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  1. 3 hours ago, Rocky said:

    Wonderful insight. I have no doubt many who separate from the cult will eventually find a tribe to which they feel comfortable belonging. LOL... I spend a lot of time in front of my computer... and with books... and with friends/family at times. My reflections on people's social needs stems from seeing how it's much easier for people to leave twi, at least with less exit trauma (loss of social network, especially) if they see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    In contrast, there are those who leave the cult when they are personally fed up. Charlene exquisitely described how that was her journey. As have you.

    I'm thankful for the way we can bounce ideas off of each other (not just you and me) and the accumulated bounty of wisdom and insight is much greater than just the sum of 2 plus 2 equaling 4. :love3:

    Yes, with the social network of the internet in play... it is "so much easier" to exit twi today than in the 70's, 80's or 90's.  Instantly, you can find support and friends scattered across the country through a number of networks (ie. Facebook or Friend Finder here on GSC).  Somebody generally knows someone who can lead you to that long lost friend or acquaintance.

    Exit trauma is real, but it can be minimized as long as you keep stretching forward.  Do not get caught in a trap of despair or depression.  The best days could be right before your eyes.  But if you exit twi and STILL hold to waybrain nostalgia and doctrine....then the trap of guilt closes in around you.

    Reading is good.  Humor is good.  Walking in the sunshine is good.  Getting a dog as a companion is very healthy.  LOL  Test the waters of new hobbies.  Make the precious moments of the present your friend.




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  2. 3 hours ago, Rocky said:

    In some ways, yes. In other ways no.

    Mike's just along for the ride. I totally agree w/you STL on how if he is consistently ignored, he will disappear from GSC. It seems intuitive he survives on the BS he is fed in reply to HIS BS.

    Bolshevik, however, in private messages to me over the last few days, has seemingly revealed his intent to destroy GSC as payback for him being victimized by it/us. He is not a victim. Nobody's a victim of GSC or Waydale, except perhaps for the intended consequences of exposure of Wierwille's, Loy's and twi's words and conduct contrary to biblical teachings.

    in private messages to me, Bolshevik said he was going to continue speaking out against "my form of control."

  3. 2 hours ago, Rocky said:

    But is GSC enough? Yes, GSC provides answers. Intellectual nourishment. However, since we humans are social creatures, and since belonging is really the need twi satisfied for each of us, can (or does, at least in some cases?) GSC provide some direction on or actual fulfillment of former followers' social/belonging need?

    I am already persuaded personally how GSC provides some answers to legitimate questions regarding twi positions contrary to biblical teaching and understanding. 


    Yes, we look for ways of social belonging.... or at least, most all do.  I suppose there is that one individual who sits at his computer screen all day long and darts in and out of various websites.... but I don't.  I have family, work, neighbors, charitable groups I support and sometimes church.  There is plenty of activity for this guy... totally enjoying life at a slower pace than the last four decades.  But I do enjoy the thought-provoking insight and discussions here at GSC.

    With the accumulative bounty of backgrounds and experiences here, I doubt that I could find another place like it that would offer such wisdom and insight.  Yes, wisdom.... the sum total of learning through the ages, the knowledge gained.  One just needs a little patience to slow down and listen (and read).



  4. 1 hour ago, OldSkool said:

    No doubt. Plus folks like Dr Rawlins were given special status amongst the trustees/directors. I liked Dr Rawlins and enjoyed her classes when I was in-res...but how much anyone wanna bet she had Drambuie in her coffee mug.

    Then there's the guys Martindale pushed out there...anyone with a military service career especially. Thinking of S@m Gr@ham in this regard. They try and grab anyone who can give them some form of legitimacy amongst the professional world.

    For many years, she got to live out a big portion of her retirement years with adulation because of her status to the trustees/directors.  She got first-class treatment of service to her, because of that recognition.... not necessarily for her past professional life.  So, she got her reward of schmoozing with the upper tier of twi.

