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  1. Peg, I haven't heard anything about his first wife for over 10 years now. Yes I didi get your email. Just give me a call when you want to get together. Dale
  2. Pegger, I am sorry to say that Ben Neily died back in 2000 or 2001 of a heart attack. Dale
  3. John, Hope and Bell, Almost eveybody on this WEB site have been tremendous in helping me since I was basically marked and avoided four years ago. Most of your posts have helped me and my kids through the rough times and when something comes up from the past, I know I can still go to God and this WEB site to find the answers that mean so much to me and my family. I met a lot of wonderful people that were forced to leave the so called ministry of our time and really found out what had happened after I was left to handle three young kids on my own. I found this site and Waydale to be much help in understanding what had gone on behind the scences. I want to thank every body that took the time to anwswer my questions and help me find old friends and get through the mess. I am still in legal issues and may have to use the cult bit since they took her back to protect my kids. So that is where I am and I am a better father and person due to people like you that have an insite to what I should be doing. So when ever you are in the Graeater Seattle Area feel free to contact me for a great cup of coffee, a great Belgum (SP) Ale or a great glass of wine on me. I do brew a mean creme proter and a great tiple Belgium (SP) Ale. I am still working on the wine but will have it down soon. Dale Kennedy
  4. Welcome Nowgrown, you have found the place for healing. I found out about this site about 3 years agp now and the insight that I have fotten from here has helped me heal alot. I don't go to one organization to get the truth. I find out what each one is teaching and see if it lines up with the Word. If it does then I try to teach it to my 3 wonderful kids. Sometimes they take to it sometimes they don't. I don't push them into anything since we left 4 years ago. I have great respect for almost all of the posters on this site. I have learned so much from just reading what is posted. I then check out the doctrine part by going to the Word. I don't post much as I am still learning how to kick some of the old habits that I learned form TWI. Again welcome and enjoy the people here. Dale Kennedy.
  5. Married twice and divorced twice. Second time aroung was for almost 20 years, separated 4 years ago and divorced finally (9th of July) for two of those four. A single dad of three wonerfull kids. Don't know if will try for third time or not.
  6. They are sick and should have something done to them. I vote for covering their body in honey and place them next to a fire ant hill for a while then lock them up and throw away the key. I don't know what I would do but I do think that it is a wakeup call for our sociecty to stop truning their eyes away from the mess and thinking it will never happen to their kids.
  7. The best thing that ever happened to me was to be put on probation. I was trying to keep my marriage together and was blamed for being put on probation even though it was the wife who turned out to be bi-polar and sever other problems. After working the areas that I was told to work on, I realized that they are the ones who needed to work the word in the areas that I was told tol So I stopped all contact with TWI and the so caled friends. I ran a fellowship the last year I was in and it was the ony one that had nay joy in the branch so they decided to stop our fellwoship and combine it with the branch leaders and then it was all down hill from there. I am the father of 3 wonderful kids and I am blessed with the friends that I got in contact with after the S&&t hit the fan per say. My kids have seen a change in me and in themselves since leaving and they are much better off. They work real hard in school and are allowed to do things that they never would have been able to if I had stayed with the twi bulls&&t. I will never go back and I will never pass up the opportunity to talk to the so called friends when I run into them in the store. I will even go out of my way to say hi to them and let them know life is better for me outside of twi. This website has helped me in so many ways.
  8. Sky This was the practice that caused me to leave 3.5 years ago. I did happen to run into a couple that had the same thing happen to them about a year ago. So I feel that it is still practiced at least in the NW. I have come a long way thanks to people here on the cafe and to many of the true friends (as I call them) that came to help me with the situation that I was in. I never did receive anything other than harrassing calls from the state and branch cordinators. I am enjoying the freedom that God gives when you just stand on his word. It is awsome and great to have a place like this to talk about things.
