I agree with both your statements. It seems the common thread involves deception (either of self or deliberately of others, maybe both) involving perhaps a false self assessment that may even reach the point of delusion for some in TWI; IMO. (edited to correct a grammatical error. ) ( YO, and a freakin spelling boo-boo!)
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    Can't tell you how much it p1$$ed me off, that people whose knowledge of the English language was poor - would set themselves up as knowledgeable in another language (I'm talking native English speakers here; same would apply if a speaker of any other language expressed himself poorly in his native tongue. To grasp all the nuances of another language takes years and yet some have set themselves up as "teachers" in Greek after not much more than PFAL. If a teacher hasn't the wit or ability to be correct in his own language, his ability in another is inevitably suspect. Who would of thought it could happen (tongue in cheek)?


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