    Big whoop.  Like where are we commanded in scriptures to pay adulation to man/woman?  All of this stuff just reefs of adulation/idolatry.  On a "Christian campus" (cough, cough) where was the DAILY thanks and giving to the lord Jesus Christ?  Sheesh.




  5. 5 hours ago, chockfull said:

    All the education was pre TWI though. 

    Yeah, how often did we encounter that?  People get their advanced education or business acumen BEFORE they come on board with twi.  Then, twi puts them out there front-and-center.... as if to say. "See...see how God builds and brings forth His people to do mighty things for twi, God's ministry!"  Dr. R@wlins had delivered nearly 10,000 babies in her early career.... BEFORE championing twi's cause.

    I can't name ONE INDIVIDUAL who came up from the ranks of pfal to corps grad to board of directors who has done anything of significance in the business/professional world.  Can you?

    Everyone in this category was a tag-on.... a professional, a star in their field BEFORE twi.  Therefore, I call twi a "glory-grabber".... someone who in my childhood we referred to as a late-comer, hogging the basketball and wanting the applause when it was a team effort.  Twi has always done this.  Everybody whom wierwille "promoted" to the trustee level or high offices came up thru the ranks of the obedience servant to wierwille.  Nothing more.

    This stuff all reeks of hypocrisy and fraud salesmanship.  In other words.... snake oil.




  6. 5 minutes ago, OldSkool said:


    I have somewhat of a storied life...meaning I have some crazy stories. I've been hit by moving cars a total of four times in my life. It happened twice on Hollywood Blvd. Once I got creamed on my bicycle, then I got creamed worse crossing Hollywood Blvd at night at Whitley Ave. I can honestly say I had never visualized myself getting smacked nir was I afraid it would happen. 


    Yeah, but.... was your momma constantly fearful that her own "little Oldskool" was going to get smacked and killed outright?  That's the key.  What was your momma believing?

  7. 1 hour ago, OldSkool said:


    So, vic.... how do I get to this more abundant life?  My friend told me that in your foundational class, You stated that "you looked around and saw others who were living the more abundant life MORE than Christians".... so what did you see?  Nice, big homes with new cars parked outside?  People flying to faraway vacation spots and sitting on sunny beaches of white sand?  Businesses expanding with cash flow and inventories?

    What are the steps I follow?  I need to faithfully attend twig fellowships, huh?  Why can't I just buy the Orange Book?  Oh, so it takes a person two to three months of indoctrination.... er, attending fellowships regularly to acclimatize and absorb the teachings?  Then, jump into the next pfal class in my area.  And, once I take it... it's free for anytime I would want to take it again?  Why would I want to take it AGAIN?

    Then, there's an Intermediate Class and Advanced Study Classes on select topics.  So, I need to go thru all these Levels to get to the more abundant life?  Well, how did other people, your neighbors and other Christians get there WITHOUT TAKING THESE STEPS?  Slow down with your sales pitch and please answer that question.  You're still talking.... and not answering.

    Yet, to reach full spiritual maturity and operate all nine of these manifestations I've got to take your Advanced Class at headquarters?  What headquarters?  Why is there a building of administrative people there to help serve what seems like a simple task?  Hundreds work there so they can help me thru the steps?  And, there's a magazine and sunday service tapes?  WOW... so, classes teachings, magazines and programs sound a little complicated don't you think?

    Oh, and you want me to give 15% of my income while I do all this stuff?

    Oh, REALLY..... I'm required to give you this 15% for the rest of my life?

    [Walks away].... what a scam !!




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  8. 17 minutes ago, OldSkool said:


    Hey Ron.... what steps do I have to take to be an Operating Thetan?  So that I'm not just confined to a single lifetime.... where is the bridge I cross?  Oh, you mean to say that there are several Grades to the Bridge and a list of processes that auditors should run on me?