  9. TWI does not use M&A as the term anymore but they are still doing and they are very devious in the way they do it. They now put the person or person's on PROBATION for a period of time telling them they have to write a letter to the limb cordinator once a week, not allowed to go to fellowship, BUT they are allowed to get the weekly tapes, get the way mag and the big one is that they are still allowed to ABS. This is to go on for 3 to 6 months. Then and only then if they drop to their knees and ask for forgiveness for asking questions about doctrine or what is happeing at HQ they may be allowed to return. The so called friends are not allowed to contact you and if you happen to run into them out in the public, they will do every thing they can to not come near you or act like they didn't see you. That is still M&A to me and that is exactly what happened to me and several others here in the NW. In the short time that I have been following the posts here, I have learned a lot and have healed a lot from the abuse from within TWI.
  10. OK, I am going to try this again. I msde the picture smaller and now I will see if it will attach to this message. Well how about that I finally got the picture to get into the message.
  11. Justloafing, Thanks for the info. I did push the "add this attachment button" but it never appeared to have accepted it. I am trying it again to see if I messed up somehow. Dale
  12. I like the looks of Google Earth but I have a question for the computer guru's on here. How do I get a picture to be in the message when I post it to a forum? I tried posting a picture of my pug's yesterday and made it an attachment but I don't see the picture in my post. So what did I do worng? Thanks,
  13. Vicles, Check your PM. I kinda remember Larry but don't remember a Felix. I was in Renton until 1995 then Bellevue, then Bothell . Dale
  14. I have always been close with my family. Even though they saw through the twi crap they always supported me in my descision. They were a big help and support when my ex went off of her rocker. They call or I call them at least once a week. They just celbrated 59 years of marriage. I am going to take the kids out of school for their 60th and fly back for the celebration.
  15. The Lalley's did run the region and the state of Washington until about 1995 I believe. They were from this area or Spokane. That is proably why they came back here. No one was ever contacted by them as far as I know.
  16. Jewel, I will be giving you a call in the near future. I am finally getting things done and the divorce is final but she is trying to run around the leagal system and get the decree changed. I will explain when I see you. Sorry to hear about Wynn and Lorinda. Dale
  17. The last contact I had with them ws in the middle 90's. They were living close to Tacoma, WA. I don't know where they are now.
  18. The last thing I heard n the Lally's is that they moved back to Washington and that Tom is working for the banquet department of a hotel up this way. They never contaced anybody up here that I heard of.
  19. As far as I can tell after running into people I thought were firends yesterday, it has not changed. These were people that I had spent a lot of time with over the past 20 years and they practically ran out of the store to get away from me when i stopped and said hello to them. So I see no change in the way they are taught to treat people that were their friends while attending fellowship but were considered posesssed once they left.
  20. Well now I have been divorced for about a year and seperated for two years before that. The one thing that is I noticed is missing is the fact the TV and radio shows have on our life. It is more so today and seems to be getting worst eacch day. In my relationship with my ex, I was compared to the guys on the saops and in her books on a daily basis and was consantly asked why aren't you like that. All I did or could do was ignored and I was put down constantly since I didn't measure up to the standards of a "perfect man as seen by the soaps or books. There is a lot more information out there in our country and today then there was during my parents time and grandparents time. If the information isn't looked at from a reality view instead of a fanasty view then there are going to be problems. It takes both parties to make it work and not one all of the time. My parents worked through a lot of issues and this will be ther 59 year anniversary. It can be done but it takes work and looking at reality not what is portrayed in movies or on TV. That is my 2 cents and I will stick by it.
  21. I would also be interested in finding one of the books. If someone knows where I can get one please let me know.
  22. dek52

    Family 20

    Orientswife, Cathy Meyer is out and will not have anything to do with the TWI. If you knew her you may know me. When were you in WA state? She lives not to far from me and her daughter Sara is a beatiful young lady.
  23. Just last year I found out that in the state of Arizona, any non profit organiztion that operates there has to declare their assets. At the time I looked into it they had aroeun 48 mill with properties and cash on hand. One ex 6th corp person said that they were told to invest in gold in other countries. So that is all I have been able to find out at this time.
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