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  1. Recently, I heard that one corps couple (no kids) accepted their new corps assignment as hq staff. Another couple, corps alumni status, went to camp gunnison to be on the skeleton crew to work a number of jobs.

    What were they thinking? icon_eek.gif

    These individuals are 49 - 54 years of age (approximately). Surely, they must realize that this "career path" is a dead end! Surely, they must have heard about the number of lawsuits, past and present? Surely, they must realize that meager paychecks will do very little to aid their fast-approaching "retirement years?" And surely, they never heard or grasped the treatment that mrs. wierwille received at the hands of twi's bod?

    Imagine.....thinking that being on twi's staff is a prized possession!

    Imagine.....being in your early 50s and selling your house (one couple had a house), unloading your furniture, discarding your profession/job, uprooting again, and join the staff/cult lifestyle.

    Don't these people realize that when vpw made staff promises to rhoda, howard, emogene and others that it was A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES?

    To realize that some staff are leaving should be the first clue that it might not be a good idea to jump aboard a sinking ship!?! icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif


  2. quote:
    As to how many are actually on staff- Jimextwi probably knows. When I was there in 1985, I think there were about 25 on staff. They could probably keep it going with as few as 12.

    I don't know how many are needed.

    But.....someone told someone who told someone who told me that Tony and Ruth Cleaver just went there to be on staff. Weren't they in the 6th corps at one time?


  3. Catcup,

    Not only did VP offer it as a place for Wayfers to vacation, but he even put out the idea that believers could build vacation or retirement homes on that land. It was at a Rock of Ages, when VP first floated the idea. He said he would allow believers to build retirement or time-share type vacation homes there.

    I clearly remember that!

    Also, I remember sitting in a meeting where vpw expounded his "grand scale projection" for Camp Gunnison. He visualized having land across the river as well and some fancy restaurant up there where the water tower stood.

    Even at the time, I muttered under my breath.....that will never happen. icon_smile.gif:)-->

    Besides, who wants to vacation in a place that's micromanaged to death?


  4. In the past three years, I've crossed paths with MANY twi followers in the coffeeshops and supermarkets of the city. Some of them will visit with me for a couple of minutes, some won't.

    Several of the gung-ho corps that I've encountered, are NO LONGER corps.

    Some of the twig coordinators NO LONGER run a fellowship in their home.

    A couple of long-standing advanced class grads told me that they RARILY WITNESS anymore.

    And to think.....this is a sampling of twi's followers that have crossed my path. Are you guys seeing this? I even crossed paths with an ex-corps guy who stated, "We stay out of their (bod) shix and they don't get involved in our shix."

    There seems to be a huge DISCONNECT on the rise with twi's "followers." Maybe.......that's why twi's faithful rarily witness anymore???


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  5. quote:
    Why continue with the WC program when there aren't enough indians for these chiefs to rule anyway?

    Good question.......one that surfaces every year or so. icon_smile.gif:)-->

    For years now, the number of inresidence corps has been pitifully low and begs the question....why keep the Gunnison property? Gee, couldn't they just bring the corps to hq and train them in the BRC or whatever? For that matter, they could even use the BRC basement for meals and keep the corps separate from staff activities (for the most part).

    Speculating.....what REASONS would the bod have for hanging onto the Gunnison location?

    1) For investment purposes.....knowing that the price will continue to increase as long as corps labor there to keep maintaining the buildings, grounds, etc?

    2) For a hunting lodge......knowing that howard and others like to hunt elk and deer (or act like they do)?

    3) For a bod get-away.......to travel there and be waited on hand and foot?

    4) For deception purposes....so that twi gives the impression that they are bigger than they really are?

    5) For sex and adultery......knowing that (allegedly) much happened "under the sheets" when the mogfot came to visit?

    Surely, the bod have their reasons. After all, the "great planner" rozilla doesn't do anything without a plan in place.

    icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D-->


  6. UH,

    Yeah, as long as the money flows one way -- "downhill" to twi's belly, the organization will continue to gorge on "its fruit."

    From what I understand, besides its investments the biggest moneymaker for twi is the abundant sharing. Heck, they don't put any field person on salary unless there are about 100 grads throwing money into the horn each week. And, MANY states have fallen below this level and now have NO FULLTIME CORPS in their state at all.

    Its a numbers game. Twi has crunched these numbers for years and know the game all to well.

    If the hq staffers' paychecks stopped today, those security guys would be boarding up the buildings as their final assignment for twi.


  7. All five could be assigned "leadership" roles. Let's see.....what were those [branch] responsibilities given to us in the corps? Oh yeah....