    No, no.... I just want to get to Going Clear as fast as possible and beyond.  What?  I have to be cleared of auditors review of past lives I've lived?  But I don't care about those.... I want to get to the Thetan Clearing so that I can explore new life outside my body.

    How much for each level?  So, it depends on my review and auditors determine my path to scaling each step.  My girlfriend is at Level 5... so can we hurry up so that I can be processed to join her?

    So, whatever Level I'm at... nothing really works until I get to the next higher level?  :smilie_kool_aid:

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  9. When twi-followers are looking for an exit ramp.... GSC is a Godsend.  No other splinter group or website offers more than this one.  This is a direct approach to getting questions answered that you have been looking for.  We handle the tough subjects and twi's hidden underbelly.

    Different forums are available.  If you are strictly concerned about The Way International, then searching "About the Way" is the forum you'd chose.  With 189 pages, there is a lot of ground covered.... but I would recommend scouring thru the first 15 pages.  Find a thread that piques your interest.  There is so much information that, at times, it might seem overwhelming.

    Therefore, treat GSC as you would any one research topic or collateral book.  With limited time, pace yourself with a goal in mind.  What are your interests, questions or main concern?  GSC is an open forum with live discussions coming in from all sides.  At times, you might want to pick a couple of posters that seem to give you a perspective that relates to you.  Other times, you might choose to read the more combative threads.  Happy exploring.

    After lurking a while, sign in and join the party.  :dance:

  10. 5 hours ago, OldSkool said:

    Its also another majorly stupid policy for running Lord knows how many people the heck away from the way international. They just can't seem to get it right. They bums rush and policy as many people out the doors as they can then send a postcard asking people to come home? Head trip...no?

    That's the thing about narcissism.... they don't know when they're "over their skies" until it's too late.  They lose judgment on their surroundings... being only tunnel-visioned on what they want to happen.

    When it finally dawns on them what did happen... they send out "time to come home? postcards.  It's a knee-jerk outfit that never had a whole lot of credibility to begin with.



  11. 5 hours ago, skyrider said:

    Yeah....where have we heard THAT before?

    "We (YOU) have not yet really graduated to that level yet".... same ole song that wierwille played regarding "not spiritual enough to handle it."  Lock box, remember?  Or a number of other examples where you've got to reach spiritual maturity to see it... garbage.

    Or geer, with his passing the poop manuscript.... "the way corps just haven't risen up to the level that dr. wierwille set for them."  Same garbage, different trash can.  We see this worn-out canard played over and over again to illicit guilt and deception.  The false teachers run on the same rails because they are lazy, brain-dead hucksters.  Their trappings vary little.  And, Mike is one of their sycophants.


    Levels?  Not yet achieved a certain level?  How Scientology of them.  LOL

    You've got to get to Level 8.... Going Clear.

    So, pay up Bud.  You don't get to pass Go.... until you pay another $5,000 in tithes, offerings and fees.  And, that's still no guarantee that you're getting Full Spiritual Maturity Status.  Heck, there's corps grads who've been around since 1972 who haven't gotten there. 

    Wierwille used to hold the final say-so.  Now, it's kinda a relic of the past.  But it's still there; a ghost of the pastl

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  12. Years ago, when we were pointing out these Back Door Mortgages.... I found out thru a few friends that Rev. Pa*l G!les in Tampa had a mortgage where the in-laws had purchased the home.  They were making payments to the in-law parents.  Same thing was happening in Indianapolis with Rev. J0n Ry@n.... same gig.  So, twi had this NO DEBT POLICY and twi-clergy had found a work-around system to bypass the mandate.  Slick, sick deception.... by clergymen.

    The hypocrisy stinks throughout twi.  It's the little guy who obeys the rules that gets crushed.  He dutifully obeys thinking that God's blessings are just around the corner so he waits...and waits...and waits.  Some of the clergymen don't wait, they know how the game is played.... *Don't Get Caught.*

    The no debt policy was a trap of seismic proportions.

