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  1. Bolshevik, you do know that LCM ranted continually, do you? Man, could he rant and rave! Anger management? In spades! Lunchtime "sharings," especially; Corps Nights (2 or 3 hour rant, usually about homosexuals; Sunday morning fellowships. Not so much Sunday night services (too public). Occasionally he'd burst into one of our in-rez training sessions, yell his head off, and threaten to dismiss the entire group and send us all home. If you were "especially" favored, you could earn your own personal face-melting for some trivial act or omission. Or if he wanted to keep you off balance, he'd look sorrowfully at you and speak very quietly. All so reasonable, y'know. Very manipulative. I recall one time he hauled me in, was surprisingly restrained, and told me he didn't know why God had so much patience with me when I made so many mistakes and was so disobedient. (I think my sin there was to respond to a male on staff who'd spoken to me - not in my corps group, but someone I'd made casual friends with.) LCM had serious problems that he blamed everyone else for. His wife was in a lesbian relationship with a woman who continually goaded LCM; Chris Geer was jabbing at him (and the other trustees), wanting LCM's place as Prez; and worst of all, he was bonking Corpswomen, some being other men's wives. Not surprising that he felt attacked on all sides and very vulnerable. And not surprising that he took his anger out on those he perceived to be weaker than him, or in any way subservient to him. Like teenagers, and in-rez Corps. Like non-Corps staff members. Like spouse Corps. Like any other human being, actually. That type of behavior is commonly known as "bullying." And not surprisingly, he also blamed the attacks on him personally, on Waydale. With his track record, if he didn't attack a person, there was probably something wrong or fishy about that person - or they were the kind of person who was able to bring in a lot of $$ into TWI coffers. Bolshy one: consider his facemeltings as your badge of honor and personal integrity.
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