    One person could oversee "lost and found." icon_smile.gif:)-->

    One person could oversee "chapel setup." icon_razz.gif:P-->

    One person could oversee "plurality palace." icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

    One person could oversee "snack shop." icon_wink.gif;)-->

    And, the fifth person could oversee "the dish room." icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

    But the most important aspect of being in-residence is to faithfully, unquestionably, punctually, and persistently have your b-u-t-t planted firmly in your assigned seat.

    Welcome to corps training.


  8. Are you guys serious? Only fivegraduates from the prevailing household's corps training???

    If that's true, it does have a positive side. Just think how simple things would be.

    1) All could pile in one car for witnessing jaunts.

    2) Stringing five chairs wouldn't take all that long.

    3) Kitchen detail would be a snap.

    4) Roll call would only take a glance.

    5) Learning your corps, on a first-name-basis, would be a breeze.

    6) No vicious leadership pressure -- they wouldn't want to toss anyone OUT.

    etc. etc.

    With all twi's treachery and deceit, it really is no surprise. (yawn)


  9. ex,

    The article doesn't say. Obviously, the 15-year-old quickly recognized him and later, when the mother had found out that lcm was NO LONGER at twi and may have been in the area on the day of the rehearsal, she filed a report with Berea police.

    No further action was taken by police following the September 2000 incident at the rehearsal.

    Why was he there? Good question.


  10. Although this article outlines an incident that happened four years ago shortly after Martindale was ousted by twi, it also highlights that former followers (ex-twis)are finding new paths. GreaseSpot Cafe is noted in article.

    Small Newspaper: Parma Sun Post (in Cleveland area)

    Page: Front Page (with a picture of lcm)

    Date: September 2, 2004

    Name of article: OUT of THE WAY

    The article starts out as follows:

    He walked halfway across the auditorium, sat down and stared at her.

    That was all it took for him to rattle the 15-year-old Parma girl, a violinist who was rehearsing with a youth orchestra at Baldwin-Wallace College's Kulas Hall in Berea. She was visibly shaken by the presence of the uninvited spectator. Distracted and nervous, she kept looking into the audience.

    After a half-hour, the man got up and left. As soon as the rehearsal ended, the girl ran to her mother and exclaimed, "He's here."

    The puzzled woman asked her daughter who she was talking about.

    "Craig," the girl replied.

    It had to be a case of mistaken identity, the mother thought. The man she knew as Craig, L. Craig Martindale, was 4 1/2 hours away at the New Knoxville, Ohio headquarters of The Way International, a religious organization their family had left after 25 years.

    But the woman later learned Martindale was no longer at TWI. Just days earlier, he had been stripped of his clergy title and asked to leave his job and home 20 miles from the Indiana border. His departure from New Knoxville occurred at about the same time the former Way president gave a deposition in a civil lawsuit in which he and other TWI leaders were accused of sexual misconduct, conspiracy, fraud and breach of contract.

    This article is quite long and picks up on page A6.

    There are five subsections after exposing twi's legalistic standards and deception. The five subsections: 1) A movement grows, 2) 'It was a sign' 3) Martindale's Way, 4) Legal trouble and 5) Words of advice.

    Other excerpts: "Today, former followers live in a host of area communities, including Cleveland, Parma, Parma Heights, South Euclid, Twinsburg, Wadsworth and Middleburg Heights and Stow. Several ex-Wayers directed blame at Martindale for their disenchantment with a group they joined for spiritual nourishment, saying he demanded strict obedience from followers, enforced a 'mark and avoid' policy against those who strayed, ruled that debt -- even a home mortgage -- was wrong, and prodded some to give as much as half their income to TWI."

    "Some say they are now leading happy, successful lives -- something they were told was not possible if they dared to leave the movement."

    In the section "A movement grows" the article outlines, in broad strokes, the history of twi and its general framework. In the section "It was a sign" the article depicts what attracted some to twi and later, why they felt deceived and found it (twi) to be a cult. In the section "Martindale's Way" the article highlights some of Martindale's rantings and his demands for strict obedience and control. In the section "Legal trouble" the article gives an overview of the lawsuit of Paul and Ferne Allen against Martindale and twi and notes the out-of court settlement. Also, this section mentions the second lawsuit which was also settled out of court. And, in the closing section, "Words of advice" it starts off...

    "Former followers have found a new meeting place accessible via the Internet, where sites such as GreaseSpot Cafe(emphasis added) let them post messages, give first-hand accounts of their experiences and get TWI information from an outsider's viewpoint."

    Quite the article.

    If this information has been posted before, then I didn't see it. anim-smile.gif

    Just so-yous-know......I was a regular poster on Waydale and GS and changed my handle with my new computer. icon_smile.gif:)-->


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