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  13. 8 hours ago, Charity said:

    When comparing what OldSkool, Skyrider and Chockfull shared to how Mike is endeavoring to understand the scarcity of miracles, the difference between the two is striking.

    How does his one hunch “that we grads have not yet really graduated to that level yet” fit in with what they experienced?


    Yeah....where have we heard THAT before?

    "We (YOU) have not yet really graduated to that level yet".... same ole song that wierwille played regarding "not spiritual enough to handle it."  Lock box, remember?  Or a number of other examples where you've got to reach spiritual maturity to see it... garbage.

    Or geer, with his passing the poop manuscript.... "the way corps just haven't risen up to the level that dr. wierwille set for them."  Same garbage, different trash can.  We see this worn-out canard played over and over again to illicit guilt and deception.  The false teachers run on the same rails because they are lazy, brain-dead hucksters.  Their trappings vary little.  And, Mike is one of their sycophants.



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  14. 1 hour ago, chockfull said:

    Harmony in the home lol.  How many personal accounts of divorce am I aware of that 100 percent trace back to TWI meddling in one way or another?  A whole lot to summarize.  They are a detriment to harmony in the home.  VP was misogynistic and an adulterer as was LCM - how the f does this promote “harmony in the home”?

    I am not aware of one single instance of GSC splitting up a marriage.

    Now let’s talk suicide.  I’m aware of a handful of these directly attributed to TWI.  And if you add in accidental deaths due to TWI influence it would be higher.

    GSC?  Even our most prolific trolls enjoy a healthy life outside the sphere of our influence.

    Academics - the Way basically takes the credentials the individual earned and diverts it for their own purposes.  Like Don Wierwille. Like Chandler Greene.  This doesn’t benefit the person or anyone else other than stealing their credentials for propping up their legitimacy.   No accreditation for the Corps program.  

    Home ownership - the Pharisees in TWI get around this restriction by having relatives carry mortgages or like Rosalie buying supplies for pennies on the dollar and getting free labor to build a house with no mortgage ever.

    GSC would pass along mortgage tips, resources etc.

    You make some great points that I bold-faced from your post, Chockfull.

    Not only does twi discourage secondary education beyond the college degree.... but if someone does get a master's or Phd, then twi tries to profit off those credentials.  Twi is always sniffing around for an opportunity to profit the ministry's advancement, NOT the individual per se.  If they smell "blood in the water" they are like sharks hungry for more.

    And, our Associate's Theology Degrees accredited from Rome City, Indiana Campus weren't worth the piece of paper they were printed on.  That, too, was a bait-and-switch.  How about Don's pet project at Emporia of the College Division?  How long did that last before it bit the dust?

    Secondly, you mentioned the home ownership where relatives carried the mortgages.  I started a thread years ago on "Back Door Mortgages" and gave examples of several corps grads, clergy, who were doing just that.  Apparently, they too had seen the benefits of home ownership CONTRARY to twi's policies of mortgages classified as debt.  What a farce that was.  I would imagine that lots of those corps grads who exited in 2017 with the "Revival and Restoration Group" would have liked to bought a home in 2000.  Prices were much lower and they would have built 17 years of equity rather than renting.

    Understandably, some of these corps grads passed that window of opportunity and now, in their late 60's or early 70's are "stuck" in a rental apartment.  Missing out on say 20-30 years of equity-building when you're in your 30's really sucks when you hit 68 and think about it.  Twi pulled a deceptive trick over your head and it costs you big time.





  15. 1 hour ago, Charity said:

    Your personal relationship with God right after becoming His child makes me curious as to who ministered the Word to you at the time.  This bonding between you and God seems to have been pure, uncontaminated by man-made traditions or rules.  Your acceptance of Christ came without “need-to-do next steps” and the subsequent guilt and conditional feelings of love to burden you.  What a breath of fresh air to see you experience this.

    Charity.... here is a little background.  I posted this several days ago on another thread.

    • In the summer of 1973.... my high school classmate encouraged me to visit a local missionary pastor who often flew to Central America for his outreach missions.  My classmate was an avid church-goer and I was not.  We had several, deep conversations about Jesus as Lord and he felt compelled to help me before he left for the Navy.  Little did I realize what was in store for me.  Upon arrival at his home, there were only four of us in attendance and this missionary pastor wasted no time before he delved right into the Scriptures.  Romans 10:9,10 [the new birth] was his starting point.
    • From there, he handled aspects of sins and shortcomings and one's old man nature.  Another 15 minutes of verses.... all of which would cast the central theme of all Scripture upon Jesus Christ, lord, savior and mediator.  Then he asked me if I would confess Jesus as Lord Jesus to receive the new birth.  Timidly, I spoke out loud and confessed him as lord.  At this point, he stood, approached me and laid hands on me.  After ministering the new birth and the other two guys praying.... I "felt" this rush of energy/power from the crown of my head to the tips of my toes.  To me, I took this experience as the in-filling of holy spirit.
    • Days later, my friend left for the Navy and soon I headed off to college.  So, for me.... I was born again BEFORE ever hearing about twi or pfal.  I never credited twi with leading me to the new birth;  I credited my classmate and this missionary pastor.  Had I gotten more scriptural understanding before leaving my home town.... perhaps, I never would have been susceptible to twi's hucksters.  Who knows?  I do know that God has had His hand on my life before AND after twi.  No doubt or guilt of this has crossed my mind.  Perhaps, that's why when the scales fell from my eyes.... there was no doubt I was released from twi's bondage.




  16. 13 minutes ago, chockfull said:

    Yes this is an objective list.

    Now let’s talk $$$$.

    Yes, there would be no comparison in terms of loss of finances, loss of other investments and the overall return on investment.  Twi is all-take.... the follower is all-give.

    Now, let's talk lifestyle:

    • What are the benefits to twi?  Does it really help "harmony in the home?"  Unless everyone is locked into groupthink mentality.... twi offers very little upside.  Very little time for husband and wife to cultivate their marriage vows.  They are busy running twigs, preparing for classes, driving to meetings.  Separated from small children at meetings.  Very few vacations as family.
    • What about career advancement?  When one is running to every meeting under the sun, there is little time to be productive at your work.  What happens when they need you for a weekend project?  Do you refuse because it interferes with your class schedule?  What about overtime?  Not just because of the money, but because of the networking and opportunity of making strides upward in company management.
    • What about hobbies and weekend family get-togethers?  If you are so burdened with witnessing days and weekend classes, then there is no time for hobbies.  Woodworking?  Gardening?  Landscaping projects?  Painting?  Collecting antiques?  What do you become except a twi-clone?
    • What if your lifestyle does not fit the twi-mold/  Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in twi.
    • What about academic achievements... Masters or PhD?  Rarely does twi sanction anyone to further their education past a college degree.  Why?  Because they know that with academic professionals one is more likely to gain independence and fly away.  They know from experience that working professionals and military have far more independence that the average-joe.
    • What about home ownership?  Twi does not encourage corps grads to own homes.  It puts a damper on moving them from one assignment to another.  They can more easily control the person who has very little equity to his name.

    So you see.... twi is a very restrictive construct to one's personal lifestyle and choices.



  17. 20 hours ago, Bolshevik said:

    I can't see an overall positive affect of GSCIt simply exists as does TWI.  Maybe it does good.  But GSC claiming GSC does good is circular reasoning.   I have to look elsewhere.

    Okay, let's compare:

    GreaseSpot Cafe

    1. Allows free behavior, information, thought and emotion
    2. Offers open forums with lively discussions and vigorous debate
    3. Encourages different viewpoints, different backgrounds, different religions
    4. Liberates the mind by exposing new ideas, concepts, books, and information
    5. Welcomes, but then challenges statements contrary to principles of critical thinking
    6. No shunning because of disagreements challenging moderators or posters
    7. Offers anonymity to posters who do not want their lives in public view
    8. Mission statement is to "tell the other side of trustees and twi"
    9. Long-time posters help guide newbies to help and deliverance
    10. Success to GSC is when someone leaves mentally healthy and whole again

    The Way International

    1. Restricts behavior, information, thought and emotion
    2. Does not offer feedback channels nor question/answer sessions
    3. Unites around wierwille doctrine and forbids seeking other men's teachings
    4. Conforms the mind into groupthink mentality and wierwille adulation
    5. Does not welcome expressions of doubt or criticism contrary to pfal teachings
    6. Unwritten directives of mark and avoid are firmly in place
    7. Publicly calls out dissenters and names them to shame them
    8. Hides behind walls and closed doors to keep hold of power
    9. Long-time corps help usher newbies thru classes and programs
    10. Success to Twi is when someone is indoctrinated to twi-servitude

    There is more that could be added to this list.

    But these 10 are a running start.



  18. 11 hours ago, OldSkool said:

    Thanks for sharing that your life, I am very inspired. Considering your above quote its of note that when the Bella incident happened I was a cop out corps grad that God would never help, according to the way's doctrines....same with your scenarios Skyrider. Its of note you hadnt been speaking in tongues like a housa fire all those years leading up to....yeah....exactly. God's miracoulous goodness given to the lowly, bruised and broken.

    You are so right, Oldskool.

    I was NOT speaking in tongues like a house of fire.  I did NOT have all twi's head knowledge of the 16 keys to walking by the spirit.  I was NOT "fully instructed" (cough, cough) to the point of spiritual maturity.  In fact, I hadn't even heard of twi let alone taken their pfal class.  But I was born again and in the beginning stages of learning about my heavenly Father.

    Some of the most incredible God-moments in my life were when I was, seemingly, going about my way and just living life.  In the process of whole-hearted living, God gave me glimpses of His power and wonder.  I rarely speak of them here at GSC, because I hold to the scripture verses that tell us to be humble and silent on these things.... else people start comparing their experiences with mine.  Furthermore, we are not to be boastful of how God intervenes in our lives.

    My main desire here at GSC is to help others get out of the trap of wierwille's doctrine.  There is such a huge world out there.  And, to be confined into a box is no way to live.



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  19. 2 minutes ago, WordWolf said:

    To say nothing of people who were kicked out for posting here.

    Yes, there have been several of those.

    And, twi's security guards monitor Wierwille Rd as well.... intimidating, harassing, and chasing away anyone who might be driving too slowly on that road at night.  Many of us remember a poster who, in real time, was posting her experience one night on wierwille rd and having twi's security suv following them really closely and intimidating her.

  20. 31 minutes ago, chockfull said:

    Dunno. Rosalie was the paranoid technophobe.  I’m sure it is still an unwritten directive.  Or at least a teaching “avoid the appearance (form ) of evil” or some such nonsense.

    A hushed phone call.  “Did you know that so and so is ….. gasp …… posting on Greasespot?”  “Oh no that vomitorium? They are losing their salt”.  “It’s so negative there”  “they are stuck in the past “  “they are re crucifying a dead man”  “there’s nothing profitable on GSC”.

    I don’t know if currently it is the rules or if it is just the extreme whitewash and gaslighting that they do internally about the site.

    There is NO doubt in my mind that there is an unwritten directive to .... STAY OFF THE GREASESPOT WEBSITE.  It would fall under the same coded-language, unwritten, as their mark and avoid policies.... which together, these fall under the umbrella of damage control.

    That's how twi survives.  They have to employ *damage control* tactics in order to keep their people at a trickle exodus rather than the more aggressive stage of a torrent exodus.  Individuals leaving here and there is (what I would term) "expected standard operating costs."  They have a certain attrition rate that they maintain and are comfortable with.  It's the big potatoes that they are concerned about.... big names exiting and taking swaths of their state with them.  THAT cannot be allowed, and isn't.

    Therefore, the unwritten directive to stay off the GreaseSpot website is in play.  They know it is.  We know it is.  This is not some scavenger hunt like Where's Wally?  We know where Wally is.... he's discharged an unwritten directive to all corps to monitor who's going to GSC and when found out, confront the individual(s).



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  21. 2 hours ago, chockfull said:

    Or are you saying the evil impact of my posting here far outweighs the insignificant numbers to the point of endangering other posters here?

    Because of lurking family?


    How is it that "lurking family" are allowed to lurk here at GSC?  Has twi given deferential treatment to certain families to "spy" on their kids here at GSC?  I mean, twi has said that it forbids their people to come to this website.... they might get possessed, they say.  So which is it?

    1. Get Possessed?
    2. Or deferential treatment to bypass mandates... and not get possessed?

    How many twi-followers lurk here?  How are any of them to take twi-mandates seriously when some are given permission to come here while others are not?  Does this have anything to do with "Being Spiritual Enough To Handle It?"  Probably.

    What a clown show.  Just when you think it's about done.... another clown car pulls up and more clowns pop out.  :anim-smile:



  22. 5 hours ago, Charity said:

    Thank you Rocky.  As to what you said about my feeling safe enough to be personal on GSC, this has been true since the first time I posted on the Absent Christ thread.  It was and still is the understanding and empathy shown by many of the posters that has helped me to open my heart to what I dealt with in twi and to all Christ has been doing in me since being on GSC.


    Charity.... thank you for so many insightful posts.

    Well, since some are telling their stories of miracles and healing.... I thought that this might be the place to share with you one of mine.  I have never told this personal miracle here at GSC.

    On my second year of college at the University of Nebraska, it was a Friday afternoon and I had decided to head home to see family and friends.  At the time, I had a 1967 Ford Galaxy 500 fastback and a 900 Kawasaki motorcycle.  Since it was a relatively nice afternoon, I chose the bike.  So, packed with nothing but a backpack... I get out on Interstate 80 and head west.

    After about 40 miles, the wind gusts were picking up more intensity until it was a straight headwind.  Since I wanted my bike to look sporty, I didn't have a windbreaker shield on this motorcycle.  After several miles of enduring these strong headwinds, I thought the "reasonable" thing to do was to get behind an 18-wheeler and let this truck buffer the wind for me.  All was going pretty well.... or, so I thought.

    Another 8-10 miles following this truck and then this miracle unfolded without so much as a thought.  Cruising at 75-miles an hour.... a still, small (audible) voice in my head said, "Stop following this truck.  Get around him."  Immediately startled somewhat, I quickly prompted the question in my mind... "Was that you, God?  If so, then I better obey."  So I accelerated and moving swiftly into the left lane (4-lane highway) and was side-by-side with the truck driver seating in his seat.  This took all of 6-8 seconds.  POW !!! The inside dual tire blew and unraveled in a ker-splat, ker-splat.... RIGHT WHERE I HAD BEEN BEHIND THIS TRUCK.

    Nearly stunned by this chain of events, I couldn't help but think how devastating this accident would have been.  I didn't have a helmet on and was traveling 75-miles an hour.  At best, I would have laid the bike down and been scraping along the pavement tearing skin, pavement burning and probably broken many bones.  Or death.  All I know is that God intervened and saved me from calamity (or death) at 20-years old.

    I was a Christian at the time and sporadically attending a few meetings with Campus Crusade on campus.  Lest it should be pointed out.... I was NOT involved in twi when this miracle happened.  God forewarned little ole me someone who wasn't instructed in wierwille's revelation and power manifestations.  I've always believed since being born again that God looks on the heart.... not head knowledge or boasting of the same.  He's a loving and passionate Father who looks out for His children.

    Having experienced this myself, I often read the Book of John with great interest.... seeing how Jesus ministered one-on-one to individuals, not necessarily groups.  God is good always.



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